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Contract & Procurement Services

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Contract & Procurement Services. Open Forum June 23, 2006. Welcome!. Review of Processes, Policies and Procedures: Direct Pay / Guest Lecturer Forms – Brenda Tesch Furniture Installation Procedures – Suzanne LaCaro Truck Rentals – Greg Melnyk Toner Cartridge Recycling  - Greg Melnyk

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contract procurement services

Contract & Procurement Services

Open Forum

June 23, 2006


Review of Processes, Policies and Procedures:

  • Direct Pay / Guest Lecturer Forms – Brenda Tesch
  • Furniture Installation Procedures – Suzanne LaCaro
  • Truck Rentals – Greg Melnyk
  • Toner Cartridge Recycling  - Greg Melnyk
  • Events Planning – Greg Melnyk


  • New Contract for  Managed Copier Program – Sarah Worley
  • New OMRS Contract – Suzanne LaCaro
  • Tent and Canopy Structures – Suzanne LaCaro
  • New GE Capital P-Card – Val Maijala
direct pay
Direct Pay
  • Purchases under $2,500
    • Commodities
    • Staff/Student Reimbursements
    • Software purchases that do not require annual maintenance fees
    • Subscriptions/Memberships
  • The Direct Pay method cannot be used for services.
guest lecturers speakers
Guest Lecturers/Speakers
  • Guest Lecturer/Speaker Invoice Form
  • Scheduling a Guest Lecturer/Speaker: Things to ask yourself before making a commitment
    • What is the period of service?
    • Does the Guest Lecturer/Speaker want me to sign an agreement?
    • Is there a risk associated to the topic matter of the service/presentation etc., of the Guest Lecturer/Speaker.
    • Is the Guest Lecturer/Speaker from a foreign country?
furniture installation
Furniture Installation
  • P-Card Waiver
    • Approved: Chairs, bookcases, file cabinets (not secured to walls)
    • Not Approved: Overhead cabinets, modular furniture, remodels, large scale orders, ADA compliant requirements
  • Building Permits
    • Facility Services
      • Tim Hastings, x6651 & Spencer Meyer x67227
truck rentals
Truck Rentals
  • There is no State or Cal Poly contract for truck rental
  • As a result, there is no “blanket” insurance in place as there is when we rent autos from Enterprise
  • Therefore, those who rent trucks must contact Contract & Procurement Services for support before renting the truck to ensure adequate and proper insurance is purchased from the truck rental agency at the time of rental
toner cartridge recycling
Toner Cartridge Recycling
  • Thanks for your support of the program
  • You will continue to process your cartridges for recycling
  • You will not have to fill out the recycle tag after June 30th
  • Please save the “shirts” – place leaky/dirty cartridges in plastic or zip-lock bags
events planning guidelines
Events Planning Guidelines

You asked for it………..

So here it is……………

cal poly events planning guidelines
Cal Poly Events Planning Guidelines

If you are involved in planning or directing a function or event, on campus or off campus, whether you are faculty, staff, admin, student or an employee of an auxiliary, then,


You must read this!

You are obligated to familiarize yourself with these guidelines and contact Cal Poly’s Contracts & Procurement office, well in advance of the event, for assistance and support. Furthermore, you may be required to contact the Risk Management office for advice regarding Special Event insurance.

event vs university event
Event vs. University Event
  • What’s an event?
    • Awards banquets, annual meetings, formals/dances
    • Student club activities, Sr. projects, athletic events
    • Career conferences, IRA activities, ASI club events
    • Golf tournaments, parades, marches, shows, rodeos, competitions, displays, art shows, concerts
    • Almost any off-campus activity involving faculty, staff or students
  • What makes it an “University” event?
    • University approved/ASI approved/Corporation approved
    • University sponsored and perhaps university/state funded
    • Overseen by a faculty/staff advisor or directed by college or admin personnel
    • Some University/Corporation/ASI combination
event location funds
Event Location & Funds
  • Where will it be held?
    • Hotels, halls/clubs, camps, ranches,
    • Commercial venues (restaurants, wineries etc)
    • County/city facilities such as parks
    • Private facilities
    • Note: On-campus events require all the same considerations plus the requirement to request approval of University Scheduling/Campus Dining/ Campus Police Dept
  • What funds are being used?
    • State, student fee’s, trust, IRA’s
    • Club, donations, ticket sales, fund raisers, personal
    • Discretionary, Corporation/Discretionary
    • Some combination of above

