Croydon ccg annual general meeting
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Croydon CCG Annual General Meeting. Thursday 18 September 2014.

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Croydon CCG Annual General Meeting

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Croydon ccg annual general meeting

Croydon CCG Annual General Meeting

Thursday 18 September 2014

Croydon ccg annual general meeting

The CCG is responsible for overseeing the local NHS budget of approximately £407 million for hospital, community and mental health services. Our job is to make sure it is spent on the right services to meet the health needs of people in Croydon.

Croydon ccg annual general meeting

Our GP networks now have significant controlover their own network plans and agendas. Our networks have been responsible for shaping localised commissioning plans which meet the needs of our local communities.

Croydon ccg annual general meeting

We are proud of our achievements.We have improved the quality ofservices for people in Croydon,and introduced the rigorous financial control necessary.

Croydon ccg annual general meeting

Improving the quality of services is at the heart of everything we do. The CCG consistently aims to ensure it commissions health services that are safe, that employbest clinical practice.

Dr tony brzezicki clinical chair

Dr Tony Brzezicki, Clinical Chair

A very warm welcome

A very warm welcome…

What do we want to achieve this evening

What do we want to achieve this evening?

  • Report back on our first year’s work.

  • What are our priorities for the future?

  • What do you think?



Croydon ccg annual general meeting

“We are happy with £11m redevelopment at Purley War Memorial Hospital, but unhappy with changes to MIU”

“Not all outpatient referrals should go through CReSS”

“There are significant issues accessing Mental Health services”

“Practice’s Patient Participation Groups should be more involved in CCG work”

“You should have better links with voluntary sector organisations”

“You need to do more meaningful engagement with patients”

Paula swann chief officer

Paula Swann, Chief Officer

We are already making a difference but we have more to do

We are already making a difference, but we have more to do…

Croydon ccg annual general meeting

We need to fundamentally change how we do things…

  • Improving quality of services

  • Tackle issues caused

  • by high levels

  • of obesity

  • Improve patient experience

  • Address demand for mental health

  • services

  • Delivery of national performance targets

  • Services for large numberswith long

  • term conditions

  • Involving patients in decisions

  • Reducing health inequalities

  • £46m a year underfunding

We are rising to the challenges

We are rising to the challenges…

Financial performance mike sexton chief finance officer

Financial PerformanceMike Sexton, Chief Finance Officer

How have we spent your money

How have we spent your money?

Based on 391,070 registered patients:

We spent £1,087 per person in Croydon.

We were funded £1,003 per person in Croydon

Financial performance in 2013 14

Financial Performance in 2013/14

External audit opinions

External Audit Opinions

How are we making a difference

How are we making a difference?

Croydon ccg annual general meeting

1. Adult Community ServicesDr Atif HasanGP Governing Body Member

What patients told us

What patients told us

I want to be supported as an individual with services specific to me

I want access to the best quality care available so I can live as I choose and live as independent a life as possible

I want to be supported by someone who has the training and specialist knowledge to understand both my health and social care needs

I want to be supported to manage my condition and experience better control and reduced complications

I want to stay healthy & active for as long as possible

How does it work

How does it work?

Case 1

  • Elderly couple were identified as requiring support by the GP and community matron – the husband had Parkinsons which suddenly deteriorated increasing his risk of falls.

Case Information

  • Joint visit by community matron and social worker to assess

  • Conversation with wife about how she is coping

  • Request for changes so the social worker liaised with colleagues to make the required changes

  • The social worker continued to work with the couple proactively

Rapid response

Rapid response

  • Reviewed by Community Matron and physiotherapist within 30min of referral

  • Admitted that day to Barrington Lodge

  • Remained in Barrington Lodge for 2 weeks where her analgesia was reviewed and she had rehabilitation.

  • Now at home with a minimal package of care

Case 2

  • Referral received from London Ambulance Service

  • 83yr old lady with right knee pain and stiffness. Unable to stand up from her chair.

  • Diagnosis: osteoarthritis right knee

  • LAS had received 6 calls in the last 2 weeks from the patient

Case Information

2 cardiology dr agatha nortley meshe clinical network leader for new addington selsdon

2. CardiologyDr Agatha NortleyMesheClinical Network Leader for New Addington/Selsdon

What patients told us1

What patients told us

I want to have more choice about my own care

There needs to be a mix of support including consultants, GPs and nurses

I don’t want to have to travel all the way to CUH for my appointment

I want to avoid having to be admitted into hospital as an emergency patient

Sometimes I just need advice and support to help deal with my condition

Croydon ccg annual general meeting

Over the next three years we expect about 40% of the patients currently being seen in a hospital out-patient setting will be seen in more convenient community based locations.

How does it work1

How does it work?

3 diabetes dipti gandhi brigstock and south norwood medical partnership

3. DiabetesDipti GandhiBrigstock and South Norwood Medical Partnership

What patients told us2

What patients told us

Why do I have to go into hospital all the time?

Services are disjointed and not joined up: I feel like I am being passed around from person to person

I can’t get access to the education programmes that I know I need, and am supposed to be able to attend

The doctors and nurses are great, but overall I think the care I get is of poor quality.

I feel as though I don’t have control over my own condition?

How does it work2

How does it work



Dr agnelo fernandes assistant clinical chair

Dr AgneloFernandes,Assistant Clinical Chair

Thank you

Thank you.

We value your involvement.

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