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PWG Update Report By Ernie Podraza of Reliant Energy ERCOT PWG Chair for RMS Meeting

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PWG Update Report By Ernie Podraza of Reliant Energy ERCOT PWG Chair for RMS Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PWG Update Report By Ernie Podraza of Reliant Energy ERCOT PWG Chair for RMS Meeting April 14, 2004. PRR Draft - Twelve month window for Non-IDR Scaling . Update Reports: ERCOT Load Research – PR30014 Project Timeline. Annual Validation of Profile Type.

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Presentation Transcript
PWG Update Report


Ernie Podraza

of Reliant Energy



RMS Meeting

April 14, 2004


PRR Draft - Twelve month window for Non-IDR Scaling .

  • Update Reports:
    • ERCOT Load Research – PR30014 Project Timeline.
    • Annual Validation of Profile Type.
    • Protocols Section 18.6.5, Future IDRs Impact Analysis.
    • Oil and gas properties profile change request.
    • Gas/Convenience 24 hr Stores profile change request.
    • PRR471 for NIDR to IDR Default Profile.
    • PRR478/LPGRR2003-004 – Lagged Dynamic for new profile.
    • PRR479 IDR Optional Removal Threshold
    • Direct Load Control (DLC) Project Status, PRR484 Protocols Section 6.
    • PRR488 Weather Responsiveness Determination.
    • PRR494 Revise Forecasted Load Profile Post time.
    • Next PWG Meetings 4/27 and every fourth Tuesday March through October.

PRR draft - Twelve month window for Non-IDR ScalingNIDR default settlement process improvements.

  • PWG reviewed 7/30/03.
  • NIDR default profile settlement routine was discussed at the 9/30 and 10/22 PWG meetings. ERCOT to review possible options with the current software.
  • PRR draft discussed at PWG 12/4 meeting, and reviewed on 1/28.
  • ERCOT staff to provide supporting data for the PRR draft before final PWG approval and sending to RMS.
  • PWG reviewed ERCOT supporting data on 2/26. ERCOT to summarize the findings. PWG shall review for final approval on 3/23/04. NOTE LESS THAN 1% OF THE ESIIDS ARE BEING SETTLED ON DEFAULT NIDR PROFILES.
  • At the 3/23/04 PWG, the consensus was to monitor the decrease in population of ESIIDs. ERCOT Project 30135, Load Estimation for Settlement, targets early June for release of reports on the number of ESIIDs defaulting to scalar of 1.0. There are currently about 19,000 ESIIDs affected at final settlement.
  • In addition, the PWG did support a draft PRR to change the settlement procedure to look back 12 months for proxy data instead of the current 6 month period. The PRR shall be presented to RMS on 4/14/04.

PWG requests RMS approval of the PRR draft,

”Twelve month window for Non-IDR Scaling”


ERCOT Load Research – PR30014 Project

  • 10/23/03 Kickoff meeting with TDSPs.
  • 11/06/03 Second TDSP coordinating meeting.
  • TDSPs have agreed to use ebXML, FTP Replacement for sample data transfer in .LS format.
  • 11/26/03 CR Survey due.
  • 12/05/03 CR coordinating meeting.
  • 2/9/04 Load Research meeting was held.
  • 3/12/04 Conference call was held.
  • 3/22/04 Load Research meeting was held.
  • Sample Selection to TDSPs: Delayed due to outlier data issues. Due end of March.
  • Revised estimated sample selection acceptance by TDSPs: pending outlier issues.
  • Estimated complete IDR sample meter installation: 6 months post sample selection acceptance by TDSPs. Estimated completion end of September 2004.
  • See ERCOT Report for the RMS meeting for the latest timeline and current status.

Annual Validation of Profile Type.

  • PWG on 1/28 discussed the annual validation of profile type process.
  • PWG discussed extensively on 2/26 lessons learned from 2003.
  • Sample set of ESIID’s current usage was used to predict how many profile changes may occur during the 2004 Annual Validation. Results indicate substantially less migration, 11% Residential and 7% Business.
  • ERCOT to perform additional analysis based on many good suggestions from the PWG.
  • CNP and ERCOT staff to investigate the possible changes needed for ERCOT to assume profile id assignment responsibility from the TDSPs.
  • PWG completed on 3/23/04 discussion of issues. CNP and ERCOT to formulate a plan of action for PWG review.

Protocols Section 18.6.5, Future IDRs Impact Analysis.

    • Per 8/19/03 PWG meeting discussions began on compliance to Section 18.6.5.
    • 18.6.5    Future Requirements for IDRs
    • ERCOT and the appropriate ERCOT TAC subcommittee shall evaluate the impact of the IDR Requirement as defined in this Section for possible revision prior to the introduction of competitive metering services to the market on January 1, 2004.
    • ERCOT staff is working on comparing current IDR premises below 1000 KW versus if the premise had been on a NIDR profile as the basis of the impact study.
    • At 10/22 and 11/05 PWG meetings, part of the impact report was presented comparing current IDRs below 1000 kW as if they had been NIDR. Remaining analysis is on schedule.
    • Outline of final analysis was reviewed at the 12/4 PWG meeting.
    • ERCOT staff began issuing the report to the PWG on 12/31/03.
    • Analysis discussed at both PWG meetings in January 2004.
    • PWG supports ERCOT to continue suggested recommendations for further analysis.
    • Estimated completion by mid May for additional analysis on recommendations 1 and 2 in the report;
      • Extend the mandatory installation analysis to a lower level (at least to 200 kW).
      • Repeat the analysis taking into consideration the impact on UFE by modifying the IDR installation and removal thresholds, and incorporating the impact of UFE allocation on the calculation of settlement cost errors.
      • Other recommended analysis requires the load research sample data.

