America as a world power
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America as a World Power. Chapter 18 Section 4. I Teddy Roosevelt & the World. Japanese set up Korea as indep. State but Russia had set their sights on Korea Japan attacks Russian P ac. Fleet destroys it completely and then destroys European fleet Japan retained control of Korea.

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America as a world power

America as a World Power

Chapter 18 Section 4

I teddy roosevelt the world
I Teddy Roosevelt & the World

  • Japanese set up Korea as indep. State but Russia had set their sights on Korea

  • Japan attacks Russian Pac. Fleet destroys it completely and then destroys European fleet

    • Japan retained control of Korea

Relations with japan
Relations with Japan

  • US & Japan continue talks

    • Agree to respect each other’s possessions in East Asia & Pacific

  • Roosevelt sends “Great White Fleet” on world tour to demonstrate US naval power

    • Japanese begin to build a bigger navy

Panama canal
Panama Canal

  • Roosevelt wanted to build canal through central America

    • Reduce travel time for commercial and mil. Boats

  • Hay-Pauncefote Treaty= GB gives US exclusive rights to build and control canal through central America

  • Panama controlled by ColombiaUS negotiated w/ Colombia

    • Talks break down & Panamanian rebellion took place

Roosevelt corollary
Roosevelt Corollary

  • Latin American countries took loans out fro European banks to built RRs

    • Roosevelt scared that if they defaulted European powers would intervene in Western Hemisphere

  • Roosevelt policy= Roosevelt Corollary

    • “Speak softly and carry a big stick”

    • Argued Europe. Powers must not intervene in W. Hem.

    • Warned that disorder in Latin Amer. would force the US to exercise its “int’l police power” to protect Amer. interests

  • Nicaragua goes bankrupt due to rebellion

    • Taft instructs US banks to make loans to Nicaragua to pay it’s debt

    • US banks get $$ back by collecting Nicaraguan custom duties

  • Dollar Diplomacy= US gov’t guarantee loans made to foreign countries by American business people

    • Kept European powers out of the Caribbean

Iii woodrow wilson s missionary diplomacy
III Woodrow Wilson’s Missionary Diplomacy

  • Monroe doc. Warns nations against expanding their influence in Latin Amer

  • Roosevelt Corollary asserts the US right to exercise international police power

  • Wilson’s Missionary Diplomacy said US had right to deny recognition of any Latin Amer govt it viewed as oppressive or hostile to US interests

    • Pressured countries in west to establish Dem. Gov;t

A mexican revolution
A. Mexican Revolution

  • US invest in Mexico businessesHuerta takes over Madero’s gov’t and executes himWilson refuses to recognize “a gov’t of butchers”

  • “Watchful waiting”Amer sailors arrestedmex. Apologized and released them but Wilson uses as an excuse to invade Mexico

  • Wilson withdraws after Carranza becomes president and recognizes his gov’t

Pershing pursues villa
Pershing Pursues Villa

  • “poncho” Villa & Zapata lad revolt against Carranza

    • Threatened US

  • Villa followers kill Americans in Mexico and go to New Mexico and kill group of Amer.

  • Carranza allows Wilsonto send US troops

    • Gen. Pershing hunts down villamexicans tired of US invasionCarranza asks US to leavewilson refusesintesified anti-american feelings in mexico

  • American imperialism dress US deeper into world affairs at the same time imperialism pushed European powers towards war