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Dean Marchetti Director of Development Business Intelligence Division Dean.Marchetti@sybase PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E102 Working Together - A Media Vertical Solution Using Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio, Adaptive Server IQ, and Related Technologies. Dean Marchetti Director of Development Business Intelligence Division Dean.Marchetti@sybase.com. E105 –Agenda. Business Objective Criteria

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Dean Marchetti Director of Development Business Intelligence Division Dean.Marchetti@sybase

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Dean marchetti director of development business intelligence division dean marchetti sybase

E102Working Together - A Media Vertical Solution Using Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio, Adaptive Server IQ, and Related Technologies

  • Dean Marchetti

    • Director of Development

    • Business Intelligence Division

    • Dean.Marchetti@sybase.com

E105 agenda

E105 –Agenda

  • Business Objective

  • Criteria

  • Product Selection

  • Product Architecture

  • Engineering Process

  • Media Offering

Business opportunity

Business Opportunity

  • Increase Advertising Revenue

    • Cross selling advertisers

    • Identifying new advertisers

    • Householding

  • Increase Circulation

    • Delivery Analysis (3,5,7 day)

    • Identifying target markets

    • Householding



  • Buy and NOT Build

  • Consolidate Multiple Sources to a Single Target

  • Easily Create and Distribute reports by C/S or WEB

  • Distribute information about the solution(Meta Data)

  • Minimize Maintenance

Product selection

Product Selection

  • Industry Warehouse Studio for Media

  • Industry Warehouse Studio Household Match

  • Adapter Server IQ

  • Warehouse Studio

    • PowerDesigner

    • Warehouse Control Center

  • Business Objects

  • Informatica

Overview industry warehouse studio

Overview – Industry Warehouse Studio

Industry Warehouse Studio

What is It?

  • Industry-oriented Data Warehouse Blueprint and BI Platform for Analytics

  • Allows domain experts to focus on the Business Value of an application … not the data management

What’s the Key Value?

  • SAFE –Reduced Risk

  • Pre-built models optimize success and time-to-market

  • Based on proven deployments

  • Scalable from data mart to enterprise

  • SMART –Open, Integrated, Extensible

  • Enterprise-wide scope

  • Database independent

  • Integrated models & infrastructure

  • SAVINGS –Faster Implementation

  • Save resources, time & money

What are the Key Benefits?

Sybase industry warehouse studios an enterprise analytics infrastructure

Sybase Industry Warehouse StudiosAn Enterprise Analytics Infrastructure

Data Visualization

Other SQL

Compliant Tools

IWS Analytic Applications



IWS Enterprise Analytics Infrastructure

Physical Data


Core Common Data





Data Model Design





ETL Tool


(Informatica, Ascential)

Sample Data & Sample Report


Analytical Data Store - Any Database

(DB2, UDB, Oracle, Informix, Microsoft, ASE, IQ, etc.)

The key business benefit of iws enterprise analytic infrastructures

The Key Business Benefit of IWS Enterprise Analytic Infrastructures


DW / BI Projects start here

“Jump” Start with Sybase IWS Infrastructure


  • Gather requirements

  • Define Logical Model based on Line of Business

  • Design Physical Schema

  • Build and test ETL templates

  • Build queries for analysis

  • Implement

  • Test

  • Gather requirements

  • User feedback

  • “Customize”

  • Refine ETL templates

  • Refine & Add Queries

  • Test


Iws enterprise blueprint

Retail Banking

Financial Services

Capital Markets

Credit Card

IWS Core Analytics Blueprint

Core Tables

Summary Events

Cross Industry

Tables + Views

Base Views




Property & Casualty

Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio The Enterprise Blueprint

IWS Enterprise Blueprint







Sybase industry warehouse studio enterprise models support analytic applications

Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Enterprise Models Support Analytic Applications

The IWS Blueprint supports the full range of

analytic applications from Customer Analytics

to Industry-specific Business Performance Analysis.



Analytics Plus

Examples include:

  • Campaign Analysis

  • Customer Profiling

  • Sales Analysis

  • Customer Care (Contacts) Analysis

  • Loyalty Analysis

  • Web Analytics

  • Household Match



Examples include:

  • Customer Activity

  • Call Traffic

  • Healthcare Analytics

  • Persistency Analysis

  • Account Activity

  • Risk Analysis

  • Profitability Analysis

Iws key concepts

IWS Key Concepts

  • Naming Standards

    • Engineering followed the USDA standards guidelines when they developed the naming conventions for IWS

  • Domains

    • Extensive use of Domains are used to ensure attributes conform across entities

  • Special Dimensions

    • Special use dimension tables are used to ensure performance.

