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Approaches to System Development. Chapter 3. Methodologies, Models, Tools and Techniques. A system development methodology –provides guidelines to follow for completing every activity in the systems development life cycle.

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Methodologies models tools and techniques l.jpg
Methodologies, Models, Tools and Techniques

  • A system development methodology –provides guidelines to follow for completing every activity in the systems development life cycle.

  • A model is a representation of some important aspect of the real world

    some models used in system development

    --Flowchart, DFD, ERD, Structure charts

    Use case diagrams, class diagrams, seq.


    some models used to manage the development process

    --PERT charts, Gantt chart organ. Hierarchy chart

    --Financial analysis models –NPV, ROI

Tools l.jpg

  • A tool is software support that helps create models or other components required in the project.

    -smart editors, C-S help, debugging tools

    CASE (Computer-Aided System Engineering)

    Tools -- Help the analyst create the important

    system models.

Techniques l.jpg

  • A technique is a collection of guidelines that help an analyst complete a system development activity.

    Some Techniques

    OO analysis

    Data Modeling

    Relational database design

    Structured analysis and design


Two approaches to system development l.jpg
Two approaches to System Development

  • Structured system development

    Information Engineering (IE) is a popular

    variation to structured development

  • Structured Analysis and Design Technique (SADT) – developed in the 1060’s was the first attempt to provide guidelines to improve the quality of software.

  • Top down programming– divides more complex programs into a hierarchy of program modules.

  • Structure design –

  • Structure Charts-

  • Structured analysis-

  • Data flow diagrams (DFD) –

  • Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)

The object oriented approach l.jpg
The Object Oriented Approach

  • OO approach – view an information system

    as a collection of interacting objects

    that work together to accomplish tasks

  • Object – a component in the computer system that can respond to messages.

  • OO design –defining all of the types of objects necessary to communicate with people and devices in the system and refining the definition of each type of object so it can be implemented with a specific language or environment

  • OO Programming –Writing statements in a programming language to define what each type of object does, including the messages that objects send and receive.