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Country Report from Taiwan on Open Source Software. Dr. Der-Tsai Lee Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica Asian Open Source Software Symposium March 3-6, 2003 Phuket, Thailand. Outline. Current Status of OSS Development in Taiwan Applications of OSS Technology

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Country Report from Taiwan on Open Source Software

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Country report from taiwan on open source software l.jpg

Country Report from Taiwanon Open Source Software

Dr. Der-Tsai LeeInstitute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

Asian Open Source Software Symposium

March 3-6, 2003

Phuket, Thailand

Outline l.jpg


  • Current Status of OSS Development in Taiwan

  • Applications of OSS Technology

  • National Strategy on OSS

  • Government-funded OSS-related Projects

  • Conclusion


Oss in taiwan a brief overview l.jpg

OSS in Taiwan: A Brief Overview

  • Free software was first noticed in university campuses in Taiwan a decade ago when the GNU utilities started to spread out on the Unix-like workstations.

  • The community awareness of OSS was gradually formed later.


Watershed events of oss in taiwan l.jpg

Watershed events of OSS in Taiwan

  • The creation of the Chinese Linux Extension (CLE) project in 1997

    • the most referenced Linux environment in Taiwan

    • a cohesive point for the community.

  • Wide range of tryouts of free software

  • Tightening of IPR law in May 2002

    • Media and legislator’s attention to free software


Industrial utilization of oss in taiwan l.jpg

Industrial Utilization of OSS in Taiwan

  • Industry started catching up OSS activities in 1998-1999.

    • Linux-oriented companies established.

    • The first Linux exhibition in Taiwan was held in year 2000.

    • Now mostly dived into the embedded system, 3 Linux PDAs were shown in LinuxExpo 2002.

    • Many hardware companies have products with Linux device driver.


Oss community in taiwan l.jpg

OSS Community in Taiwan

  • Software Liberty Association of Taiwan (SLAT)

    • an NPO Founded in 2001, dedicated to promoting OSS and serving the free software communities.

    • Holds annual International Conference on Open Source (ICOS) and many other community-oriented events.

  • Various Active User Groups


Slide7 l.jpg

Chronology of Major Eventson OSS in Taiwan


Drawn by T.-C. Liu

Applications of oss technology industry l.jpg

Applications of OSS Technology - Industry

  • Servers (for web, e-mail, ... etc)

  • Network products (router, Quality of Service device, load-balancing device, firewall, ... etc)

  • PDAs (including software development kit based on WinCE, Qt embedded or Gtk)

  • Appliances (digital VCR, ... etc)


Applications of oss technology community l.jpg

Applications of OSS Technology - Community

  • Desktop:

    • Internationalization/localization(i18n/l10n) of packages

    • Font management tools

    • CD-ROM linux (knoppix and alike)

    • ... etc

  • Web framework:

    • Zope/CMF/Plone, Perl/Python/PHP, i18n/l10n framework, blog, ... etc


Oss role among sectors in taiwan l.jpg

OSS Role among Sectors in Taiwan

Drawn by T,-C. Liu, based on the Chinese version of P.Yeh and C.-K.Hung


National strategy on oss l.jpg

National Strategy on OSS

  • Build an environment for free software industry development

    • Cultivate expertise and advanced technologies

    • Chinese IT applications: establish interface standards and develop fundamental software

    • Promote free software exchange

    • QoS measurement mechanism

    • Promote nation-wide utilization of free software

    • Free software as an alternative based on free competition principle under Government Procurement Act


Government funded oss related projects 2 l.jpg

Government-funded OSS-related Projects 2

  • Government formed a Linux promotion task force in 2001.

  • Approx. NT$20M was funded for linux research and open source for science education in 2002 (National Science Council)

  • Grants for technological research indirectly related to Linux reached NT$60M in 2002

  • Promotion of open source in K-9 schools started in 2002.


Government funded oss related projects 1 l.jpg

Government-funded OSS-related Projects 1

  • A Free Software Steering Committee is formed within NICI

  • A Free Software Working Committee is formed under MoEAIDB

  • Several projects are under discussion and review for FY2003.

    • Open source software foundry

    • Compatibility test center

    • Demonstration projects

    • Open source standards development

    • … etc


Open source software foundry l.jpg

Open Source Software Foundry

  • A bridge among government, industry, community and academia.

  • Focus on building an infrastructure for open source development.

    • A foundry similar to for local developers to interact in local languages.

    • Provide technical, operational and legal assistance

    • National repository of e-government related projects

  • strive to help government with procurement of open source solutions/services, and help industry find proficient open source personnel

  • Lead by Academia Sinica.


Slide15 l.jpg

OSSF Network



-national lab -university








-standards groups -service nexus -IA


Oss compatibility test center l.jpg

OSS Compatibility Test Center

  • Provide standardized tests on open source software compatibility on hardware

  • Strive to leverage with OSS the strong and diverse hardware industry in Taiwan

  • Lead by Taipei Computer Association


Conclusion l.jpg


  • Taiwanese OSS development in historical perspective

  • Form a cross-governmental unit to strengthen OSS development in Taiwan

  • Set up localized OSS foundry to interact with different sectors

  • Leverage with local IA industry


Thank you l.jpg

Thank You!

Contact Info: Der-Tsai Lee

IIS, Academia Sinica, Taiwan


Open Source Software Foundry <>


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