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Pre-State Allocation Board Meeting December 14, 2011

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Pre-State Allocation Board Meeting December 14, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-State Allocation Board Meeting December 14, 2011. Presented By. California Department of Education. School Facility Program Funds Available. New Construction Bond Authority. Propositions 1D, 55 & 47 New Construction Bond Authority - $14.908 billion (in millions). Agenda Highlights.

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Presentation Transcript

Pre-State Allocation Board MeetingDecember 14, 2011

Presented By

California Department of Education


New Construction Bond Authority

Propositions 1D, 55 & 47 New Construction Bond Authority - $14.908 billion

(in millions)

agenda highlights
Agenda Highlights
  • Priority Funding Apportionments
  • Overcrowding Relief Grant Program
  • Regulatory Amendments for Prevailing Wage Monitoring Requirements
priority funding apportionments6
Priority Funding Apportionments

The October 2011 General Obligation Bond sale provided $963.7 million for the School Facility Program.

priority funding apportionments7
Priority Funding Apportionments
  • OPSC Staff worked with the State Treasurer’s Office to identify the types of General Obligation Bonds sold and for which Propositions:
    • Tax Exempt Bonds
    • No Charter Loans
    • Taxable Bonds
  • Charter School Facilities Program (CSFP)
  • Advanced Fund Releases - $46.2 million
priority funding apportionments9
Priority Funding Apportionments

The Unfunded List as presented in each month’s Agenda.

priority funding apportionments10
Priority Funding Apportionments

The Unfunded List sorted by “Yes” certifications only.

priority funding apportionments11
Priority Funding Apportionments

The Unfunded List – Highlights indicated type of funding from which the Unfunded Approval was provided.

priority funding apportionments12
Priority Funding Apportionments

The Unfunded List – Highlights Proposition 47 projects receiving apportionments. (Attachment C)

priority funding apportionments13
Priority Funding Apportionments

The Unfunded List – Highlights Proposition 55 projects receiving apportionments. (Attachment D)

priority funding apportionments14
Priority Funding Apportionments

The Unfunded List – Highlights Proposition 1D projects receiving apportionments. (Attachment E)

priority funding apportionments15
Priority Funding Apportionments
  • December 2011 Apportionments:
    • $923.8 million for 377 projects in 154 school districts
    • School Districts will have 90 days to submit a complete Fund Release Authorization (Form SAB 50-05).
    • The Form SAB 50-05 must be physically received by the OPSC by the close of business on March 13, 2012.
pif important dates
PIF Important Dates
  • The new certification period starts January 11, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2012.
  • Please note that holidays and weekends are included in the 30 Day Period.
update the district representative
Update the District Representative
  • Check with your project manager to determine who is authorized to sign the certification and the Authorization for Fund Release (Form SAB 50-05).
  • Project Manager assignments:
update the district representative19
Update the District Representative
  • Fill out the top section
  • Section 1 of the Eligibility Determination (Form SAB 50-03)
  • Complete the bottom section of the Form SAB 50-03:
    • date of the school board meeting that designated the district representative
    • original signature
    • date
certification requirements
Certification Requirements
  • Name of School
  • OPSC Project Number
  • District Letterhead
  • Original Signature
certification requirements22
Certification Requirements
  • The District understands that the Time Limit on Fund Release shall be no more than 90 days from the date of Apportionment.
  • The District acknowledges that failure to submit a completed Fund Release Authorization (Form SAB 50-05) within the 90-day period will result in the project being rescinded without further Board action.
  • A rescinded application will revert back to an unfunded approval at the bottom of the unfunded list and can not be guaranteed bonding authority. The application will receive a new unfunded approval date equivalent to the due date of the Form SAB 50-05.
certification requirements23
Certification Requirements


In the case that multiple rescissions are made by the Board, each separate application will be placed at the bottom of the unfunded approvals list in the order of the original unfunded approval date. The District will not be required to re-submit the application and no further application review will be required.

The District acknowledges that by participating in the priority funding round, the District is waiving its right to a standard 18-month timeline for fund release submittal.

certification requirements24
Certification Requirements


  • District Representative’s phone number
  • Consultant’s Name and phone number
  • Alternate District Representative and phone number
certification requirements25
Certification Requirements

All certifications must be submitted to the following address:

Office of Public School Construction

Subject: Priority Funding Round

707 3rd Street

West Sacramento, California 95605

Monitor any mailed certifications by tracking the parcel and receiving delivery confirmation.


