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The career and technical education cte completer follow up 2014 follow up of the 2013 cte graduates
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The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Completer Follow-up 2014 Follow-Up of the 2013 CTE Graduates. Purpose of the Survey?. An online survey of recent high school CTE graduates for the 2012-2013 school year Required to meet federal and state regulations

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Purpose of the Survey?

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The career and technical education cte completer follow up 2014 follow up of the 2013 cte graduates

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Completer Follow-up2014 Follow-Up of the2013 CTE Graduates

Purpose of the survey

Purpose of the


  • An online survey of recent high school CTE graduates for the 2012-2013 school year

  • Required to meet federal and state regulations

  • Allows VDOE and school divisions to evaluate their CTE programs

  • Impacts school division performance measures: (5S1) Secondary Placement (Transition) Rate, and (5S1) Program Completer Response Rate on the Annual Performance Report (APR)

Purpose of the survey


CTE Completer

A CTE completer is a student who has met the

requirements for a CTE concentration (sequence) and all

requirements for high school graduation, or an approved alternative education program.

CTE Concentration

A CTE concentration is a coherent sequence of courses as identified in the course listings within the CTE Administrative Planning Guide (APG).


Purpose of the survey

Division Annual Performance Report

(5S1) Secondary Placement (Transition) Rate– CTE completers (based on CTE serving school division) will successfully transition from secondary school to employment, military, further education, or full-time equivalency of part-time combinations of transition indicators.

Performance Standard: 5S1 Secondary Transition Rate = 90%



Purpose of the survey

Completer Survey Response Rate

Performance Standard: 5S1 Completer Response Rate = 75%



Completer survey response rate

Completer Survey Response Rate

Why 75%?

Response rates

Response Rates

  • Your target: survey 75 percent (or more) of completers.

  • A high response rate allows more meaningful analysis of CTE programs.

Satisfaction rates

Satisfaction Rates

48% of completers statewide are “very satisfied” with their CTE programs

Virginia school divisions

Review division data

Review Division Data

Review division data1

Review Division Data

Review division data2

Review Division Data

Satisfaction rates1

Satisfaction Rates

Postsecondary enrollment

Postsecondary Enrollment

66% of completers statewide enrolledin postsecondary

Virginia school divisions

Unemployment by program

Unemployment by Program

6% of completers

statewide are


Virginia CTE programs

Role of the cooper center

Role of the Cooper Center

  • Design Web site

  • Manage process of conducting survey

  • Conduct data analysis

  • Provide technical support and assistance

Purpose of the survey

Step #1

Read the CTE Director’s memo and follow the directions

Directions will also be available on the CTE Completer Follow-up Survey Web site.


Purpose of the survey

Step #2

  • Retrieve or set your password.

  • Download passwords from the VDOE SSWS dropbox and distribute user names

  • -or-

  • Use e-mail prompt to access website, set your password, and invite school-level users

Purpose of the survey

Set Your Password

Receive email

Follow link

Your account at CTE Completers Follow Up has been activated.

You may now log in by clicking this link or pasting it into your browser:


This link can only be used once to log in and will lead you to a page where you can set your password.

Purpose of the survey

SSWS – Dropbox


The lead CTE division administrator will receive two sets of

usernames and passwords:

  • One for division-level access

  • One for school-level access

Purpose of the survey

Excel Files

Division Access

School Access

Purpose of the survey

Step #3

Login to the survey Web site


Purpose of the survey

Conductingthe Survey

  • The Web site includes all of the information necessary to survey former students:

    • Student names

    • Students’ school

    • Phone numbers

    • CTE program areas

Purpose of the survey

Step #4

Interview CTE Graduates

Improving response r ates

Improving Response Rates

  • Good student contact information is key.

  • Multiple contacts are better than one.

Divisions decide contact m ethods

Divisions Decide Contact Methods

Use a 2 step a pproach

Use a 2-Step Approach

  • Electronic and/or mail (Send passwords to students and ask them to respond online or by mail.)

  • By telephone (Telephone students who don’t respond.)

Get started n ow for next year

Get Started Now for Next Year

  • Prepare students for the upcoming survey.

  • Collect contact information before students graduate.

  • Consider asking for personal and parent/guardian phone numbers.

  • Don’t forget college e-mail addresses.

The digital divide is real

The Digital Divide is Real

The digital divide is real. Social and digital media are great, but sometimes traditional methods are best.

Purpose of the survey

Things to Remember

  • Survey end date: July 1st

  • A minimum 75% response rate is required to meet your division level target (all users can monitor response rates online)

  • Try electronic media for contacting students

  • Don’t forget to view the results of the survey in the fall to assist with program evaluation and continuous improvement

Purpose of the survey

Contact Us

Questions about the Web site or survey process, please contact Annie Rorem at the Weldon Cooper Center at the University of Virginia at CTEcompleters@virginia.edu or call (434) 982-5690.

For questions about policy and reporting requirements, please contact the Virginia Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education Services directly at CTE@doe.virginia.gov or call (804) 225-2052.

Purpose of the survey


  • CTE Director Memo #068-14: Completer Follow-up

    • Survey Web site will open March 27, 2014

  • Data Analysis Report (DAR)

  • Next Video Streaming Session: (March 27, 2014)

    • Master Schedule Collection, Spring and End-of-Year

    • Student Record Collections, and CTE Student

    • Performance Reports

Purpose of the survey

Session Evaluation

Please take a few minutes to provide feedback about the benefit of this technical assistance video streaming session.

Your input will be useful in our planning efforts for future video training sessions.

The Survey Monkey link for the online evaluation is:


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