Once your nko account has been established
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Once your NKO account has been established… PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Once your NKO account has been established…. Go to https://eta.cnet.navy.mil to access the Sailor Tuition Assistance Application. Logging in…. To log in to E-TA. Type in your User Name . Type in your Password . Click on “ Login” . Or use your CAC card.

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Once your NKO account has been established…

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Once your NKO account has been established…

  • Go to https://eta.cnet.navy.mil to access the Sailor Tuition Assistance Application

Logging in…

To log in to E-TA

  • Type in your User Name.

  • Type in your Password.

  • Click on “Login”.

  • Or use your CAC card.

To complete a new TA application you will need:

  • 1. Your ESO’s email address

  • 2. Your OPFAC number:located in your LES

  • 3. Your ESO’s phone number

  • 4. Your class schedule and school information

Listed Here

New Application

To fill out a new application: Click on “New Application

New Application (Continued)

  • Read carefully and click “I Accept” button on the next 2 pages.

New Application (Continued)

You will be asked if the school you are requesting is the same school you last attended.

Click “Yes” - If you are attending the same school listed

Click on “No” - If you are attending a different school than listed

Applicant Information

Applicant Information (con’t)

  • DSN phone numbers and fax numbers – Ignore these fields, they do not apply to CG members.

  • Applicant Email Address – Type in your work email address listed in global.

    Note: personnel email addresses are accepted for Reservists ONLY!

  • CO or By Direction Authority’s Email Address – Type in your ESO’s work email address that is listed in global. (NOT THE CO OF YOUR UNIT) If there is more than one ESO at your unit, type in the ESO that will be approving this TA

Applicant Information (con’t)

  • GI Bill Enrollment Status – Use the drop down menu to select the GI Bill Enrollment Status that applies to you. If you are not using your GI Bill benefits for the course on this application, click on “None”.

    • If you are using Top-up you are not using the GI Bill

  • Years of Education – Use the drop down menu to select the number of years of education you have currently completed.

    • ie… when you graduated high school you completed 12 years of school, 12 + the number of years of college you’ve already completed = the number you will click on.

  • When everything is verified – click on Next

Step 2 of 3

  • After question #16 is answered the screen will redirect to the correct set of the questions that meets your criteria.

  • Answer all questions.

  • Notice this icon: This is the “Assist Window” it is there to assist you with answering these questions.

Step 2 of 3 (con’t)

  • Question 23: Are you enrolled in a Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership (NCPDLP)?For CG members this question refers to the DANTES program, Click “Yes” or “No”

  • Question 24: If Yes what NCPDLP school?If you clicked “Yes” on the previous question: Click on the

  • Read the directions to locate your DANTES school with the “Assist Window”

  • Click on the school name to populate the text box.

  • When completed Click “Next”

Step 3 of 3

This is where you enter your course information: read the directions carefully and fill out questions 25-35.

Step 3 of 3 (con’t)

  • Question 25: School Name

    • If you answered yes before the school name will appear.

    • If you answered no you will have to use the “Assist Window” to locate your school

  • Question 26: Type in the start date in the first field and the end date in the second field.

    • Note: All applications must be received no later than 14 days prior to the course start date.

    • Note 2: only list the courses you are taking that have the same start dates per application.

    • ie.. If you are taking 3 courses, 2 of them start on the same date, only list those 2 courses on this application, fill out a separate application for the third course since it has a different start date.

Step 3 of 3 (con’t)

  • Question 27: CourseType in the course department and number exactly as it appears on your schedule.

  • Question 28: Course TitleType in the course title exactly as it appears on your schedule.

  • Question 29: Course LocationType in the location the course will be taken.

    • 1 – On – base

    • 2 – Off – base

    • 3 – Distance Learning

  • 4 – Credit-by-examination

Step 3 of 3 (con’t)

  • Question 30: Course LevelType in the location the course will be taken.

    • D – Developmental Level (only applicable if college credit is received)

    • L – Lower Level(100-299)

    • U – Upper (300-499)

    • G – Graduate Level (500>)

  • V– is not applicable for CG members

  • Question 31: Course Primary Instructional Mode

  • Type in courses Primary Instructional Mode:

    • I - Instructed course

    • W - Web based course

  • C, P, T & V are not applicable for CG members.

Step 3 of 3 (con’t)

  • Question 32: Course Credit Hour Type

  • Type in the type of credit hours:

    • S – Semester hours

    • Q – Quarterly Hours

  • C & K are not applicable for CG members.

Question 33: Course Credit Hours

Type in the number of credits hours.

Question 34 & 35: Course Costs

Type in the cost PER credit and the course fees if any.

Step 3 of 3 (con’t)

•If taking more than one course, go to row “B” to enter the second course and “C” for the third, ect….

•Row e – does not apply to CG members.

•Review your entries carefully.

•Click on “Save”.

Remember: all courses listed must have same start dates, courses with different start dates must be submitted on a separate application.

New Application (Continued)

  • If the system detects any warnings, it will let you know at this time.

  • Click on “Yes” after you acknowledge the warnings and if you want to continue the application.

  • Click on “No” if you do not want to continue the application.

Review your application

  • If everything looks good, click on “Submit”.

  • You can cancel your application if needed, click on “Cancel”.

  • If any information needs to be changed, click on “Change”.

Submit your application

Your application is not submitted until you hit “YES” on this page.

Application is sent to ESO

The application can still be canceled if needed, click on “Cancel”.

Wait…your not done

  • ESO will not process application until all supporting documentation is scanned and emailed to your local ESO. Supporting documentation includes:

    • Proof of enrollment in specific course(s) tuition assistance is being applied for (school schedule)

    • Proof for cost of tuition

    • Proof for cost of additional fees.

      *Supporting documentation must be official documentation from the school or the school’s website.

  • You will be notified by email upon ESO approval.

To check on Existing Applications

  • Log in to E-TA as normal

  • Click on “Existing Application”

Existing Applications (con’t)

Scroll down

Existing Applications (con’t)

The status is located in the last column. (See red square).

To view the entire application or the comments, click on “View”. (see red circle)

FY Cap Status

  • Log in to E-TA as normal

  • Click on “FY Cap Status”

FY Cap Status (con’t)

  • The amount shown does not include applications that have not been authorized by the CGI yet.

View Your History

  • Log in to E-TA as normal

  • Click on “View History”

View Your History (con’t)

Use the scroll bar to view the entire history of courses.

  • Login