Wp12 innovative rf technologies eucard 2 steering committee daresbury laboratory 19 mar 2014
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WP12: Innovative RF Technologies EUCARD-2 Steering Committee Daresbury Laboratory, 19 Mar 2014 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WP12: Innovative RF Technologies EUCARD-2 Steering Committee Daresbury Laboratory, 19 Mar 2014. Co-ordinators: Peter McIntosh (STFC Daresbury Laboratory) Nicoleta Baboi (DESY) Juliette Plouin (CEA). Task 12.1 Management & Coordination (P McIntosh – STFC).

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WP12: Innovative RF Technologies EUCARD-2 Steering Committee Daresbury Laboratory, 19 Mar 2014

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WP12: Innovative RF TechnologiesEUCARD-2 Steering CommitteeDaresbury Laboratory, 19 Mar 2014


Peter McIntosh (STFC Daresbury Laboratory)

Nicoleta Baboi (DESY)

Juliette Plouin (CEA)

Task 12.1 Management & Coordination (P McIntosh – STFC)

  • WP12 Annual Review being arranged:

    • 16-17 April 2014 @ CEA Saclay

    • https://indico.cern.ch/event/301619/

  • Milestones:

    • MS73, Commissioning of the SAPI for operation with metal photocathodes, STFC, Completed

    • MS74, Design concept RF front end, PSI, Under Preparation, Due M12

    • MS75, Investigation of quantum yield and energy spectrum of the electrons, emitted from the metal photocathode surface in SAPI, STFC, Due M18

  • Deliverables for M18:

    • D12.1, Deposition test facilities implemented and verified at CERN and INPG, CERN.

    • D12.2,Initial progress report of task 12.3, CERN.

    • D12.3,Design of electronics for XFEL HOM diagnostics, DESY.

    • D12.4,Scientific report on photocathode R&D, STFC.

Task 12.2 Thin Films (C Antoine – CEA)

ALD @ INP Grenoble

  • Progress since May 2013 will be presented at the April WP12 meeting

CEA Saclay

  • Modification of the magnetometer underway

    INP Grenoble

  • ALD deposition set-up delivered

  • CVD deposited NbNsamples have been characterized.


  • Sample study ongoing w. Sheffield U. to study biased HIPIMS

    HZB Berlin

  • Quadrupole resonator close to final fabrication (presently BCP at JLAB)

  • Design of a special sample holder for small flat sample underway

Task 12.3 High Gradient NC (W Wuensch – CERN)


CEA Saclay – Post-doc hired, begins in April.

Lancaster – Two PDRAs hired, began in January

PSI – Post-doc hired, began in November

Upcoming deliverables:

D12.2 Initial progress report M18 – dedicated effort to begin in four months or so.

Technical progress highlights:

PSI has made initial beam-based measurements and evaluated optical components.

Lancaster has tuned crab-cavity.

CEA Saclay has made preliminary particle studio simulations of klystron.

Overall assessment

Lengthy process of finding and hiring means that real momentum on technical work is just beginning. Nonetheless all work plans have been studied in sufficient detail to allow technical work to start.

Task 12.4: HOM Beam Diagnostics (R Jones – UMAN)

  • Aim: HOM-based beam phase and position diagnostics for the E-XFEL SC cavities(1.3 and 3.9 GHz)

  • Experimental work:

    • HOM Measurements at FLASH to study stability of signals, correlation to detuning(1.3 GHz cavities)

    • Design of electronics for 1.3 and 3.9 GHz electronics for the E-XFEL on going

    • Recently FNAL electronics commissioning: 3.9 GHz cavities/FLASH

  • Staffing:

    • 1 UMAN Ph.D. student, L. Shi, based at DESY since Aug. 2013 participating in measurements and working closely with N. Baboi

    • 1 UROS Ph.D. student, T. Flisgen, focused on complete module simulation and implications of fabrication and measurement errors via customised codes

    • 1 PDRA Dr. P. Jain, based at Manchester since April 2013 focused on module and HOM beam-excitation simulations. He has also spent 1 week at DESY participating in experiments

WP 12.5 RF Photocathodes

UHV Arc Deposition

Ion Bombardment

Rod Plasma Injection


  • Study high brightness PCs, with high average current, SRF gun integration processes.

    • Diamond Amplifier Cathode (DAC) and Diamond Field Emitter Array (DFEA) photocathodes.

  • FEsystem setup to study PC materials and substrates. DFEA PCs currently being evaluated.

    DESY and NCBJ

  • SRF gun cavity tested at DESY/Jlab upto cathode field of 55 MV/m. Improved Pb PC plug cooling incorporated.

  • New Pb PC diagnostic being prepared at NCBJ.


  • New metal PC preparation/analysis system commissioned, provides Spectroscopy, AFM, work function and QE characterisation.

  • MS74 details system and its commissioning.


  • New SRF gun to be installed on ELBE in May 14.

  • 4 x Nb plugs polished and will be Pb coated by NCBJ.

Milestones and Deliverables due up to M12 (30.04.2014)

Summary on Communication

Scientific papers submitted relevant to the project

Attended events (with EuCARD-2 presentation)

Summary on Communication - 2

  • Upcoming events (workshops, meetings, etc.)

  • Potential topics/results for Accelerating News

    • Performance breakthrough for SRF thin film, utilising multi-layer, high Tc technologies.

    • Breakdown free performance capability demonstrated for >100MV/m NC RF structures.

    • High performance beam position diagnostic demonstrated for XFEL.

    • High performance (intensity, emittance) photocathodes demonstrated for SRF and NC applications.

WP12 Website

WP12 website can be found here: http://www.cockcroft.ac.uk/events/WP12/

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