Windows powershell remoting definitely not just for servers
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Windows PowerShell Remoting : Definitely NOT Just for Servers PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WCL321. Windows PowerShell Remoting : Definitely NOT Just for Servers. Don Jones Senior Partner and Principal Technologist Concentrated Technology, LLC. Agenda. Why Remoting ? The Many Forms of Remote Control WinRM / WS-MAN: The Enabling Technology Enabling and Configuring Remoting

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Windows PowerShell Remoting : Definitely NOT Just for Servers

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Windows PowerShell Remoting:Definitely NOT Just for Servers

Don Jones

Senior Partner and Principal Technologist

Concentrated Technology, LLC


  • Why Remoting?

  • The Many Forms of Remote Control

  • WinRM / WS-MAN: The Enabling Technology

  • Enabling and Configuring Remoting

  • 1-to-1 Remoting

  • 1-to-Many Remoting and Deserialized Objects

  • Background Jobs

  • Sessions, Session Options, and More

  • Implicit Remoting

  • Demo-Heavy Session!

Why Remoting?

  • Strategic way to move from single-machine management to multi-machine management

  • Usable on client and server computers

  • Available for Windows XP and later (with Windows PowerShell v2 installed); installed by default on Windows 7 and later (not enabled)

  • Many different modes of use

The Many Forms of Remote Control

  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

    • Utilizes RPCs for communications

    • Primarily for retrieving management info

  • A –computername parameter

    • E.g., Get-Service and Get-Process

    • Utilizes underlying technology for communications

    • Available on only a few cmdlets

  • PowerShell Remoting

    • Generic, good for all commands

    • Utilizes WinRM / WS-MAN for communications

    • “The New Standard”

WinRM and WS-MAN

  • WS-MAN is the protocol

  • WinRM is the implementing service

  • WSMAN: drive in PowerShell exposes configuration

  • Easy to set up in a domain environment; a bit tricky in a non-domain environment

    • Help about_remote_troubleshooting

  • WinRM is a “traffic director;” must register endpoints that will receive WinRM traffic

    • Any given app can register multiple endpoints

    • WinRM traffic occurs over HTTP by default (not port 80)


  • WinRM can be a complex beast to troubleshoot

  • During the demo we’ll also look at the PSDiagnostics module and how you can gather detailed troubleshooting / diagnostic information on WinRM activities


  • Remote connections are logged as a Network Login – like accessing a client’s C$ share

  • Activity within the shell itself is not captured to a log

    • Difficult to fake out because profiles don’t run under a remote connection

    • Pretty much requires you to trust your trusted Administrators

  • Only open to admins by default

  • GPO settings provide some nice options


  • Windows XP*, Windows Vista*, Windows 7

  • Windows Server 2003*, Windows Server 2008*, Windows Server 2008 R2

  • .NET Framework v2 (v3.51 is good, having v4 installed is fine also)

  • *Must install Management Framework Core; see Q968930

Client-Specific Applications

  • Troubleshooting (TroubleshootingPack module on Windows 7 and beyond)

  • File, folder, and registry management

  • Collecting inventory (more efficient than pure WMI)

  • Anything that might otherwise require a manual visit

  • We’ll see all of these demonstrated in a moment!

It’s All Demo From Here

  • Let’s spend some time working with WinRM and remoting

  • Please raise any questions as we go!

Remoting: All There is to Know


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