preparations for ichep and beyond
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Preparations for ICHEP (and Beyond)

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Preparations for ICHEP (and Beyond) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparations for ICHEP (and Beyond). F. Bedeschi (INFN – Pisa) J. Kroll (Penn) CDF B Mixing Workshop 14 July 2004. Blessing ICHEP (on). Tevatron Conference (ICHEP preview). We are here (off). CDFNOTE for ICHEP. Preblessing ICHEP (on). ICHEP starts. DPF starts. Schedule.

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preparations for ichep and beyond

Preparations for ICHEP (and Beyond)

F. Bedeschi (INFN – Pisa)

J. Kroll (Penn)

CDF B Mixing Workshop

14 July 2004



ICHEP (on)

Tevatron Conference

(ICHEP preview)

We are here (off)




ICHEP (on)

ICHEP starts

DPF starts


FPCP 4-9 Oct.

F. Bedeschi/J. Kroll

schedule continued
Schedule (continued)
  • CDFNOTE for ICHEP should be posted Monday 19 July
  • Preblessing for ICHEP should be Thursday 22 July
  • CDFWEEK 26-30 July (B meeting Fri. 30 July)
  • Blessing for ICHEP should be Thursday 5 August
  • Presentation of ICHEP results at FNAL on 9-10 August
  • ICHEP 16-22 August
    • Thurs. 12 Aug. (off-week) could use for final sign-off if necessary
    • Discouraged: speakers might not accept such late results
  • DPF 26-31 August
    • Last possible blessing 19 Aug. (on-week)
  • Next opportunity: FPCP (Korea) 4-9 October

F. Bedeschi/J. Kroll

b s mixing ingredients
Bs Mixing Ingredients
  • Reconstruct signal with adequate signal to noise
    • semileptonic
    • hadronic
  • Measure Lifetime
    • challenge: including bias due to SVT trigger
  • Identify B Flavor at production (flavor tagging)
    • challenge: estimating D for SST in Bs (for limit)
  • Demonstrate technique with B0 mixing (md)
    • use this step to calibrate opposite side flavor tags
    • eventually require likelihood fit
  • Measure (place limit on) ms

F. Bedeschi/J. Kroll

status semileptonic signal
Status: Semileptonic Signal

Have blessed PR plots

from Winter 2004

4.8 processing

Various modes:

Do not know exactly

how they contribute

to sensitivity (e.g., K*K)

F. Bedeschi/J. Kroll

status hadronic modes
Status: Hadronic Modes

Blessed: 4.8 processing

Workshop: 5.1 processing

232 § 18 240 pb-1

Update Ds PR plot

What about other decay modes?

F. Bedeschi/J. Kroll

flavor tagging
Flavor Tagging
  • Blessed
    • Soft muon tag (binned in pTrel)
    • Jet charge tag (binned in Qjet)
    • SST (following Run I prescription)
  • In preparation
    • improved soft muon tag (likelihood based – binned) preblessed 24 June
    • soft electron tag (likelihood based - binned)
    • jet charge (with jet probability, trying new jet finding)
    • improved SST (with binning in pT track)
    • OSKT, SSKT – under study – not ready for ICHEP
  • Combination
    • combined blessed SLT() and JQT
    • use asymmetry framework – no binning (underestimate ultimate D2)

F. Bedeschi/J. Kroll

combined ost in asymmetry framework1
Combined OST in Asymmetry Framework

Also quote  and D2

F. Bedeschi/J. Kroll

proposed plan in parallel
Proposed Plan (in parallel)
  • Prebless/bless SLT(e) & updated SLT(), JQT
  • Prebless/bless binned asymmetry fit with OST (& SST)
    • goal is to show OST works for mixing – use blessed OST’s & SST
    • underestimates OST tagging power (not binned)
    • may add additional exclusive hadronic modes (D*, D)
  • Prebless/bless unbinned likelihood fit
    • 1st step is J/K (no SVT bias, lifetime checked)
    • 2nd step is D (include SVT efficiency in likelihood)
      • have to show that we get the correct lifetime
    • 3rd step is lepton + D
      • must include term for cc background & give correct lifetime
    • Allows binned flavor tags with correct accounting for correlations

F. Bedeschi/J. Kroll

3 rd cdf b mixing workshop

FPCP 2004

Next workshop will be during one of these two (on-) weeks

3rd CDF B Mixing Workshop

Goal: organize for 1st Bs mixing results for Winter 2005

F. Bedeschi/J. Kroll