The voyage of the mayflower
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The Voyage of the Mayflower. Open Court Reading Unit 6 Lesson 2 Word Knowledge and Vocabulary. Word Knowledge Grade 4, Unit 6 – Lesson 2. Hyperlink here to slide 9 for vocabulary words!. These words contain the ending -ly Line 1:safelysuddenlycarefully freshly All the words are adverbs

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The Voyage of the Mayflower

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The Voyage of the Mayflower

Open Court Reading

Unit 6 Lesson 2 Word Knowledge and Vocabulary

Word KnowledgeGrade 4, Unit 6 – Lesson 2

Hyperlink here to slide 9 for vocabulary words!

These words contain the ending -ly

Line 1:safelysuddenlycarefullyfreshly

All the words are adverbs

These words contain the spelling pattern -tion

Line 2:positionadditionaloptioncaution

These words contain different spelling for the Long I sound

Line 3:sightingspyterrifiediron

Igh, y, _ie, I

These words contain the –ing ending

Line 4:capsizing howlingsinkingplanking

Drop the E and add ing

Sentence 1:The passengers and crew could reach land safely.

Sentence 2:The businessmen recruited additional volunteers in London.

Sentence 3:Adults tried to comfort the terrified children.

Sentence 4:A ship must lower its sails in a storm to avoid capsizing.








  • A sailing ship must lower its sails and drift with the wind to avoid capsizing or breaking apart.

  • To keep a canoe from capsizing, do not stand up in it.

capsizing- overturning in the water


  • Suddenly, above the din of the storm of the storm, they heard the noise of splitting timber.

  • The din of a blaring siren woke me from a sound sleep.

Din- a loud and unpleasant noise that lasts for a while


  • The sixty-seven sailors on the Mayflower made provisions for their journey.

  • I carried my food, sleeping bag, and other provisions in my backpack.

provisions- supplies of food or necessary tools


  • He then fired a couple of muskets and a fowling piece near an open half-full barrel of gunpowder.

  • The pilgrims used muskets to shoot animals for food.

muskets-old-fashioned guns used before modern rifles were invented


  • With the prevailing winds and currents, it made the return trip in only thirty-one days.

  • The latest poll shows the prevailing opinion is that children watch too much television.

Prevailing-most frequent; occurring most often

The Mayflower

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  • The Mayflower was the famous ship that transported the Pilgrims from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts (United States), in 1620.

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The Journey

  • The vessel left England on September 6, and after a grueling journey marked by disease, the ship dropped anchor inside the hook tip of Cape Cod (Provincetown Harbor) on November 11

One of its purposes

  • The Mayflower was used primarily as a cargo ship, involved in active trade of goods (often wine) between England and other European countries

Virtual Tour of the Mayflower

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