Adoption and Commercialization of Technology Innovations
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Adoption and Commercialization of Technology Innovations Dr. Steve Jarrett - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adoption and Commercialization of Technology Innovations Dr. Steve Jarrett Dolphin & Eagle Consulting, Inc. Charleston, SC. Primary Goals. Enable Decision Makers Technology Scouting to discover and analyze emerging technologies

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Adoption and Commercialization of Technology Innovations

Dr. Steve Jarrett

Dolphin & Eagle Consulting, Inc.

Charleston, SC

Primary goals
Primary Goals

  • Enable Decision Makers

    • Technology Scouting to discover and analyze emerging technologies

    • Concepts of operation development for insertion of technologies and their implications

    • Establish an information processing and exchange process with all of our major customers in technology areas.

  • Transition Technologies

    • Participate in DARPA and other Industry/academia teams to get our customer requirements into the process for development

    • Propose technology insertion projects to our customers to upgrade existing systems and recommend new capabilities.

    • Leverage R&D from all sources to maximize Return on Investment

  • Provide Leading Edge Concepts and Recommendations

    • Use our expertise in technology transition to enable our customers to upgrade systems cost effectively.

    • Push leading edge prototypes to the field for proof of concept demonstrations.

    • Act as “honest brokers” to evaluate industry technologies.

Who are your wild ducks
Who are your Wild Ducks?

In “Competing for the Future” authors Hamel and Prahalad said

every competitive organization in the future will have some

wild ducks who think out-of-the-box.

How does industry transition technology
How does Industry transition technology?

  • Bid and Proposal funds

  • Proposal development virtual teams

  • Proposal managers

  • Teaming with other industry partners

  • Leverage universities and small businesses to enable bidding on some targeted government technology projects

  • Transition technology in job creating areas

    How are you different?

How do you go about it
How do you go about it?

  • Need legal advice (economy act)

  • Non-compete rules

  • Where’s the charge number?

  • Where does the technology come from?

  • Leverage your experience and your relationship with the customer.

  • Write a concept paper and let a consultant help you present it to the customer who has funds for technology insertion.

  • What about Non-disclosure agreements?

  • Can you request an active search for technology solutions or teaming partners?

Where are we in the cycle
Where are we in the cycle?

Universal industrial success curve






3000 Raw ideas (unwritten)

300 ideas submitted


of Ideas in


125 small projects

9 significant developments

4 major


1.7 Launches

1 success

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Stage of New Product Development Process

Where are we in the cycle1
Where are we in the cycle?

Universal industrial success curve






3000 Raw ideas (unwritten)

300 ideas submitted


of Ideas in


125 small projects

9 significant developments

4 major


This is our operating range for transition

1.7 Launches

1 success

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Stage of New Product Development Process

External funding approval chain
External Funding Approval Chain

“Very constrained in input and output”

Enhanced advanced technology development funding process
Enhanced Advanced Technology Development Funding Process

Concept Papers

Funded Projects

Bring in

Industry and university partners



Alliances with AFRL, DARPA, ONR, NRO, USSOCOM, CRADAS others


R&D funds

from previous projects


Tech insertions

Advanced technology transition innovation consortium
Advanced Technology Transition & Innovation Consortium


Businesses &







Support Members

Dolphin & Eagle Consulting



Teaming recommendations


Competitive and Market




Emerging Technology








External R&D funds

Rapid Prototyping

New customers


Venture Capital

Enhanced products

Rapid product development

Stronger teams

Advanced technology transition and innovation center attic
Advanced Technology Transition and Innovation Center (ATTIC)


To develop rapid prototypes of advanced technologies using existing and planned projects with multiple customers to leverage R&D developments and to transition advanced technology solutions to customers more rapidly.

Adoption of innovation process
Adoption of Innovation Process

  • Advanced technology transition involves more than delivery of technology to the customer.

  • Must address trialability, perceived ease of use, and perceived usefulness.

  • Subjective Norms involve “concept of operations development” with more than one demonstration unit. This is different from “technology concept demonstration”.

  • A reasoned action involves making choices that may indirectly relate to the technology. The primary decision factors may be weight, size, or battery life instead of capability.

“Must put prototypes in the hands of the user in the field.”

Technology development and insertion process
Technology development and insertion process

Emerging Technology threat or opportunity




Univ labs

Industry labs


Small businesses



Other programs

Customer capability requirement

Is Technology










Are there technical options?

Concept and proposal development


Expand search

Location of external funding from multiple customers


Are prototypes available?


Technology evaluation

Prototype field testing


Transition to a customer product

Develop prototypes

Technology transfer thrusts
Technology Transfer Thrusts

  • Active technology search

  • Collection of emerging technical issues and requirements from customers

  • Matching technologies and requirements to develop potential solutions

  • Drafting of application concepts and business plans for technology development

  • Enlisting customer support and funding

  • Leveraging the developments with additional customers

What are your technology priorities
What are your Technology Priorities?

  • Job producing industries

  • Build up small business base in specific technology areas

  • Support transition of university laboratory technologies into startup businesses

  • Establish centers of excellence or clusters in specific technology areas

  • Transition specific technologies to support export products

  • Establish technology centers to attract industry to the area

Running start program
Running Start Program

  • Sources of leveraged R&D funds

    • Successful Phase I SBIRs

    • DARPA PI teams

    • Industry/university labs

    • Transition of commercial products to new applications

  • Leveraging of transition funds

    • Other customers in different application areas

    • Homeland defense applications

    • Technology support working group (TSWG)

    • Rapid Technology Transition (DoD funding)

    • Office of Naval Research (ONR)

    • National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

“Actively find existing technology to leverage for our customer’s benefit.”

Customer input for technology transfer

Provide guidance on technology priorities

Provide touch with the customer through embedded or deployed personnel working daily with the customers on site

Assist in coordination of proposals with customer funding sources

Coordinate with customer to establish Tallahassee firms as the technical experts in our technology thrust areas.

Customer input for Technology Transfer

Dolphin eagle business case
Dolphin & Eagle Business Case

  • Extensive contacts within the R&D groups in government and industry organizations

  • Participated in Technology Transfer Integrated Process Team for DoD for last three years

  • Business base provides ready access to the customer technical issues and personnel.

  • We have already built solid relationships with a number of industry partners, government R&D groups, academia and user groups.

  • There are extensive R&D efforts available for transition that can provide leverage for future technology upgrades and insertions.

  • Customers are open for recommendations from our technical workforce for potential solutions to technical issues in the field.

Potential yields from transition efforts
Potential Yields from Transition Efforts

  • Recommendations for teaming with synergistic technology sources

  • Active technology input from other sources including industry, government and university laboratories

  • More rapid transition to product phase

  • Earlier prototype field testing and market introduction

  • Leveraging research and development funding from various sources to reach the product phase more quickly and to develop better products more rapidly

Summary of the transition process
Summary of the Transition Process

  • Determine technology priorities

  • Active technology search (find technical options)

  • Consider the adoption criteria.

  • Transition planning (who else wants it?)

  • Technology marketing plan (where’s it going?)

  • Technology placement (concept papers)

  • Develop prototypes and get them into the field

  • Develop concepts of operation

  • Active technology development and transition to secondary markets.

  • Active push to multiple customers

Contact information
Contact Information

Dr. Stephen M. Jarrett

2387 Oglethorpe Drive

Charleston, SC 29414


[email protected]

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