Eastern Woodlands

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Eastern Woodlands

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1. Eastern Woodlands By Wade R.

2. Physical Features The physical features are many large rivers. Also they lived by a hilly region, plateau, and gently rolling plains, plus fertile soil.

3. Plants The plants there were very many broad leaf trees, and also cedar trees. There are beautiful trees that lose their leaves in the fall like birch, elm, oak, ash, maple, hickory, and beech. There are pine trees, but they dont lose their leaves.

4. Animals There are 350 species of birds, opossum, fox, skunk, groundhog, rabbit, bass, trout, perch, beaver, otter, muskrat, and deer.

5. Longhouse Longhouses could hold up to 20 families. Longhouses were 65 feet and (20 meters) long.

6. Inside of a Longhouse There were logs for sitting on. They had beds for sleeping on. There were fireplaces for cooking food and warming. They had tables to put their food on.

7. Wigwams Wigwams were made of poles and bark and were rounded shaped. Wigwams were built along the sea, and wigwams were put together and taken down easily.

8. Food The types of vegetables they planted were 17 kinds of corn, 60 kinds of beans, at least 7 types of squash, and wild rice. For meat, they hunted deer, beaver, and muskrat.

9. Clothing The clothing they wore were leggings and dresses made from animal skins, feathers, and bones. The men wore caps.

10. Family Life The kids did not go to school; they learned by watching grown-ups hunt, farm, and carve bowls. The kids did jobs like carving bowls, farming, and beading moccasins.

11. European Influence The European changed the way they lived. They traded tools, guns, glass ware, beads, and cloth. Many animals were killed for fur.

12. Native Americans Today Now, their life has changed. Now they build buildings and bridges. The thing that is still the same is that they are not afraid of heights.

13. Other The tools they used were bows and arrows, spears, poles, shields, wooden hoes, stone adzes, axes, and knives. For games they played lacrosse and snow snake.

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