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THE CHIACCHIERE. INGREDIENTS. Ingredients: About 300 gr of flour 3 teaspoons of oil, 50 gr of sugar, 2 eggs, 3 teaspoons of white wine, a little salt, 3 teaspoon of limoncello, 1 grated lemon peel 100 gr of icing sugar Peanut oil.

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About 300 gr of flour3 teaspoons of oil,50 gr of sugar,2 eggs,3 teaspoons of white wine,a little salt,3 teaspoon of limoncello,1 grated lemon peel

100 gr of icing sugarPeanut oil

How-to;Put the flourlike a fountain and leave the eggs, the sugar, the oil, the gratedlemon’s peel and the salt. Start kneading and addslowly the wine and the limoncello.

Knead until you get an elastic and soft dough
Kneaduntilyougetanelastic and soft dough

Divide the dough in 4 littlepats; with the rollingspin spread a thinsheet. (or you can use a spreadingmachinelike the one in the picture)

By using a thoothed wheel cut some little strips
Byusing a thoothedwheel cut some littlestrips

Pour the oil into a high border pan and when it will be hot put the chiacchere in the pan gradually
Pour the oil into a high border pan and whenitwillbe hot, put the chiacchere in the pan gradually.

  • Whentheywillbegolden, take the chiacchiere out of the pan and letthem dry on some kitchenpaper.

When they will be cold sprew some icing sugar and enjoy them
Whentheywillbecoldsprew some icingsugar and enjoythem!



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