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SCCU. ervice. S. C. enter. for. C. redit. U. nions, Inc. Genesis. Who are we?. 1971 to 1982 offered bookkeeping services out of home office SCCU Organized in 1982 Provides Data Processing & Bookkeeping Services to Credit Unions Once involved – I was hooked

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nions, Inc.


Who are we?

  • 1971 to 1982 offered bookkeeping services out of home office

  • SCCU Organized in 1982

  • Provides Data Processing & Bookkeeping Services to Credit Unions

  • Once involved – I was hooked

  • Joni Brown – Owner and President

  • 2 Full-Time Employees

  • 5 Part-Time Employees



  • Offer affordable services to smaller credit unions

  • Keep smaller credit unions going

  • Slow down the liquidations and mergers

  • Educate the movement that there is a place for smaller credit unions

  • Being small doesn’t mean unprofitable or unsuccessful


  • On-Line General Ledger

  • Interest on Loans and Dividend Calculations

  • Weekly Trial Balances

  • Printed Statements

  • Credit Checks and Reporting

  • Loan Documents

  • Bank Reconcilements

  • Monthly Reports

  • Budgets

  • Allowance for Loan Loss Calculations

  • Assistance with Writing Policies

Full Services

5 Credit Unions use

SCCU as their office

  • All transactions handled by SCCU

  • Members call for information on their account

  • Members request withdrawal checks and loan applications

  • Loans are approved by various Credit Committees and/or Loan Officers

  • Loans disbursed by SCCU

  • Quarterly Statements prepared by SCCU and distributed to members via U.S. Mail or Inter-Office Distribution at each of the Credit Union’s sponsored locations

  • Marketing Materials are prepared and distributed by SCCU

  • Prepare Board Packets

  • Attend Monthly Board Meetings upon request

  • Credit Unions are kept up-to-date with important regulation changes



13 Credit Unions use the Partial Services of SCCU

  • Services include but not limited to:

  • Data Processing, Balancing of Daily and Monthly Work

  • Bank Reconcilements

  • Credit Reports

  • Loan Documents

  • Policy Updates and Changes

  • Each credit union has their own office to conduct business

  • Each credit union is provided with services tailored to fit their exact needs

By the Numbers

  • Service 18 Credit Unions networked to the Share One System

  • Service 6 Credit Unions on an “As Needed Basis”

  • Service 38 Credit Unions with Credit Reports


18 Network CU’s 7,495 $22,215,440.93 as of 3/31/13

6 As Needed CU’s 5,964 $28,315,218.00 as of 6/30/12


  • Target small Credit Unions with $10,000,000 and under in assets. These Credit Unions cannot afford full-time staff. SCCU offers services that they need.

  • Credit Unions with over $10,000,000 in assets do not need most of the services SCCU offers.

  • Geographically – Cover Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware Counties

  • Have recently expanded service to Credit Unions in New Jersey


  • Word of Mouth is SCCU’s most successful marketing tool. Regulators and Trade Associations have recommended our services.

  • Therefore most of the credit unions have approached SCCU. In the beginning SCCU did marketing via personal letters and contacted credit unions directly.

Sccu saves money for smaller credit unions
SCCU Saves Money for Smaller Credit Unions

  • Generic Forms

  • Vouchers

  • Envelopes

  • Credit Bureau Reports

  • Note and Disclosures

  • Insurance – Disability & Life

  • Statements/Forms

  • Loan Applications

  • Tax Reporting

Overhead cost spread out among all credit unions
Overhead Cost Spread Out Among all Credit Unions

  • Office Staff

  • Rent

  • Utilities – Phone and Electric

  • Office Supplies

  • Computer Equipment


  • Main office located outside Philadelphia in Bucks County.

  • Credit Unions that use us as an office are located within a reasonable distance.

  • Branch opened in northeast Philadelphia shared with a larger credit union.

  • However, several credit unions have membership throughout Delaware Valley. These members transact their business via telephone and mail.


  • In some cases SCCU e-mails the files to credit unions and/or download files via the internet.

  • Terminal Service Remote Internet Access has been added. 11 credit unions are presently taking advantage of this option.

Biggest Challenges?


Part of SCCU’s success can be attributed to low employee turnover.

When looking, remember.

  • Potential employees may not have Credit Union experience

  • But must be dedicated and interested in helping others

  • And Willing to Learn

  • 1 full time person has been with SCCU since start of operation

  • 1 part time person has been with SCCU over 10 years