Health  Safety at Work act etc 1974

Health Safety at Work act etc 1974 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Health Safety at Work act etc 1974

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Presentation Transcript

1. Health & Safety at Work act etc 1974

3. Domino Theory

4. Compensation Amounts

5. Reducing the risk of component failure

6. Factors that affect perception

7. Gaining Workforce Commitment

8. Accident Interview Techniques

9. Benefits of staying with HSG65

10. Consideration when developing an audit program

11. Benefits of OHSAS18001

12. Benefits of Integrated Management Systems

13. Benefits of separate management systems

14. Multiple causation

15. HSWA 74 & Disabled person considerations

16. Disability discrimination act 1995

17. Vicarious Liability

18. Near miss systems

19. Purpose and Benefits of Near Miss Data

20. Design of controls

21. Design of Displays

22. Characteristics Of A Positive Safety Culture

23. Strategic role of H&S profession

24. Employer responsible for negligent act of contract vicarious liability

25. Requirement of Reg7 MHSR1999

26. Typical client / contract for work carried out

27. Limitations of measuring H&S performance by accidents / incidents

28. Contracts


30. Why a PTW system may not be used

31. Reasons to establish effective consultation with employees

38. Consideration For Emergency Planning Including COMAH Site Identification of roles and responsibilities of key individuals in the planning stage e.g. technical support, engineers, safety advisors, key managers Consider the quantities involved e.g. flammables stored Provision of information to local authorities Possible causes of major incident e.g. fire in flammable tank farm Estimating the likely extent of damage e.g. dispersion analysis of a gas release/explosion Staff and equipment required to control the incident/minimise impact, call out arrangements Setting up of an incident control team Resources needed to deal with incident e.g. specialists Raising the alarm both on site and off Evacuation for both site and nearby residents/shelter arrangements Training for staff in emergency plans arrangements Action to minimize extent e.g. shutting of service Search and rescue arrangements Notification of emergency services and HSE Control and management on site including roles and responsibilities for emergencies incident team Provision of information for emergency service e.g. location of hazards and potential impact Control of spillages/pollution, toxicity/flammability and possible adverse effects Clean up/decontamination procedures Dealing with the press Consultation with emergency services e.g. technical advice Emergency plan testing arrangements Establishing control centres Site plans information Business continuity

40. European Law Regulations Apply directly in member states Go straight into member law If conflict with National law European prevails Rarely used Directives Can be applied to all members or individual members Lay down objectives what achievement is required Directives have to be implemented by member states. Decisions Can be made by Council or commission Biding upon those they address Main use is to allow a member state to depart from a requirement of a EU treaty

41. Articles of Treaty of Rome Article 95 Intended to remove barriers to trade/ensure unrestricted movement and sale Harmonised product standards E.g. Machinery Directive Article 137 Setting of minimum standards of health and safety Harmonisation and improvement of workplace health and safety standards E.g. Frame work directive 6 pack

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