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E-business in SME’s

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E-business in SME’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-business in SME’s. TILLVÄXTVERKET, STOCKHOLM OCTOBER 5th 2009 IT Pilot – Project for E-business in Norrbotten Outinen’s Potatoes – EDI was the solution The TBN-method on a national basis. IT Pilot. Electronic business processing in clusters

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E-business in SME’s


IT Pilot – Project for E-business in Norrbotten

Outinen’s Potatoes – EDI was the solution

The TBN-method on a national basis


IT Pilot

Electronic business processing in clusters

The aim of this project is to explore different kinds of IT solutions to improve both internal and external business processes in a certain number of enterprises in Norrbotten.

These enterprises come from different industries, by the support from IUC Norrbotten they have been able to strengthen their positions in the market place.

Many of these companies participated earlier in projects run by Nutek and the regional council in Norrbotten


Kiruna Wagon

A syndicate of 3 engineering companies working on LKAB:s new ore wagons. A new IT-system was established to be able to coordinate technical drawings, specifications, production support, deliveries and also to improve traceability and quality assurance.



Eight small carpentries in Norrbotten working together with an innovating marketing company and well known designers to develop their products to reach a larger market.


Fax and phone replaced by the web

Increased supplier requirements:

Delivery precision

Handling more and more information

Several suppliers involved in every order

Handling order changes

Administration needs

Giving the customer correct delivery information

Handling supplier invoices

The solution:

An IT system to support order handling, logistics and production collaboration.

Also meeting the need to keep valid information and all reporting gathered in one place.


Web based order system (Möbelskaparna)

Furniture store

Order status

S&B Nord


Webb based system


Order summary


Manufacturer A

Manufacturer B

Manufacturer C


EPN Partners

Export platform in Norrbotten

A network with around 20 niche enterprises, working towards the European Base and Process industry. This is a platform for communication, including a customer data base functioning as sales support. Prospective customers can use the network to find the specific resources needed.


Englunds Hus

Five companies working in the house production and component construction areas.

The goal is to make cooperation easier and find common business opportunities through coordination of software and technical platforms.

They use a common web based interface for handling documents, and for communication/information.



A cooperation cluster within the electronic industry in Norr- and Västerbotten.

IT is being used to run growth activities in the electronic business throughout the region. This works as a platform for communication to get a close cooperation in between and together with the strategic important universities/institutes to be able to secure continuous development of high tech products in the region.


Matproducenterna i Norr

34 enterprises operating in the food industry are planning a common IT portal using internet to reach new customers and new markets in Sweden. The goal is also to coordinate future transports and business systems.


Karl-Johan Outinen

Problems and possibilities

EDI is the solution


EDI-commerce used directly towards the wholesalers, mainly ICA, and for marketing purpose.

  • EDI used for competitive advantages
  • New business opportunities
  • More efficient logistic solutions
  • Time efficient
  • Completely and automatically integrated in the supplier business system
  • No need for van-companies (value added network)

IUC Norrbotten

IUC Norrbotten AB is a regional development centre for small and medium-sized enterprises in engineering and manufacturing industry, wood industry, electronics/IT industry and emerging industries.


– a method for growth analysis

IUC Databas TBN – from personal meetings to pinpointed activities.

Creates an overview which earlier was missing in this area.

TBN started as a project in Norrbotten and now has become a tool used on a national basis.


The Methodology

The methodology is based on surveys of the actual needs, then analyses of these needs and finally we set action plans for the private companies. We arrange meetings on a particular theme or topic. We run seminars, projects and work together with the companies to develop clusters in business and trade.


The action plan

  • builds on the companies’ growth plans. Together with partners, we help the companies with:
  • Export efforts
  • Improved marketing and sales
  • Product development and design
  • Improved production/logistics (Lean Production)
  • Constant improvements and added participation in IT efforts, e-business etc.
  • Establishing business networks and other clusters
  • Programs for business development
  • Alternation of generations programs

A unique tool helping every company to develop under their own conditions


The company present their top 3 needs.


The company’s approval


Information input via browser

Personal meetings

Development meetings

Facts, Strategic issues






Data/facts can be sorted and presented in a flexible way


Common needs

Individual prioritizes

Changes over time


Basic data for decision-making by responsible key persons


Basic data for decision-making

  • Web based interface
  • Companies\' priorities for growth
  • Common needs can be analyzed
  • Arguments for decisions
  • A source for statistics

Who can make use of the TBN-method?

  • Public authorities who are working with industry development.
  • Universities/institutes
  • Foundations
  • With the TBN-method, these authorities can have updated information of the companies \'status, this will make it easier for them to pinpoint the real needs.

Efficient collaboration makes it easier for small and middle sized enterprises to achieve common goals.

The tool, TBN Database, makes the process efficient.