Clinton middle school the amazing race
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Clinton Middle School The Amazing Race. Research Organization. Types of Resources used for Research. Print Resources Non-fiction books Encyclopedias Almanacs Dictionaries Atlases Magazines. Types of Resources Used for Research. Electronic Resources TPS databases Internet Websites

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Clinton middle school the amazing race

Clinton Middle SchoolThe Amazing Race

Research Organization

Types of resources used for research
Types of Resources used for Research

  • Print Resources

    • Non-fiction books

    • Encyclopedias

    • Almanacs

    • Dictionaries

    • Atlases

    • Magazines

Types of resources used for research1
Types of Resources Used for Research

  • Electronic Resources

    • TPS databases

    • Internet Websites

    • Electronic Dictionaries

    • Electronic Encyclopedias

    • On-line Magazines

Tps databases
TPS Databases

Open Internet Explorer

Go to:

Click on Library

Choose TPS Databases

Use the links to begin your research.

Nettrekker log in:

Username: clistudent

Password: student


Big6 checklist
Big6 Checklist

  • Step 1: Task definition

    • What do I need to find out?

    • What are my options?

  • Step 2: Information-Seeking Strategies

    • What resources will I use?

      • Print and electronic resources

  • Step 3: Location and Access

    • Have I looked in OPAC?

    • Have I looked in the reference section?

    • Have I looked at search engines and online databases

    • Have I asked my librarian for help?

  • Eisenberg/Berkowitz (1995). Big6 checklist. Highsmith, Inc., 2007.

    • Step 4: Use of Information

      • I have used the different required resources.

      • I have recorded my resource information for my bibliography.

      • I have written the information in my own words.

    • Step 5: Synthesis

      • I have used good information and followed the format for my project.

    • Step 6: Evaluation

      • My final project meets my goals and those of my teacher.

    Big6 assignment organizer
    Big6 Assignment Organizer

    • Remember the 6 steps for good research!!

    Other graphic organizers
    Other Graphic Organizers

    • It really doesn’t matter what you choose, but choose one that suits your learning style!

    Choose your route
    Choose Your Route

    • Get your research topic from Mrs. Gallagher and begin your research strategy.

    1 st amazing race task task definition
    1st Amazing Race TaskTask Definition

    • Using your organizational chart, define your information problem.

      • What is the question you need to answer?

        • What do you know, what do you need to learn?

    2 nd amazing race task information seeking strategies
    2nd Amazing Race TaskInformation Seeking Strategies

    • Write a list of possible resources that you can use:

      • PRINT

        • Non-fiction books

        • Reference books

        • Newspaper or magazine


        • TPS Databases

        • Websites

    3rd amazing race task location and access
    3rd Amazing Race TaskLocation and Access

    • Locate two resources that would give you good information for your research topic.

      • One Print

      • One Electronic

        • Write them on your organizational chart or worksheet

    • You may have several options for these resources. Don’t get sidetracked and take a ….



    • Make sure that your resources have accurate, current and academic information that is appropriate to your topic! I will not accept the following:

    • Wikipedia

    • any blogs

    • strange websites

    • **Remember our previous lessons on acceptable resources for research….

    4th Amazing Race TaskUse of Information


    • Choose one team member to show me your resources and your written facts….

    Finish line
    Finish Line

    • After finishing each task, make sure that I sign off on it before you move to the next task.

    • It must be accurate and essential information for good research.

      • Each task is worth 10 points.