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The Strives Towards Unity and National Integration. There are 3 important steps as government efforts in handling the problem of weakness in unity:. Political Efforts.

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The Strives Towards Unity and National Integration

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The strives towards unity and national integration l.jpg

The Strives Towards Unity and National Integration

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  • There are 3 important steps as government efforts in handling the problem of weakness in unity:

Political efforts l.jpg

Political Efforts

  • Among political measures taken are actions through the legislative system, where laws and acts are made by Parliament to settle problems related to unity

Political efforts4 l.jpg

Political Efforts

  • First, the Constitution contains a number of clauses oriented towards racial equality such as allocations that provide protection to certain communities.

  • For instance articles related to the special rights of the Malays and citizenship for others.

Political efforts5 l.jpg

Political Efforts

  • Secondly, the acts passed by Parliament safeguard understanding among the races.

  • Among then is Seditions Act/Incitement Act 1948 aimed at preventing an individual from raising sensitive issues.

Political efforts6 l.jpg

Political Efforts

  • Matters that are not allowed to be questioned:

  • The position of Malay as national language

  • The position of Malay rulers

  • The special rights of the Bumiputra

  • The citizenship rights of non Bumiputra

Political efforts7 l.jpg

Political Efforts

  • Thirdly, the Internal Security Act (ISA) aimed at protecting the country’s interests and internal security.

  • The Act empowers the government to arrest and detain whomsoever that is thought to create internal security problems.

Political efforts8 l.jpg

Political Efforts

  • Fourthly, the Alliance (BN) today which unites parties into one bigger multi-racial organization.

Economic effort l.jpg

Economic Effort

  • Economic problems constitute a serious obstacle to creating unity.

  • Visible economic differences among races can give rise to feelings of discontent or envy that can spark off conflict

Measure taken l.jpg

Measure taken

  • The five-year plans and government development policies aimed at having economic equity among the races and to reduce identification of race by economic activity.

Social and cultural effort l.jpg

Social and Cultural Effort

  • The introduction of National Cultural Policy 1971.

  • It was hoped that a national culture would create a national identity for the plural society of Malaysia.

  • In Malaysia, the national culture is founded upon the Malay culture with the incorporation of elements from other cultures found in the country.

The basis of racial unity in malaysia l.jpg

The Basis of Racial Unity in Malaysia

  • Sharing of political power among different ethnic groups.

  • Three political partners-UMNO,MCA and MIC-that the sharing of political power is an effective means for managing a multi-ethnic society

Democratic government l.jpg

Democratic Government

  • Malaysia has been practicing parliamentary democracy since 1957.

  • As a result, it made easier for the people to voice their objection and dissatisfactions as well as to make specific demands.

Democratic government14 l.jpg

Democratic Government

  • A person can voice and make criticisms only within the confines of the law that protects the individual concerns.

Economic growth l.jpg

Economic Growth

  • Economic growth through equitable redistribution and taking into account the aspirations of the different races.

  • Continuous economic growth in the past decades made it possible to reduce the gap between communities.

Cultural compromise l.jpg

Cultural Compromise

  • Readiness to accept cultural and religious diversity as a source of strength

  • Cultural diversity is a reality; that constitutes today, a strength in the building of the Malaysian nation.

National integration strategies in malaysia l.jpg

National Integration Strategies in Malaysia

  • Unity of the people can exist if there is already unity within each ethnic group

  • Therefore efforts to unite the members of an ethnic group need to be carried out before trying to create national unity (among the ethnic groups).

National integration strategies in malaysia18 l.jpg

National Integration Strategies in Malaysia

  • National unity can be achieved when economic differences among ethnic groups are reduced and subsequently eliminated.

National integration strategies in malaysia19 l.jpg

National Integration Strategies in Malaysia

  • The implementation of all policies, economic, social, cultural and so on, should not stop certain ethnic groups from carrying out any rightful activity in the areas concerned.

National integration strategies in malaysia20 l.jpg

National Integration Strategies in Malaysia

  • To make sure that policies made and implemented should be based on principles of compromise among the leaders of the ethnic groups.

Method to achieve national integration l.jpg

Method to Achieve National Integration

Methods For Socio-psychological Development

Formal education l.jpg

Formal Education

  • Socialization process at school and tertiary level, the curriculum is complete with elements that furnish in-depth knowledge of the ethnic groups to inculcate the spirit of unity

Methods for socio psychological development l.jpg

Methods For Socio-psychological Development

  • Co-curriculum activities

  • Continuous education

  • Social groups

  • Social activities

  • Tourism within the country

  • Mass media

Methods for socio economic development l.jpg

Methods for Socio-economic Development

  • Improving educational infrastructure

  • Create bumiputra entrepreneurs and professionals

  • Development of rural infrastructure

  • Development of rural folks

  • Development in the small enterprise sector

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