Nested layouts in fusebox 3
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RSA - IRF | International Road Federation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nested Layouts in Fusebox 3. John Quarto-vonTivadar FutureNow, Inc. [email protected] A little knowledge goes a long way. Magellan traveled around the world just to end up where he started. With our books, he could have really gone somewhere. Key FB3 features.

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Nested layouts in fusebox 3 l.jpg
Nested Layouts in Fusebox 3

John Quarto-vonTivadar

FutureNow, Inc.

[email protected]

Slide2 l.jpg

A little knowledge goes a long way.

Magellan traveled around the world just to end up where he started.

With our books, he could have really gone somewhere.

Key fb3 features l.jpg
Key FB3 features

  • Nested circuit model

  • Nested layout model

  • Fusedoc: XML-based documentation

  • Exit Fuseactions (XFAs)

  • Stablized core file and skeletal supporting files for easy fusebox generation

  • Exposed corefile API

Fusebox component files l.jpg
Fusebox component files

  • Fbx_settings.cfm

  • Fbx_circuits.cfm

  • Fbx_switch.cfm

  • Fbx_layouts.cfm

  • Fbx_savecontent.cfm

  • Fbx_fusebox30_CFxx.cfm

Slide5 l.jpg

Small books for big minds.

Gulliver traveled all the way to Lilliput.

With our books, he could have just stayed put.

Nested circuits l.jpg
Nested Circuits

  • Allows communication between circuits to make reuse and distributed development easier

  • Standardization of FB3 allows any FB3 app to work with any other FB3 app

  • A fuseaction in a different circuit is refered to like “Circuit.Fuseaction”

Effective use of nested layouts l.jpg
Effective Use of Nested Layouts

  • Cusp between content and content delivery

  • FB3 comes with “colored layouts” app

  • Visual concepts: “russian doll” and “wrapping a birthday present”

Ideas to keep in mind l.jpg
Ideas to Keep in Mind

  • Less is More!!

  • Most web apps can be handled with 1 or 2 layout layers

  • divorce layout from content

  • prove causal relationships between changes in content v. layout affects visitors’ decision patterns

Slide10 l.jpg

The spice road of knowledge.

Marco Polo walked all the way to China for plain pasta.

With our saucy books, he discovered Mare Nara.

Too much of a good thing l.jpg
Too much of a Good Thing?

  • the human brain has a hard time handling “embedded” sentences

  • “the man left the room”

  • “the man the woman spoke to left the room”

  • “the man the woman the child kissed spoke to left the room”

Also remember l.jpg
Also remember

  • Don’t make architecture decisions based on layout (a key sign that you’ve over-analyzed, too soon)

  • A graphic designer is not a GUI designer; don’t confuse the two!

  • Graphical elements are the most fleeting page elements: get it done and move on.

Slide13 l.jpg

Mental manna.

The Donner party starved for knowledge.

Our books provide an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Planning your layouts approach l.jpg
Planning your Layouts approach

  • Every project has unique layout issues even when they use the same layout ideas

  • The same project can have two or more equally effective layout plans. Pick one and move on!

  • most decisions about layout are already implicitly complete by the time prototype is done

Psychology of online browsing and web usability l.jpg
Psychology of Online Browsing and Web Usability

  • Least used area of a web site: primary nav

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type-based delivery of content

  • “Accidental Magic” by Roy Williams

  • “Guide to Web Analytics” (FutureNow)

  • “12 step recovery process to e-commerce sobriety” article series at

Useful resources l.jpg
Useful Resources

  • Book: “Don’t Make Me Think”, “Information Anxiety 2”

  • Free Newsletter : “” plain English treatment of effective visitor conversion

  • “Speaking Geek”Article Series:

Slide17 l.jpg

Batteries for your mind.

Dr. Livingstone presumed to venture to deepest, darkest Africa.

Good thing our books have built-in flashlights.

New fusebox 3 book l.jpg
New Fusebox 3 book

  • “Code Rutters: Discovering Fusebox”

  • Covers all of FB3 compactly

  • Lets you ease into FB3 from scratch or transition from FB2

  • Available late May 2002

  • Sign up here for advance email notice

Upcoming fb3 training l.jpg
Upcoming FB3 training

  • Intensive 4-day training class in Vancouver, Boston, Munich.

  • Taught by Hal Helms and John Quarto-vonTivadar

  • Covers all of FB3, plus XFB concepts, introduces applied layout v. content concepts to drive site conversion ratio

  • Includes pre-coding (development phase) training

Fusebox future l.jpg
Fusebox future

  • New fusebox governing body to manage change and define specifications

  • New fusebox improvements available privately that extend Fusebox but still meet the official specs

  • Techspedition “core” file uses the FuseQ for Model-View-Controller, bubbling exception handling, Flushing output, fuse-based layouts, and the kitchen sink

  • Released at CF-North in Toronto, May 4-5