7d tray test plans
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7D: Tray test plans

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7D: Tray test plans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope. 7D: Tray test plans. GLAST Large Area Telescope: Tracker Subsystem. Nicola Mazziotta University and INFN Bari - Italy [email protected] Outline. Overview Tray test matrix Panel vib plan Tray thermal plan Test schedule Stacked cosmic rays.

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7d tray test plans

Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope

7D: Tray test plans

GLAST Large Area Telescope:Tracker Subsystem

Nicola MazziottaUniversity and INFNBari - [email protected]

  • Overview
  • Tray test matrix
  • Panel vib plan
  • Tray thermal plan
  • Test schedule
  • Stacked cosmic rays
  • Reference LAT Documents:
  • LAT-MD-00408, LAT Instrument Performance Verification Plan
  • LAT-SS-00788, LAT Environmental Specification
  • LAT-TD-01005, Thermal Test Results on Thick Converter Mock-up Trays
  • LAT-TD-01249, Thermal Test Results for Pre-Engineering Model Trays
  • LAT-PS-01584, LAT Tracker TraySSD Ladder Panel Assembly Procedure
  • LAT-TD-00154, Tray Vibration Test Plan
  • LAT-TD-01839, Tray Thermal Test Plan

Tray factory (panels)

Vibration test*

Ladder factory

Tray assembly: ladders and MCMs on trays

Stacked cosmic rays*

Electrical test

Tower assembly

Electrical test before MCMs encapsulation

Tray functional test*

Tray thermal cycles*


*Environmental tests

panel vib levels
Panel vib levels

Sine sweep

White Noise

Random vibration

panel vib set up


Panel vib set up

W side on the top

  • Accelerometers:
  • Control: two mono-axial accelerometers positioned on two of the four L-shaped block TP1&TP2
  • Fixture: three mono axial accelerometers placed on a corner on one of the four L-shaped block TP6
  • Tray: one three-axial accelerometers in the middle of panel TP5
  • Centrotecnica set up:
  • - 1 LDS shake table
  • 2 fixtures
  • 9 read out channels
  • 4 tested trays/day rate
tray thermal levels
Tray thermal levels

On orbit temperature range -15°C  30°C

tray thermal sequence
Tray thermal sequence

The tray will be tested in its own service box.

test schedule
Test schedule

Vib test rate ≥ 4 panels/day (Centrotecnica-Milano)

Thermal test lot ≥ 4 trays/cycle in 4 climatic chambers (2 ready by Pg in Terni, 1 foreseen in Pi, 1 foreseen in Ba)

Test rate/climatic chamber ∼ 1 tower/month

cosmic rays test
Cosmic rays test

Tray stacked in single view

2 stacks for a whole tower, readout with a single TEM

  • The thermal and vibe tests on trays are well understood
  • The vibe test rate in Centrotecnica is adequate
  • The thermal test rate with the Perugia equipment in Terni is just sufficient, but the test lines will be doubled
  • The mechanics to perform cosmic rays tests is under construction. The flux allows a test in realistic time. The mini-tower experience will be the ground base to define the cosmic rays test.