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A New Era in Medical Science
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A New Era in Medical Science. Problem? Lack of New Technology. Infectious Bacteria Dominates the News. Antibiotic Limitations (Well-Documented). Blood Cells. Harmful Microbes. Biofilm. Necrotic (Dead) Tissue. Inflammatory Cells. BIOBURDEN. BIOBURDEN. Our Objective.

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A New Era in Medical Science

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A new era in medical science

A New Era in Medical Science

Infectious bacteria dominates the news

Problem? Lack of New Technology

Infectious Bacteria Dominates the News

Antibiotic Limitations


A new era in medical science







(Dead) Tissue





Our objective

Our Objective

Provide clinicians with the most powerful safe and effective topical decontaminant for debriding/sealing oral and skin infectious tissues

A new era in medical science

Desiccation Shock Technology (DST)

Bioburden is dependent on water to survive

Desiccation Shock Technology

Proprietary formulation produces an electrostatic charge that instantly attracts water

A Simplified Understanding How DST Works

Removing water selectively eradicates any bioburden

Dst offers new choices

DST Offers New Choices

  • Side-Effects

  • Bacterial Resistance

  • Higher Cost

  • Longer to Act

  • Limited Effectiveness

  • Drug Class

  • Toxic

  • Limited Inventories


  • No Side Effects

  • No Bacterial Resistance

  • Low Cost

  • Acts in Seconds

  • Also Effective Against All Forms of Viruses and Fungi

  • Device Class Worldwide

  • Non-Toxic

  • Ample Availability


Photomicrograph infected tissue surface

Photomicrograph: Infected Tissue Surface

All living surface organisms (good or bad) survive because of the availability of water (in yellow)


(infected tissue)

Healthy Tissue

Photomicrograph proving the difference

Photomicrograph: Proving the Difference

A new era in medical science


  • Dentists, Periodontists and Hygienists

    • Peri-implnatitis, periodontal disease (gum disease) and infection control (Prophy)

  • Dermatologists/Doctors/Nurses

    • Skin diseases, rashes, acne, athlete’s foot and viruses

  • Cosmetologist's

    • Exfoliation

  • Veterinarians

    • Oral diseases, teeth cleaning, stomatitis and compromised skin conditions (hot spots)

  • Hospitals/Clinics

    • Cleaning catheters, surgical rinses

A new era in medical science

  • Objective

  • Accomplished

    • PerioPH a powerful topical desiccant, designed to instantly strip away water from tissue surfaces.

    • In seconds, biofilm/bioburden is disrupted, all micro-organisms are destroyed, infected tissue is repaired, sealed and healing is accelerated.

A new era in medical science

Desiccation Shock Technology


  • Over 8 Million Human Treatments

  • No Adverse Events

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