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Alternate Assessment Highlights. Terryl Swejk February 13, 2013. February 25 th to March 29 th. Test Administration Window. Key Differences. Key Differences . AASCD Assignment by Grade.

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Terryl Swejk

February 13, 2013

Test administration window

February 25th


March 29th

Test Administration Window

How is the aascd administered

  • The AASCD is administered in a one-on-one setting, with Test Administrators reading a script to administer tasks.

  • The administration of AASCD per student is approximately 4 hours. Breaks are permitted based on student need and circumstances.

    • Pictures, graphics and symbols are provided for nearly all of the tasks.

  • The Test Administrator uses a rubric to score the student’s performance.

How Is the AASCD Administered?

Important information

  • All staff who administer the AASCD must attend training

  • Only district staff with ODE certification, licensure or permit are permitted to administer the test

  • Test materials received by districts must be considered secure just as OAA and OGT materials are

  • Teachers need to be familiar with Extended Standards and need to use them as the basis for classroom instruction

  • Teachers can use test format during instruction

Important Information



  • The new AASCD will have a distribution of scores comparable to the general assessments and will be able to show student growth.

Contact information
Contact Information above. 95% of those scored accelerated and advanced. This produced no usable measure of student performance nor growth.

Andrew Hinkle

Office for Exceptional Children

[email protected]

(614) 466-0223

Chris Wnoroski, SST-9

[email protected]

Terryl Swejk, SST-9

[email protected]