When submitting a PIF certification submittal package to OPSC, do the following:

  • Emails
  • Messages
  • Include all projects on one letter
  • Hand delivery goes to the Business Services office
  • Bring a copy as proof of submittal
don t

When submitting a PIF certification submittal package to OPSC, please do not include the following:

  • Copies
  • PDF documents
  • Individual letters for each project
fund release requirements
Fund Release Requirements

Know your project’s fund release requirements or special issues

  • Charter
  • Overcrowding Relief Grant (ORG)
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) Facilities
  • Financial Hardship
overcrowding relief grant31
Overcrowding Relief Grant


  • Eighth funding cycle
  • Approximately $419.5 million available
  • OPSC received 20 funding applications
  • 3 out of the 20 applications were returned to the districts
overcrowding relief grant32
Overcrowding Relief Grant
  • In the eighth cycle, there are 17 projects to fund for approximately $82 million if approved by the SAB
  • 202 portables to be replaced by permanent classrooms for this funding cycle
  • There would be a balance of approximately $336.5 million that will roll over to the ninth funding cycle
overcrowding relief grant33
Overcrowding Relief Grant


  • Applications for the ninth funding cycle are currently being accepted until January 31, 2012 close of business
  • If funds are available, the tenth funding cycle will open February 1, 2012 and will close on July 31, 2012
  • If there are still funds available, an item will presented to the Board on the balance of ORG funds for a decision to be made.
overcrowding relief grant34
Overcrowding Relief Grant

Tips for submitting an ORG funding application:

  • Make sure that your application includes ORG site(s) name(s); you can check for this information on the California Department of Education (CDE) website:
  • Make sure that when you submit your Application for Funding (Form SAB 50-04), the number of classrooms in line items 2i & 3 match
  • Make sure that the CDE letter reflects the ORG project; if revisions have occurred, please make sure that the letter is updated by CDE
  • Make sure if you are submitting a hybrid project (new construction and modernization) with ORG that you indicate so in your cover letter and that your plans also reflect the hybrid projects
overcrowding relief grant35
Overcrowding Relief Grant
  • Make sure your plans delineate whether the portables will be demolished or relocated. Terminology like “removal” can be a universal term. It can be used for relocating or demolition; always clarify.
  • If you are using other ORG sites, please provide an up-to-date site map to indicate which portables are being demolished or relocated from that site.
  • Make sure you have enough portables on the site you are using to be compliance with ORG School Facility Program Regulations.
overcrowding relief grant36
Overcrowding Relief Grant


  • The clearer the application, the faster we can process it.
regulatory amendments for prevailing wage monitoring requirements38
Regulatory Amendments for Prevailing Wage Monitoring Requirements
  • Applies to any SFP projects with a construction contract awarded after January 1, 2012, regardless of bond source.
  • Districts will notify the DIR when construction contracts are awarded.
  • DIR Compliance Monitoring Unit (CMU) to directly monitor projects for prevailing wage compliance EXCEPT for:
    • Districts that have a previously DIR approved LCP OR
    • Districts with a CBA that contains the criteria detailed in LC Section 1771.3(b)(3).
  • Districts will pay for any CMU services provided – not to exceed 0.25% of State bond proceeds.
regulatory amendments for prevailing wage monitoring requirements39
Regulatory Amendments for Prevailing Wage Monitoring Requirements

The proposed SFP Regulations would:

  • Provide a grant equal to the State share of 0.25% of State bond proceeds.
  • Require districts to enter the contract award date(s) on the SAB Form 50-04
  • Require districts to submit one of the following along with the Authorization for Fund Release (Form SAB 50-05):
    • DIR confirmation of the project notification OR
    • A copy of the project notification sent to DIR (Only Until July 1, 2012)
  • Districts that fail to comply with these provisions will be required to return the SFP funds with interest.
implementation committee update41
Implementation Committee Update

November & December Imp meetings

AB 436 (Solorio) Labor Compliance

Dept. of Industrial Relations Staff

Presented DIR Regulations under AB 436

Answered questions, heard District & OPSC comments

OPSC proposed regulations reviewed in depth

Developed implementation scenarios

Completed regulation package for Board approval

implementation committee update42
Implementation Committee Update

Next meeting: Friday, January 13, 2012 9:30am

SB 128 (Lowenthal) High Performance Criteria

Updates on AB 436 implementation

Minor regulation clean-up


Project Information Worksheet Online Custom Reports

  • Became available December 12, 2011.
  • Allows the public to access the entire PIW database online.
  • Custom report criteria
california department of education mission
California Department of Education Mission

California will provide a world-class education for all students, from early childhood to adulthood. The Department of Education serves our state by innovating and collaborating with educators, schools, parents, and community partners. Together, as a team, we prepare students to live, work, and thrive in a highly connected world.

Innovate Collaborate Serve Learn

green ribbon schools award pilot year overview
Green Ribbon Schools Award Pilot YearOverview

The U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools Award is intended to recognize those schools taking a comprehensive approach to greening their school.