  • Views

    • Reduces the number of physical tables in the warehouse

    • Making the context clear to the reader and provides the correct nomenclature for a particular area of an enterprise

Iws key concepts1

IWS Key Concepts

  • Entities

    • In IWS, an entity is a person, household, organization, or portion of an organization.

  • Dimensions

    • Conforming dimensions

  • Profiles

    • Used to anchor related Entity dimension information.

    • Tracks version changes in the profile of an entity over time.

  • Associations

    • Reasons and Roles of Entities

Iws key concepts2

IWS Key Concepts

  • Events

    • Source Events

    • Derived Events (Core Event – typed event)

    • Core Event is a collection of all events - both core and subsequent verticals

  • Reporting Structures

    • Provides a Hierarchy of internal reporting structure. Usually down to the Person.

Iws key concepts3

IWS Key Concepts

  • Product

    • Product Dimension

    • Product Extension

  • Sales

    • Source events related to Sales

  • Accounts

    • Hierarchy

    • Typed

    • Versioned

Iws value proposition

IWS Value Proposition

  • IWS Built on Experience

    • Incorporates Years of Experience in VLDW

  • IWS Reduces Risk and Accelerates Implementation

    • Proven Blueprint + IWS Tools Provide Major Jump Start to Analytic Application Projects

  • IWS Open Architecture For Deployment

    • Any SQL RDBMS, Any BI Visualization Tool

  • IWS Addresses Business Problems

    • Designed to focus attention on analytics most important to decision makers in managing their business relationships and business performance

  • Additional Information

    • Attend a session

Sybase iq m features

Sybase IQ-M Features

  • Speed

    • Lightning Fast Ad-Hoc Queries

    • High Performance Data Loads

  • Scalability

    • Linear User Scalability

      • 100s and 1,000s of Users

    • From Gigabytes to Terabytes of Data

Sybase iq m features1

Sybase IQ-M Features

  • Great Economics

    • Data Compression vs. Data Explosion

    • Built-in clustering and storage management

    • Competitive Pricing

Sybase iq m indexes

Sybase IQ-M Indexes

  • Fast Projection

    • Compress RAW data for result sets (Default)

  • Low Fast

    • Low Cardinality Data (< 1500 values)

  • Bit Wise Index

    • Aggregations on the fly and range searches

  • High Group Index

    • Key Fields and Grouping for Cross-Tabular

Sybase iq m indexes1

Sybase IQ-M Indexes

New with IQ-M 12.4.3

  • Word

    • Key word or Phrase String Searches

  • Compare

    • Data Column Comparisons (Expenses > Revenue; Visit < 3 Days and Purchased < 30 Days)

  • Join

    • Join Performance

Efficient storage utilization

Sybase IQ-M is the only database that REDUCES storage requirements

Storage in GB required for 1 TB of raw data

Efficient Storage Utilization







Oracle 8i


Sybase IQ-M


Sybase iq m features2

Sybase IQ-M Features

  • Flexibility

    • Any Query – Any Time

    • Ad-Hoc – Any Schema

    • Any Number of Nodes

    • Simple Maintenance

    • Easy to learn, Standard SQL

  • Additional Information

    • Attend an IQ-M TechWave session

Product overviews warehouse studio

Product OverviewsWarehouse Studio

  • PowerDesigner

  • Warehouse Control Center

Powerdesigner overview

PowerDesigner Overview

  • Highly graphical interface

  • Workspace: work unit that includes PowerDesigner models as well as any file

  • Advanced compare/merge technology

  • Report generator

  • VB Script support

  • Generic, template-based, customizable code generators

Dw target platforms

DW Target Platforms

  • Report Generation

    • Multi-model report generator

    • Drag and drop report construction

    • Template based, customizable

    • Generates RTF or HTML report

  • Repository

    • Users and Groups management

    • Acces rights and permissions management

    • Version control, branches and configuration management

    • Consolidation/extraction mecanism

Powerdesigner overview1

PowerDesigner Overview

  • Data Models

    • E/R models:

      • Conceptual and Physical data models

      • Datawarehouse models

  • RDBMS structures

    • 30+ Supported

    • Generation, Reverse-engineering, Synchronization

    • Support RDBMS specificities (storage parameters, triggers, etc)

