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Russia. Scandinavia. RUSSIAN HISTORY. 800 A.D. Vikings began settling in Russia. They were often called the “ Rus ” people. Why is most of the Russian Population on the European continent?. The Russian population spread from the Scandinavian Peninsula.

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800 A.D. Vikings began settling in Russia. They were often called the “Rus” people.

Why is most of the russian population on the european continent l.jpg
Why is most of the Russian Population on the European continent?

  • The Russian population spread from the Scandinavian Peninsula.

  • Siberia (Asian side of Russia) is very cold. Life there is very difficult.

  • Better access to the rest of Europe.

  • Better access to water for sea travel/trade.

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Russian History continent?

  • 988 Vladimir I brings Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

  • Ivan IV (the terrible)

    • At age 3 Ivan’s uncles challenged the throne and where all killed by Ivan’s mother. Five years later his mother was poisoned.

    • Named Grand Duke/ Prince at 8 years old

      • Boyar’s (noble class that controlled both lands and armies) could manipulate Ivan so they would have the power.

      • Ivan was always worried about being killed.

    • 1546 Ivan named himself Czar (Tsar) from the Roman word for emperor “Caesar” (about 16 years old)

    • Good – Architecture (Onion Domes)

    • Bad – Killed son, removed eyes, paranoid

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IVAN IV continent?

(the Terrible)

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Russian History Cont. continent?

  • Peter the Great (First Emperor)

    • Spent childhood as joint leader.

      • Grow up with children of Nobility and Common status

      • Fascinated with anything military as a child

    • After becoming Emperor he still spent much of his time in Europe often in disguise, learning as much as he could.

    • 1694 Peter became the Emperor of Russia.

    • Made Nobles cut off their beards and dress more European.

    • Good – Expanded the Russian Empire, Modernized the country and the military, added a navy, simplified the alphabet and calendar, moved capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg (near Baltic Sea).

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PETER continent?


Catherine the great l.jpg
Catherine the Great continent?

  • German chosen by Queen Elizabeth (Peter’s daughter)

  • 1762 became Empress of Russia .

  • Continued to reform and modernized Russia

  • Was known for her foreign policy and lavish palace construction.

  • (One for Winter and Summer)

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Russian History continent?

  • 1812 Napoleon (France) invaded Russia.

    • Russia burnt Moscow to the ground and Napoleon knew he was defeated?

Bolshevik revolution l.jpg
Bolshevik Revolution continent?

  • 1914-1918 WWI (Great Depression)

    • 1917-1918 Bolshevik Revolution

      • Karl Marx “Communist Manifesto” (1848)

    • Vladimir Lenin became first communist leader

Romanov royal family l.jpg
Romanov continent?Royal Family

Bolshevik Propaganda

October 25, 1917


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Russian History continent?

  • WWII – Started in 1939 when Hitler broke the Warsaw Pact.

    • Hitler invaded Russia 1941-1945

    • Joseph Stalin – most ruthless of all Russians

    • Russia, Britain, and U.S. were Allied Powers

  • Cold War Begins with the United States – 1945

    • 1949 Soviets gain nuclear power

    • Arms Race between U.S. and U.S.S.R.

    • October 1957 launch Sputnik

    • Containment (Korean War/Vietnam War)

    • 1961 first man in space

  • 1991 Communism Falls

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Yuri Gagarin continent?

April 1961

First man in space

First in Space

October 4, 1957

Launching of SPUTNIK

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Celebration of East Berlin Wall being torn down

Nov. 9, 1989


Post communism l.jpg
Post Communism continent?

  • USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) lasted from 1917-1991.

  • Countries formed out of U.S.S.R.

    • -Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

  • Orthodox Christianity restored

  • Increased Crime

  • Unemployment increases

  • Today there are more billionaires than any other country. What does that mean for the poor population?