A comprehensive approach incorporates and integrates environmental learning with maximizing positive environmental and health impacts.

The award criteria are intended to focus on measurable outcomes wherever possible.

green ribbon schools award pilot year overview57
Green Ribbon Schools Award Pilot YearOverview

Two-step process:

  • The first step is to complete and submit the application to be selected as a state nominee.
  • If the school is subsequently selected, the second step of the process is to provide additional information for the nominee package that will be forwarded to the U.S Department of Education (US ED).
green ribbon schools award pilot year overview58
Green Ribbon Schools Award Pilot Year Overview
  • Each state may submit up to four nominees to the US ED.
  • If submitting more than one public school, one must be a school with at least 40 percent of their students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • If submitting four nominees, one must be a private school.
  • The US ED may award up to 50 schools nationwide in the pilot year.
green ribbon schools award timeline
Green Ribbon Schools Award Timeline
  • September 29, 2011 US ED Announces Program;

SPI Torlakson Indicates CA to Participate

  • October 2011 CDE Interdepartmental Team

Established, Draft Application

and Scoring Rubric to meet

Federal Framework

  • November 2011 CA Agencies Meeting

CAPSO Meeting

green ribbon schools award timeline60
Green Ribbon Schools Award Timeline
  • December 2011 CA Stakeholder Meeting

Application Posted

  • February 17, 2012 Application due to CDE
  • March 22, 2012 Nominations due to US ED
  • April 2012 Earth Day Week – US ED Announces Winners
  • May 2012 US ED Hosts National Recognition Award Ceremony
green ribbon schools award pilot year overview61
Green Ribbon Schools Award Pilot Year Overview

Application reviews will be based on the applicant’s demonstrated progress toward the goals of each of the three ED-Green Ribbon School Pillars:

Pillar I: Net zero environmental impact

Pillar II: Net positive impact on the health and performance of students and staff

Pillar III: 100% of the school’s graduates are environmentally and sustainability literate

green ribbon schools award pillar i environmental impact and energy efficiency
Green Ribbon Schools Award Pillar IEnvironmental Impact and Energy Efficiency


A. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, using an energy audit or emissions inventory and reduction plan, cost effective energy efficiency improvements and on-site renewable energy and/or purchase of green power

B. Improved water quality, efficiency, and conservation

green ribbon schools award pillar i environmental impact and energy efficiency63
Green Ribbon Schools Award Pillar IEnvironmental Impact and Energy Efficiency


C. Reduction of solid waste production, through increased recycling, reduced consumption, and improved management, reduction, or elimination of hazardous waste systems

D. Expanded use of alternative transportation to, during, and from school, through active promotion of locally available options and implementation of enabling projects and policies

green ribbon schools award pillar ii healthy school environments
Green Ribbon Schools Award Pillar IIHealthy School Environments


A. An integrated school environmental health program based on an operations and facility-wide environmental management system that considers student and staff health and safety in all practices related to design, construction, renovation, operations, and maintenance of school grounds

B. High standards of nutrition, fitness, and quantity of quality outdoor time for both students and staff

green ribbon schools award pillar iii environmental and sustainable education
Green Ribbon Schools Award Pillar IIIEnvironmental and Sustainable Education


Interdisciplinary learning about the key relationships between dynamic environmental, energy, and human systems

Use of the environment and sustainability to develop STEM content knowledge and thinking skills to prepare graduates for the 21st century technology-driven economy

Development of civic engagement knowledge and skills, and students’ application of these to address sustainability and environmental issues in their community

green ribbon schools award scoring rubric
Green Ribbon Schools Award Scoring Rubric
  • Pillar I: Weight 30 Percent

Element 3A: 15 points

Element 3B: 5 points

Element 3C: 5 points

Element 3D: 5 points

30 points

  • Pillar II: Weight 30 Percent

Element 2A: 15 points

Element 2B: 15 points

30 points

  • Pillar III: Weight 35 Percent

Element 1A: 20 points

Element 1B: 5 points

Element 1C: 10 points

35 points

  • Cross Cutting: Weight 5 Percent
  • Total: 100 points
green ribbon schools award program
Green Ribbon Schools Award Program

Future Website Address:

seismic mitigation program
Seismic Mitigation Program

Applications Received (as of 12-1-2011):

PHASE 1: Verification of Eligibility

  • 8 school districts
  • 66 buildings
  • 47 concurrence letters issued
new publication
New Publication

Bulletin 11-08 (to be released)

Occupant Load Determination and Posting in Assembly Occupancies

  • Clarify responsibilities
  • Outline process for changing maximum occupant loads