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Sharepoint 2010 ECM @ City of Langford - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sharepoint 2010 ECM @ City of Langford. Kevin Dube [email protected] Need I say more…. Outline. Project Goals & Overview Portal Structure OOTB Key Functionality we are relying on Issues and Workarounds Whats left to do… Migration Tools & Outlook Addins.

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Sharepoint 2010 ecm @ city of langford

Sharepoint 2010 ECM @ City of Langford

Kevin Dube

[email protected]


  • Project Goals & Overview

  • Portal Structure

  • OOTB Key Functionality we are relying on

  • Issues and Workarounds

  • Whats left to do…

  • Migration Tools & Outlook Addins

Project goals overview
Project Goals & Overview

  • Rebuild/Re-architect our sharepoint in 2010 (currently in sharepoint 2003 migrated to sharepoint 2010)

  • Store our records electronically to eliminate the need to keep a paper version

  • Migrate content from variety of sources

  • Apply metadata to our documents to improve searchability

  • Ensure consistent branding of our official docs

Sharepoint 2010 structure overall records structure
Sharepoint 2010 Structure(Overall Records Structure)


  • Manually Created at each root level site in the site collection

  • Goal: Consistent Navigation – Pain to create

The langford records centre lrc
The Langford Records Centre (LRC)

  • No more than three clicks deep

  • Site Collection -> Site ->Multiple Document Libraries -> Folders in the libraries

  • Organized by function rather than dept.

  • Marcel Roy (TRAC Records) made mindmaps of entire organization.

  • Uses In Place Records Management

Lrc continued
LRC Continued

  • LGMA buried inside as metadata

  • New structure easier to navigate versus old (plus templates built into structure!)

Technology pieces
Technology Pieces

  • Content Types, Syndication & Templates

    • How to attach a template to a content type (important to upload rather than put in url so default values come in correctly)

    • Insert quick fields in word document from metadata

  • Document Library – specific configuration

  • Document ID – roadblocked

  • Document Information Panel Word

  • Managed Metadata

    • Term Sets, Terms

    • Importing Addresses from external database

  • BCS – limited success – does it work for a wf?


  • Subsite Creator

Customizations cont
Customizations Cont.

  • Site Listing (CQWP)

Customizations cont1
Customizations Cont.

  • Term Set Importer

    • Brings data from external database into termset

    • Runs daily

Template document library
Template Document Library

  • Special Views

    • No folders, No Email, Email Only, Checked Out, Sort

  • Advanced Settings

  • Versioning

  • Information Management Policy

  • Challenges with folders (sorting!)

  • Attaching Content Types

Issues workarounds
Issues & Workarounds

  • CT & Syndication

    • Cannot control order of columns

    • Hidden columns not accessible

    • Solution – minimize columns, do not hide

  • Document ID

    • Not unique, gets value from template

    • Solution – do not use this functionality

Issues workarounds cont
Issues & Workarounds Cont.

  • Records Management

    • Disposition WF does not delete records

      • Can get around this (with modified WF but then run into next point)

    • No way to do multi record disposition

    • Solution – Use custom wf and metadata

  • Save Site as a Template,

    • default values do not show up in DIP, hide folder view is corrupted

Issues and workarounds cont
Issues and Workarounds Cont.

  • Cannot create content types in hub

    • Error message saying content type already exists

    • Db in bad state but product team going to fix this?

  • Managed Paths issue

    • When saving document comes up with local desktop rather than correct location

    • Solved by making sure there is a site at every place in urlie if you have a wildcard managed path at http://departments/engineering/permits make sure a site collection exits at http://departments/engineering or reorganize

3 rd party tool addins
3rd Party Tool & Addins

  • Created an autocomplete button hooked to a list for “where do I file it”

  • – addin for outlook to file directly into sharepoint from outlook and retain email metadata, ability to apply meta data to mutiple docs is coming

3 rd party t ools addins
3rd Party Tools & Addins

  • Metavis– Migration Tool

    • Lets you apply metadata to documents as you bring them across from sharepoint or fileshare

    • Retains creation dates etc.

    • We want to use this to migrate our building files and apply addresses to them as they are moved from fileshare

To do
To Do

  • Continue with build out of LRC

  • Build intranet side of portal

  • Training is ongoing..

  • Migration of docs from fileshare, 2008

  • Migration of lists from 2007

  • Nice to haves

    • Way to preview email in SP (FAST?)

    • Ability Tag multiple documents at once (, coming)

    • An up (…) button in doc library view web part