Freeswitch in a commercial carrier enviornment
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Freeswitch in a Commercial Carrier Enviornment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Freeswitch in a Commercial Carrier Enviornment . Cluecon August 2009. Arnie Goodstein - CEO. WCGS is a Hosted switch services Company that offers specialized switching solutions for wholesale Telecommunications Carriers and Prepaid Calling card Companies

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Freeswitch in a commercial carrier enviornment l.jpg

Freeswitch in a Commercial Carrier Enviornment

Cluecon August 2009

Arnie Goodstein - CEO

Background l.jpg

  • WCGS is a Hosted switch services Company that offers specialized

  • switching solutions for wholesale Telecommunications Carriers and

  • Prepaid Calling card Companies

  • WE currently switch in excess of 300 Million minutes per month for

  • our customers

  • Most of our switching has traditionally been TDM switching, but as we

  • All know, the world has gone VOIP and so has WCGS

  • Over the past 5 years our network has changed from 80 percent TDM

  • To 80 percent VOIP


Industry wide transition to voip l.jpg

Sales of TDM EQUIPMENT 2006 - 2013 specialized

Industry wide transition to VOIP

Source: IDC 2008

The quest to find a voip switch l.jpg

  • Requirements we had for a switch specialized

  • Flexibility

  • Scalability

  • Carrier Grade

  • Cost effective

  • Ability to easily Merge with our billing system

  • Ability to function as an SBC

  • Ability to provide Class 4 Carrier services

  • Ability to provide Class 5 Carrier services

The Quest to find a Voip Switch

Commercial solution or open source l.jpg

  • Believe it or not, we actually considered a number of specialized

  • Commercial solutions .

  • After going through the pros and Cons of each solution we decided

  • to go Open Source and decided on Freeswitch.

  • When we considered the commercial alternatives we

  • found the following CONS:

    • Higher initial Cost to implement.

    • Less Flexibility.

    • In some cases closed or partially closed architecture.

    • High support Cost.

    • Pay by the feature mentality.

    • Lack of ability to meet all of our needs which are constantly

  • changing.

  • Commercial Solution or Open Source ?

    Commercial solutions or open source l.jpg

    • Open Source Pro’s specialized

    • Obviously Cost, however deploying and Maintaining open Source is

    • not Free.

    • Ability to mold a system into anything you want it to be.

    • In our case, we have integrated Freeswitch with our own custom

    • LCR Logic which provides for quality based LCR and gives us the

    • ability to do percentage based routing.

    • We have also completely integrated Freeswitch and the

    • Bat 1000 billing system to provide carrier billing, automated

    • shutdown based upon prepaid balances , carrier reconciliation

    • and rate management.

    Commercial Solutions or Open Source ?

    Redundant hardware l.jpg

    Bat 1000 Billing specialized

    Ser Proxy

    GiG ethernet switches


    All Freeswitch Boxes are 8 core 3 Gig Xenon with with 8 Gig of Ram

    Equipped with Dual Power Supply and DRAC Cards

    Redundant Hardware

    Slide10 l.jpg

    TSS 4000 – Freeswitch CUSTOMER STATS specialized

    Data by Customer

    Creating customers l.jpg
    CREATING CUSTOMERS specialized

    Outbound carriers l.jpg
    OUTBOUND CARRIERS specialized

    Access list control l.jpg
    ACCESS LIST CONTROL specialized

    Switch ip profile l.jpg
    SWITCH IP PROFILE specialized

    Percentage routing l.jpg
    Percentage Routing specialized

    Rate loading l.jpg
    Rate Loading specialized

    Bat 1000 freeswitch detailed carrier billing l.jpg
    Bat 1000 – Freeswitch Detailed specialized Carrier Billing

    Summary l.jpg

    • Freeswitch is not only suitable, but is ideal for a carrier environment.

    • It Provides complete flexibility in implementation and functionality.

    • Can be configured in a standalone system which is highly reliable or

    • can be run in a cluster environment which provides additional

    • Redundancy and scalability.

    • Can easily be integrated with any billing system.

    • World Class software support, better than most traditional companies.

    • Will allow you to meet your future needs in a rapidly

    • evolving and ever changing industry.