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Stretch Your Technology Budget: . Using Web-based Resources in Literacy Programs. Patsy Gibbs Reading First Coach Madison Parish Schools. Karol Osborne Extension Agent 4-H Youth Development. Juanita Johnson Professor 4-H Youth Development. What this Computer Lab Offers.

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Stretch Your Technology Budget:

Using Web-based Resources in Literacy Programs

Patsy Gibbs

Reading First Coach

Madison Parish Schools

Karol Osborne

Extension Agent

4-H Youth Development

Juanita Johnson


4-H Youth Development

What this computer lab offers l.jpg
What this Computer Lab Offers

  • Access to Free Resources, Information, and Materials

    • Annotated links to the “best-of-the-best” Web sites that provide information on research-based reading literacy strategies

    • Lesson plans

    • Online student tutorials

    • Help for parents

    • Online Professional Development

Tour of web based resources via scenarios l.jpg
Tour” of Web-based Resources via Scenarios

Topic: Reading Literacy

● Scenario #1: Lesson Plans● Scenario #2: Computer-based Projects

●Scenario #3: Online Books● Scenario #4:“The Arts” ● Scenario #6: Professional Development

Scenario 1 lesson plans l.jpg
Scenario # 1: Lesson Plans

  • Research clearly indicates that the effective use of technology can result in higher levels of learning.

  • You are looking for ready-made templates and lesson plans for elementary students.

  • Awesome Library: Organizes the Web with 35,000 carefully reviewed resources.

  • Go to:

Slide5 l.jpg

Awesome Library:

Additional lessons on fluency l.jpg

Fluency is the ability to read text with speed, accuracy, and proper expression. 

Fluent readers:

Recognize words automatically

Read aloud effortlessly and with expression

Do not have to concentrate on decoding

Can focus on comprehension

To locate lessons: Go to the Harlan Community School District of Harlan, Iowa’s Web site.

Additional lessons on Fluency

Go to:

Click on word lists and high frequency phrases l.jpg
Click on: and proper expression.  Word Lists and High Frequency Phrases

Click on the links on the page to open a PowerPoint presentation of word lists or high frequency phrases. There is a ‘beginner’ and ‘advanced’ levels.

Word Lists

High Frequency Phrases

Slide8 l.jpg

Go to: and proper expression.

Slide9 l.jpg

Scenario # 2: Computer Projects and proper expression. 

  • Researchers consistently find that tools for youth to create computer-generated projects helps to build motivation.

  • You are looking for web-based software.

  • Go to:

Scenario 3 online books l.jpg
Scenario # 3: Online Books and proper expression. 

  • A teacher is looking for varied reading materials to meet the needs of parents in a youth and family literacy program.

  • Unfortunately, she has no budget for purchasing books.

  • Someone suggested using online books.

  • Where can she find recommendations?

Go to starfall com l.jpg
Go to: and proper expression. 

  • First, she would go to:

  • Second, she should click on ‘I’m Reading.’

  • Starfall is primarily designed for first grade students, but materials are also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade.

Slide13 l.jpg and proper expression. 

For additional activities go to scholastic http www scholastic com ispy play l.jpg
For additional activities, go to: Scholastic and proper expression.

  • I Spy is a series of books, software, puzzles, and games for children. It combines intriguing photographs of familiar-object with rich rhyming riddles to create visual brain-teasing puzzles.

  • The activities focus on clever object associations, word play, and themes that help children build important learning skills, including reading, problem solving, and creativity.

I Spy

Scenario 4 the arts l.jpg
Scenario # 4: “The Arts” and proper expression. 

  • A team of parents are concerned about their children’s poor reading comprehension, particularly the performance of struggling students.

  • They have been reading about the powerful role the arts can play in promoting learning.

  • What they find most intriguing are strategies for infusing arts and crafts and multimedia into literacy instruction.

  • Where can they go to find some good ideas to launch their program ideas?

Go to crayola com l.jpg
Go to: and proper expression. 

  • First, go to:

  • Second, then go to the section, “Coloring Pages.”

  • Third, then begin to search through the sections:

    • Parents

    • Teachers

    • Craft Ideas

Slide17 l.jpg and proper expression. 

For additional arts activities go to tammyyee com l.jpg
For additional “Arts” activities, go to: and proper expression.

Origami Projects:

Paper folding projects

from your favorite books!

Slide19 l.jpg and proper expression. 

For additional arts activities go to sedl formerly the southwest educational development laboratory l.jpg
For additional “Arts” activities… and proper expression.  go to: SEDL (formerly the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)


  • The toolkit includes promising practices and sample lessons in:

    • Arts

    • Reading Literacy

    • Math

    • Science

    • Technology

    • Homework

Scenario 5 professional development l.jpg
Scenario # 5: Professional Development and proper expression. 

  • A 4-H volunteer leader needs more information on how to organize a literacy program.

  • Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time to go and take a class at the local university.

  • He considers the possibility of taking an online course.

  • Where can he find online, free training on literacy programming?

Go to thinkfinity http www thinkfinity org pd request training aspx l.jpg
Go to: Thinkfinity and proper expression.

Slide24 l.jpg

What Is Thinkfinity? and proper expression. is a Web site that contains thousands of free lesson plans and student materials for every core subject, designed by the leading educational organizations in the United States.

  • A partnership between the Verizon Foundationand the nation’s leading educational and literacy organizations

  • 55,000+ FREE education and literacy resources

  • FREE professional development

Slide25 l.jpg

Thinkfinity’s Content Partners and proper expression. 

Dissemination l.jpg
Dissemination and proper expression. 

  • Who will you tell about this Computer Lab?

  • Why?

  • When and how?

Contact information l.jpg
Contact information: and proper expression. 

Patsy Gibbs

Reading First Coach

Madison Parish Schools

[email protected]

Karol Osborne

Extension Agent

4-H Youth Development

LSU AgCenter

Madison Parish

[email protected]

Juanita Johnson


LSU AgCenter

Department of 4-H Youth Development

[email protected]