Why build membership
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WHY BUILD MEMBERSHIP ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WHY BUILD MEMBERSHIP ?. Five Steps for Building Club Membership. Organize for Growth Find those prospects Make every meeting a sales tool Develop guests letters Help them decide to join Start them off right Membership retention. Your Club Needs To Conduct an Organized Membership

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Why build membership


Five steps for building club membership
Five Steps for Building Club Membership

  • Organize for Growth

  • Find those prospects

  • Make every meeting a sales tool

  • Develop guests letters

  • Help them decide to join

  • Start them off right

  • Membership retention

Your Club Needs

To Conduct an

Organized Membership

Building Contest

How to organize for growth

  • Set membership targets

  • Organize a committee or task force

  • Use all avenues for researching prospects

  • Share your success

  • Present TI Awards to performers


  • The Process of finding People in Need

  • Identifying potential new members

  • Friends, members of same clubs, colleagues, relatives, family members and customers

  • Identify by occupation, career and industry

  • Report in local papers

  • Through home pages

Develop a guest letter

  • Thanks for attendance

  • Benefits of participation

  • Brief explanation of the basic manual and first ten speeches

  • Components of the New Member Kit

  • Cost of membership

  • Location and time of next meeting

  • Who to contact for more details

  • An invitation to return and apply for membership

Use the

Moments of Truth

To Analyze

Your Club

The process of discovery
The Process of Discovery

  • Helps Prospects Discover Their Needs And Wants By:

    • Questioning

      • Fact-finding questions

      • Feeling exploration questions

    • Listening

Help them decide to join

  • Use S A B formula

  • Solution

    • What is it ?

    • How does it solve the problem ?

  • Advantage

    • Why is this the best solution to the problem ?

  • Benefit

    • What will it do for you ?

Features benefits


Attributes of theToastamsters Program

How it works ?

What is it ?


The positive effects the program has on members lives

New Skills

Opporotinities for career advancement

Emotional uplifting

Features & Benefits

Close the sales







Start them off right

Tell them about Toastmasters

Coach them to excellence

Induct them with flair

Get them speaking

Start Them Off Right

Moments of truth club quality standards evaluation

First Impressions

Guests greeted warmly

Guest book and name tags provided

Professionally arranged meeting room

Arrangements meet speakers’ needs

Guests invited to speak

Guests invited to join

New Member Orientation

Formal induction, including presentation of member pin and basic manual

Assignment of mentor

Education prorgams discussed

Learning needs assessed

Speaking role assigned

Member involved in all aspect sof club’s activities

MOMENTS OF TRUTHClub Quality Standards Evaluation

Moments of truth club quality standards evaluation1

Fellowship, Variety and Communication

Guests greeted warmly and made welcome

Enjoyable educational meetings planning

Regularly scheduled social events

Members participate in Area, Division, District and International events

Inter-club events encouraged

Club newsletter/bulletin issued on regular basis

Program Planning and Meeting Organization

Program and agenda publicized in advance

Members know responsibilities and are prepared to carry out

Speeches given from Basic and Advanced Manuals

Meetings begin and end on time

Creative table topics and activities

Positive and helpful evaluations

MOMENTS OF TRUTHClub Quality Standards Evaluation

Moments of truth club quality standards evaluation2

Membership strength

Club has 20 members or more

Members are retained

Promotion of club in the community or within an organization

Club programs varied and exciting

Toastmasters sponsoring new members recognised

Regular membership building programs

Recognizing Accomplishments

Award applications submitted to WHQ

Progress chart displayed

Club, District and Internatinal leaders recognised

Club and member achievements publicised

DCP is used for planning and recognition

MOMENTS OF TRUTHClub Quality Standards Evaluation

Membership retention

Conduct new member Interest and evaluation surveys

Analyze reasons members miss meetings

Nurture Potential non-renewals

Recognize individual members performance