Oil and gas properties profile change request

    • Submitted to ERCOT 3/6/03 by Pioneer Natural Resources, Priority Power Management, and Energy Data Source .
    • ERCOT to post to WEB.
    • Argument is that the aggregate profile is a very high load factor profile, close to flat.
    • ERCOT is to evaluate and submit recommendation to PWG.
    • May test the new PUCT Rule 25516 for reimbursement.
    • ERCOT shall post the methodology request to the Market Information System (MIS) and respond to the request within sixty (60) days of the posted date of the request. This period does not include the time to analyze and render the complete assessment of the request.
    • “ERCOT withholds a decision on making a recommendation on whether to adopt or to deny adoption of the suggested profile change; instead ERCOT finds the request, as submitted, is incomplete and deficient. The requestors are invited to address the incompleteness and deficiencies listed below and re-submit the request for further review.”
    • Per 6/19 PWG meeting, a straw-man in development for changes to the profile change request process and to allow lagged dynamic samples. PRR drafts to be reviewed at the 9/30 and 10/1 PWG meetings.
    • ERCOT staff has submitted a load research sample design to the requestor for approval.
    • PWG submitted to RMS on 11/13, PRR and LPGRR for added validation of profile change requests and lagged dynamic samples.
    • Requestor has concerns there are little CR interest in the profile.
    • Two of the Three Requestors have withdrawn from this request.
    • Sample design is being revisited using new MBSS tools.

Gas/Convenience 24 hr Stores Profile Change Request

    • Submitted to ERCOT by Coral Energy.
    • ERCOT staff is discussing a load research sample design with the requestor.
    • Requestor has supplied 600 of an expected 1000 ESIIDs for sample design.

PRR471 for NIDR to IDR Default Profile

  • RMS approved 9/26/2003.
  • PRS issued to market 10/09/2003 requesting a vote on urgency, comments due 10/22.
  • PRS to review 10/23.
  • To TAC 1/8/04.
  • Board approved 1/21.
  • Pending implementation into ERCOT systems.

PRR478 for Use of Lagged Dynamic Samples for New Load Profiles

  • Approved by RMS 11/13.
  • PRS reviewed 12/18/03.
  • To TAC 2/5/04.
  • Board Approved 2/17.
  • Implementation in conjunction with the Load Research Project and DLC.

PRR479 on IDR Optional Removal Threshold

  • RMS requested PWG review Sara Ferris’s IDR Removal draft PRR on 9/26/2003.
  • PWG on 10/01 wrote a new draft.
  • PWG reviewed the threshold value amount and discussed the PRR language on 10/22.
  • PWG Chair sent a status report to the RMS exploder on 10/27.
  • PWG met on 11/05 to prepare a recommendation for RMS.
  • PWG shall submit final recommended PRR to RMS on 11/13 with voting motions where the PWG is divided.
  • RMS edited the PRR on 11/13 and has submitted to PRS.
  • PRS reviewed 1/23/04 and approved with ERCOT comments.
  • TAC March 4 remanded back to PRS.

Direct Load Control (DLC) Project Status

  • PRR 385 Section 18 is complete with Board Approval 5/20/03.
  • LPGRR2003-001 is attached to PRR385, approved by TAC 7/02, reviewed by Board, and the LPG is updated).
  • ERCOT Schedule is pending, Project Manager assigned.
  • ERCOT and some Market Participants question priority going forward.
  • Memo, on Project 26359 on Competitive Metering, May 8, 2003, by Commissioner Perlman suggests that wires companies need to develop a rate structure that provides strong incentives for demand responsiveness by charging different rates during high load periods.
  • PRR388 and PRR400 does not completely cover DLC issues.
  • PRR Section 6 Language for DLC is written for a PRR.
  • DSWG submitted Section 6 PRR484 to PRS on 12/19/03.
    • On 1/23/04 PRS approved both the suggested changes and urgent status.
    • To TAC 2/5/04
    • Board approved 2/17.
  • ERCOT status meeting on 1/21 to assess project priority and CR interest.
  • On 2/2/04 PUCT requested ERCOT to proceed with DLC project.
  • DLC implementation session was held on 2/27/04. CR needed by March 15 for 2004 Beta test.
  • No CR found of the Beta Test. Project on indefinite hold.

PRR 488 Weather Responsiveness Determination

  • PRR draft has been written and introduced at the 12/4 PWG mtg.
  • RMS approved in January.
  • PRS approved 2/20.
  • To TAC April 8.

PRR494 Revise Forecasted Load Profile Post time

  • On 1/28 the PWG was requested by ERCOT Staff for support of a market participant’s request to move the ERCOT posting of the ERCOT Profile Daily Forecasts from 6 AM to 5 AM. Protocols requires only 10 AM. ERCOT Staff indicated minimal system impact to posting forecasts at 5 AM in addition to the current 6 AM posting.
  • On 2/18 the PWG requested support of RMS for the following statement; "The PWG supports ERCOT to post forecasted load profiles at 5 AM."
  • Cirro submitted PRR 494. The SIR to change the schedule for posting forecasted profiles to an hour earlier shall be included in the next release of Lodestar.
  • PRS reviewed 3/26/04 and remanded back to the PWG. PWG shall review 4/27.