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Freeswitch in a Commercial Carrier Enviornment PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Freeswitch in a Commercial Carrier Enviornment. Cluecon August 2009. Arnie Goodstein - CEO. WCGS is a Hosted switch services Company that offers specialized switching solutions for wholesale Telecommunications Carriers and Prepaid Calling card Companies

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Freeswitch in a Commercial Carrier Enviornment

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Freeswitch in a Commercial Carrier Enviornment

Cluecon August 2009

Arnie Goodstein - CEO

  • WCGS is a Hosted switch services Company that offers specialized

  • switching solutions for wholesale Telecommunications Carriers and

  • Prepaid Calling card Companies

  • WE currently switch in excess of 300 Million minutes per month for

  • our customers

  • Most of our switching has traditionally been TDM switching, but as we

  • All know, the world has gone VOIP and so has WCGS

  • Over the past 5 years our network has changed from 80 percent TDM

  • To 80 percent VOIP


Sales of TDM EQUIPMENT 2006 - 2013

Industry wide transition to VOIP

Source: IDC 2008

  • Requirements we had for a switch

  • Flexibility

  • Scalability

  • Carrier Grade

  • Cost effective

  • Ability to easily Merge with our billing system

  • Ability to function as an SBC

  • Ability to provide Class 4 Carrier services

  • Ability to provide Class 5 Carrier services

The Quest to find a Voip Switch

  • Believe it or not, we actually considered a number of

  • Commercial solutions .

  • After going through the pros and Cons of each solution we decided

  • to go Open Source and decided on Freeswitch.

  • When we considered the commercial alternatives we

  • found the following CONS:

    • Higher initial Cost to implement.

    • Less Flexibility.

    • In some cases closed or partially closed architecture.

    • High support Cost.

    • Pay by the feature mentality.

    • Lack of ability to meet all of our needs which are constantly

  • changing.

  • Commercial Solution or Open Source ?

    • Open Source Pro’s

    • Obviously Cost, however deploying and Maintaining open Source is

    • not Free.

    • Ability to mold a system into anything you want it to be.

    • In our case, we have integrated Freeswitch with our own custom

    • LCR Logic which provides for quality based LCR and gives us the

    • ability to do percentage based routing.

    • We have also completely integrated Freeswitch and the

    • Bat 1000 billing system to provide carrier billing, automated

    • shutdown based upon prepaid balances , carrier reconciliation

    • and rate management.

    Commercial Solutions or Open Source ?

    Bat 1000 Billing

    Ser Proxy

    GiG ethernet switches


    All Freeswitch Boxes are 8 core 3 Gig Xenon with with 8 Gig of Ram

    Equipped with Dual Power Supply and DRAC Cards

    Redundant Hardware

    TSS 4000 – Freeswitch CALL MONITOR

    TSS 4000 – Freeswitch GATEWAY STATS

    TSS 4000 – Freeswitch CUSTOMER STATS

    Data by Customer







    Percentage Routing

    Routing Schedule Stats

    Bat 1000 Billing integration with Freeswitch

    Rate Loading

    Carrier Auto Shutdown

    Bat 1000 – Freeswitch Detailed Carrier Billing

    Bat 1000 Freeswitch - P/L

    Bat 1000 - Freeswitch Carrier Reconciliation

    • Freeswitch is not only suitable, but is ideal for a carrier environment.

    • It Provides complete flexibility in implementation and functionality.

    • Can be configured in a standalone system which is highly reliable or

    • can be run in a cluster environment which provides additional

    • Redundancy and scalability.

    • Can easily be integrated with any billing system.

    • World Class software support, better than most traditional companies.

    • Will allow you to meet your future needs in a rapidly

    • evolving and ever changing industry.


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