Opportunities to enhance quality at eku
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Opportunities to Enhance Quality at EKU - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Opportunities to Enhance Quality at EKU. A Presentation by Jaleh Rezaie and Onda Bennett February 13, 2007. QUICK OVERVIEW. Changes in the Accreditation Process SACS to reaffirm EKU accreditation in 2007 5-Year Review. DUAL FOCUS OF THE SACS REVIEW. Compliance Review

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Opportunities to enhance quality at eku
Opportunities to Enhance Quality at EKU

A Presentation by

Jaleh Rezaie and Onda Bennett

February 13, 2007

Quick overview

  • Changes in the Accreditation Process

  • SACS to reaffirm EKU accreditation in 2007

  • 5-Year Review

Dual focus of the sacs review


Compliance Review

Quality Enhancement Plan

Time line for the reaffirmation process
Time-line for the Reaffirmation Process

  • Submission of Compliance report (Sept. 8, 2006)

  • Off-Site Review (Nov. 6 – 9, 2006)

  • Focused Report (by Feb. 27, 2007 )

  • Submit QEP (Feb. 27, 2007 )

  • On-Site Review (April 10 – 12, 2007)

  • Commission’s final Decision (Dec. 2007)

  • 5-year report

Quality enhancement plan qep
Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Developed by the institution describing a course of action for institutional improvement that addresses an issue or issues CRITICAL TO ENHANCING EDUCUATIONAL QUALITY AND DIRECTLY RELATED TO STUDENT LEARNING.

Why is sacs concerned with learning
Why is SACS Concerned with Learning?

Click image to play video clip (approx 5 minutes)

From http://home.earthlink.net/~sarasohn/aboutgs.html

QEPing awound. . .

So what is the QEP?

  • Vision of the QEP Committee

    The QEP will significantly change the students learning experience at EKU

  • Mission of the QEP Committee

    Oversee the development, preparation and submission of a QEP that will result in long term improvement of student learning.

  • Goals of the QEP Committee

    • Engage the campus community in developing the theme, focus and description

    • Analyze context and best practice

    • Provide implementation plans for programs or initiatives to begin in fall 2007

Progress on the qep
Progress on the QEP

  • Faculty, staff and student surveys

  • Chats with faculty, staff and students

  • Collecting and analyzing data


What do we expect of our students as a result of the qep
What do we expect of our students as a result of the QEP? who communicate effectively.

  • Explore (identify, discover) and use relevant information in order to gain knowledge and solve problems.

  • Evaluate (analyze) information and ideas using appropriate methods.

  • Expand (develop) and generate their own ideas.

  • Express (clearly articulate) a point of view and develop it with awareness of alternatives.

The integration of the qep in the strategic plan
The Integration of the QEP in the Strategic Plan who communicate effectively.


* Assessment of Critical and Creative Thinking and Communication

How will we meet this vision the infrastructure of our qep
How will we meet this vision? who communicate effectively.(the “Infrastructure” of our QEP)

  • Management structure

  • Professional development process

  • Program implementation

  • Assessment of student learning outcomes

Why have a quality enhancement program
Why have a Quality Enhancement Program? who communicate effectively.

  • Students with the competitive edge

  • Ongoing quality enhancement for improved teaching and learning

  • Achieving national reputation for excellence

College graduates lack key skills report says
College Graduates Lack Key Skills, Report Says who communicate effectively.

In a survey from the Association of American Colleges and Universities 305 executives were asked what they looked for in a job candidate, and the top three responses were:

1. Teamwork skills

2. Critical thinking and analytic reasoning skills

3. Oral/Written Communication

Page A30 of the 2 February 2007 Chronicle of Higher Educationhttp://chronicle.com/temp/email2.php?id=CB8tdbwqby54yVjtJyqKdPfjhBn8gwY8

Where are we in the process
Where are we in the process? who communicate effectively.

  • Jan. 18: Review by University Community

  • February 15: printing of the final copy

  • February 27: Final copy to SACS

  • March: orientation for on-site interviews

Where do we go next
Where do we go next? who communicate effectively.

  • April 10 -12: on-site visit

  • By May 2007: “Quality Enhancement Workgroup” will be established

  • Fall 2007: Implementation of the Quality Enhancement Program begins

What we need from you
What We Need From You? who communicate effectively.

  • Develop a thorough understanding of our Quality Enhancement Plan.

  • Assist in informing and energizing the university community.

  • Appreciate how these Quality Enhancement initiatives affect the future of EKU (Faculty, Staff, and Students).