If the event :

    • Involves an agreement or contract required by the venue or a service provider
    • Involves alcohol being served, sold, donated or available
    • Requires some consideration of Risk Assessment or need for special event insurance, then
  • STOP!
  • Agreements, scheduling forms, reservation forms, borrowing arrangements, purchases must all be processed through the Contract & Procurement Services office (no matter the source of the funds) for any external
    • Facilities – Private property, city parks
    • Equipment – trucks, mobile equipment, grandstands, tables, tents
    • Services – food, beverages, tents, chairs, tables, transportation, security
    • Supplies – food, paper supplies, materials,
  • In general, there are specific requirements, including insurance, for all types of contracting essential to protect the university, employees, students and the public.

University employees, faculty, staff, student assistants, and/ or students who sign such agreement documents may be held personally responsible for all costs and liable for any injuries or damage.


These principles also apply to the contracting of all services/service contractors which come on campus to provide their services

managed copier program
Managed Copier Program


  • 130 copiers on existing program
  • 12 million copies/year
  • 5 year contract with Ikon
  • Current contract expires August 2007


  • Committee formed
  • RFI
  • RFP
  • RFP Evaluation and Award
copier program continued
Copier Program Continued


  • Committee Began Meeting – Jan 2006
  • RFI Release – July 15
  • RFI Due Back – September 1
  • RFI Presentations – October 2-12
  • RFP Preparation – October through December
  • RFP Release – Early 2007
  • RFP Due Back – April 2007
  • RFP Award – May 2007
  • Equipment Installation & Training – July & August 2007
copier program continued1
Copier Program Continued

Campus Participation

  • Online Survey – Response Deadline is June 30, 2006
  • Committee Members: Greg Melnyk, Vicki Stover, Sarah Worley, Dale Kohler & Steve Godin
  • Focus Group: 4 users, IT Rep, 2 Student rep, 1 Mgmt rep, 2 faculty rep
  • Focus group will provide:
    • Diverse Experiences
    • Various Ideas
    • Additional RFP input
    • Numerous disciplines of expertise
new omrs contract
New OMRS Contract
  • B&B Technical is new contractor
  • How to use B&B
    • Call (805) 546-1456
    • Leave name and phone number with answering service.
    • B&B will call user back in less than 1 hour and obtain details of the service request.
    • B&B is required to respond on site to the service call within 8 working hours.
    • Completion of the repairs will be made within a 24 hour period (excluding waiting for parts). If repairs exceed 48 hours, a loaner will be provided free of charge.
    • Hourly rate for equipment not on contract
tent canopy structures
Tent & Canopy Structures
  • Facility Services will need to provide a Campus Building Permit to any department who wants to erect a temporary awning, canopy, and/or tent structure.
  • Why? Fire Code requires a Use Permit when “area in excess of 200 square feet and canopies in excess of 400 square feet” are being used by the structure.
  • CSU Campus (by Code), the State Fire Marshal (SFM is the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and must approve and issue a Use Permit to erect and occupy such structures.
tent canopy structures1
Tent & Canopy Structures
  • In the past, Facilities only issued Campus Building Permits on large and/or special areas of campus. However due to recent events, they will be issuing permits for the majority of awning, canopy, and/or tent structures.
  • Contact Spencer Meyer at x67227 for help with the process.
new p card contractor
New P-Card Contractor
  • GE Corporate Payment Services awarded the bid.
  • Collaborative effort between the CSU, University of Oklahoma & Bucknell University.
  • By combining these 3 entities, the total contract spend allows for a greater rebates to the CSU.
p card timeline
P-Card Timeline
  • Timeline for implementation
    • Currently working with GE Capital to transfer over existing information (statement addresses, chart of accounts, etc.)
    • July will be a test month for a small group of cardholders.
    • If everything runs smoothly through one billing cycle, program will be rolled out to rest of campus for August billing cycle.
concerns for cardholders
Concerns for Cardholders
  • How does this affect cardholders?
    • Until new cards are issued it is business as usual. Current contract with JP Morgan is valid until 8/30/06.
    • When new program is implemented, new cards issued, old ones returned
    • Cardholders receive an updated handbook
    • Cardholders currently using PaymentNet will be trained on the new system, called SAM. An easy to follow training guide will be provided as well as a PowerPoint presentation put together by GE.
    • Speedcharts will be used instead of chartfield strings.