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Company Set Up. CompanySelect DefaultInternational FormatsSpecification Sets. Administrative Set Up. Organization InformationRegistration KeysSystem PreferencesEdit OptionsUser Preferences. General Information. Functions are similar to ExcelRows and Columns are set up independently and can b

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1. INTRODUCTION TO FRx For Dynamics User Group Prepared by Leona Russell

2. Company Set Up Company Select Default International Formats Specification Sets

3. Administrative Set Up Organization Information Registration Keys System Preferences Edit Options User Preferences

4. General Information Functions are similar to Excel Rows and Columns are set up independently and can be mixed and matched when creating a Catalog. You can save an existing Row or Column under another name and then modify as necessary without starting from scratch.

5. SETTING UP A ROW Row Code Automatically numbered in FRx. Can be renumbered if you run out of room. Select Edit and then Renumber Rows. Provide Starting Row Code and Increment Rows by information as requested. To insert additional Rows or delete a Row or group of Rows, click on the shaded blocks to the left of the Row Code # you wish to edit. Go to Edit and select Delete Row or Insert Row, as applies.

6. SETTING UP A ROW (Cont.) Description Type in the descriptions for each Row as you would like them to appear on the report. Print Style/Size/Type can be changed using the font drop down box. If you cant find what you need, select Format, Font Styles and create your own! Fmt Code Allows you to select a format code for each Row. Should be left BLANK when the Row is pulling data from the G/L. Use TOT for total lines and DESC for row headers. If these format codes are not selected, the Total or Description will NOT print.

7. SETTING UP A ROW (Cont.) Related Rows/Units Typically used to specify formulas for Total Row lines. I have also used it for Beginning Cash Balance data on the Cash Flow Statement. (example follows) Normal Balance If account has a normal Credit Balance, put a C in this column. Otherwise, leave it BLANK.

8. SETTING UP A ROW (Cont.) Print Ctrl Options attached I have typically used it for Rows that I do not want to print. (NP) One situation is when your formula in the Link to G/L section is lengthy. FRx will only accept a limited number of characters. To still make it work, set up multiple rows for the same row heading. Make them all non-printing. Then set up a Total Row which sums up all of the non-printing rows to print to your report! Cash Flow Beginning Balance as discussed above.

9. SETTING UP A ROW (Cont.) Column (Ive never used this one!) Link to General Ledger Used to specify an account or range of accounts you want to pull from the G/L for a particular line. Select drop down arrow or double click on field to be edited.

10. SETTING UP A ROW (Cont.) Select the following: Operation (+/-) Full Account (Yes or No) From Range or Individual Account You can use question marks (?) as part of your range. To Range (if applicable) The From & To Ranges have drop down boxes. You can click on them to see the range of accounts you have selected. Account Modifier (If applicable; I have only used for Cash Flow Rows.)

11. COLUMN SET UP-General Column A is typically the Description Column. All other columns can be used for reporting periods as needed. There are two sections in the column set up: Column Headers Column Detail

12. COLUMN HEADER SET UP Click on the drop down box to set up the Header for each Column. (see attached for options) There is a maximum of 20 Header Rows.

13. COLUMN DETAIL SET UP TYPE (G/L, CALC, DESC, etc.) (see attached) Actual or Budget (if Budget, specify Budget ID) Fiscal Year (Base, Base +/- #, #) Period Code (Base, Base +/- #, 1 to Base, #, # to #) Current Per/YTD (CUR, YTD, CUR/BB (beginning of period balance), YTD/BB (beginning of year balance) Calc Formula (e.g. used for a variance column)

14. COLUMN DETAIL SET UP (Cont.) Column Width (to change the defaulting column width) Extra Spaces Before Column (I ran into problems with blank columns in Ver. 5. Use this in lieu of inserting blank columns.) Special Format Mask (number formats; see attached)

15. COLUMN DETAIL SET UP (Cont.) Print Control (see attached options) To provide restrictions for printing columns To change the sign in a CALC column for variances when the normal balance of a Row=CR Column Restrictions (see attached) Reporting Unit (FRx Tree Another session!)

16. COLUMN DETAIL SET UP (Cont.) Currency Code (for international reporting) Currency Display (FUNCT) Account Filter Start Date Never used! End Date Justification (Left, Center, Right)

17. CATALOG OF REPORTS Catalog ID/Description Detail Level Financial Report Account Only Financial & Account Transaction Only Financial & Transaction

18. CATALOG OF REPORTS (Cont.) Provisional Use Posted Balances Only Posted & Unposted Activity Include Unposted Activity Only Report Date Defaults to latest completed month Can Edit (see attached) Rebuild FRx G/L Indexes here!

19. CATALOG OF REPORTS (Cont.) Building Blocks Used to select Row & Column formats Used to select Reporting Tree Option Output Specify where to print (e.g. printer, drill down viewer or export in various formats) Provide file name if exporting or sending to drill down viewer Option to prompt for output type at run time

20. CATALOG OF REPORTS (Cont.) Page Options Margins Orientation Scaling Default Font Style Report Options Formatting Acct/Tran Detail See Options Tree Options on Attached Advanced

21. CATALOG OF REPORTS (Cont.) GENERATE REPORT This button must be used to print the report. Selecting File/Print or the picture of the printer will only print a report which shows the set up of the report, not the report itself!

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