Powerdesigner overview2

PowerDesigner Overview

  • Business Process Model

    • ebXML generation and reverse-engineering

  • Code generation

    • Java, PowerBuilder, XML & WSDL generation and reverse-engineering, C++, C#, VB.Net, etc generation

    • J2EE Application Servers and IDEs integration

  • Object/relational mapping

    • Maping at design time

    • J2EE Applicatin Servers

  • Additional Information

    • Attend a PowerDesigner TechWave session

Warehouse control center

Warehouse Control Center

  • Meta Data Manager

    • Import meta data from various sources

      • ETL, Schema, Case

    • Validate meta data

    • Create, Edit and Enhance meta data

    • Create Info Cubes

    • Publish meta data to other users

    • Export meta data to leading analytical tools

      • Business Objects, Cognos, MSI

    • User management

Warehouse control center1

Warehouse Control Center

  • Web Client

    • Browse technical meta data

    • Browse business meta data

    • Browse Info Cubes

  • API

    • Extracting WCC meta data

      • Physical, Logical, Links, Descriptions, Info Cubes

Wcc powerdesigner support

WCC PowerDesigner Support

  • Business and technical meta data from design tools, including:

    • Packages (IWS application specific)

    • Entities

    • Attributes

    • Relationships

    • Descriptions for the subject areas entities and attributes.

    • WCC imports this information using the Meta Data Manager software module.

Wcc etl supported

WCC ETL Supported

  • ETL Rules -> WCC

    • Business rules

    • Technical formulas used in transformations

    • Transformation process information

    • Source system meta data, if available

    • MDIS Import

Product overviews partner tools

Product OverviewsPartner Tools

  • Business Objects

  • Informatica

Visualization businessobjects

Visualization - BusinessObjects

  • BusinessObjects is an easy-to-use BI tool that enables users to access and analyze, information stored in multiple data sources

  • Scalable

    • Supports 100s of users

    • Supports large volumes of data

  • Client Server

    • Full client, robust development support

  • WEB

    • Thin client

Visualization business objects

Visualization - Business Objects

  • Supports Multiple forms of “Drilling”

  • Meta Data Driven Universe

  • Meta Data Driven Reports

  • Offline Support

  • Easy to Use

    • Developer

    • End User

Etl informatica

ETL - Informatica

  • Comprehensive, real-time integration of enterprise data sources

  • Enterprise-wide extensibility, enabling growth based on business needs

  • Scalable and high-performance features that allow users to process increasing amounts of data in shorter times

  • Metadata-centric approach to leverage and re-use metadata held in enterprise sources

Etl informatica1

ETL - Informatica

  • Parallel Processing Support

    • Support across multiple servers

  • Cache Utilization

    • Persistent lookup cache support across mappings

  • Multiple Sources and Targets

    • RDBMS, ODBC, Flat files

  • Meta Data Driven

    • Source, Targets, Transformations,

Engineering process

Engineering Process

  • Engineering Process

    • Specifications developed with:

      • Customer

      • Domain Experts

      • Consultants

      • Engineering

    • Onsite & Offsite Development

      • Model Design

      • ETL

      • Visualization

      • Process Management

Engineering process1

Engineering Process

  • Feature Selection for the Product

    • Generalized features

    • Customer specific features

  • Feed Back Loop

    • Customer

    • Project manager

  • Customer Implementation

    • Project manager

    • Engineering

Integrated media offering

Integrated Media Offering

  • Pre-defined Physical Data Model

    • Power Designer

  • High Performance Data Database

    • IQ-M

  • Meta Data Manager

    • Warehouse Control Center

  • Business Intelligence Reporting Tool Meta Data

    • Business Objects

  • ETL

    • Informatica

  • Household Match



  • Householding allows significant cost savings by a enabling direct marketing campaigns to target at the household rather than the individual level.

  • Targeting a household significantly reduces mailing and marketing costs

  • IWS Household Match provides 3 Sybase Central plug-ins to match/merge, de-dupe and household records.

Householding value proposition

Householding Value Proposition

  • Household Match allows an IWS customer to:

    • Merge records from multiple sources

    • Remove duplicate records

    • Household data within IWS

    • Minimize costs associated with loading externally householded lists

    • Analyze data in a timely fashion by reducing latency associated with 3rd party service provider

    • Realize a rapid return on investment

    • Protect the privacy of subscriber/customer list

Household match a 4 step process

Household MatchA “4 Step” Process

Media demo

Media Demo

  • Media Demo

    • 10-15 minutes

    • Media Advertising

    • Business Objects

    • IQ-M

  • Login