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The Oxford TRAC Estates model. Alyson BatemanTRAC ManagerUniversity of Oxford. Context Oxford. 3. Oxford is an independent and self-governing institution, consisting of the central University and over 40 Colleges and Halls.There are 38 independent, self-governing colleges at Oxford University. There are also six Permanent Private Halls.TRAC and the Estates model concerns the University only.

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1. Estates Alyson Bateman, University of Oxford

2. The Oxford TRAC Estates model Alyson Bateman TRAC Manager University of Oxford

3. Context – Oxford 3 Oxford is an independent and self-governing institution, consisting of the central University and over 40 Colleges and Halls. There are 38 independent, self-governing colleges at Oxford University. There are also six Permanent Private Halls. TRAC and the Estates model concerns the University only

4. Estates management 4 The Estates department manages, develops and maintains the University Estate Functional estate is over 240 buildings PLANON – Interactive space management system PLANON allows all authorised users access to floor plans and tabular space information

5. Up to date space information 5 Users of space may interrogate system at any time 2 Audit “prompts” initiated by the Estates department per annum Download for TRAC date point is 31st July Includes all space by room/area detailing department, building, type, use, activity, m2

6. Space data 6 Detailed space coding system (60+ types) that produces data for three main uses: Resource Allocation and Planning EMS Data TRAC 13 TRAC space types 6 Space band cost weightings

7. Space types 7 Space types detail the type of space and the activity carried out in it Some types of space are exclusively Teaching or Research Core activity space 06D – Teaching Laboratory Others are specific T or R support or are General support space (which includes circulation space) 02J -Teaching Student Office; 03B – Institutional Support staff office; 10- Common room

8. Space weighting 8 6 Cost weight bands Original weightings based on 2003/4 exercise primarily based on utility costs Revised to take account of other costs including security in 2006 Weightings range from 0.5 (e.g. circulation space) to 4.0 (biomedical support unit) Current planning model has 4 bands but is soon be revised to reflect TRAC weightings

9. Costs driven by the Estates driver 9 The Estates department (OUED) All revenue building costs including repairs and maintenance Building depreciation Other centrally incurred estates related costs Infrastructure adjustment Assets element of RFI

10. The attribution process 10 Divisional HQ Estates/Premises to departments using departmental pay-based driver (as per other DHQ costs) For Each Building Balance space attributed to each occupying dept (on space occupied)and then to activity on basis of Dept TRO driver Core space attributed to relevant TRO Activity Support space General – Dept TRO Specific – Academic Activity based detailed T, R or O driver Where a building has a single activity, all balance and support space will be attributed to that activity

11. 11

12. Circulation space 12 Balance space which includes circulation space is attributed to the departments occupying the individual building pro-rata to the space occupied by departments in that building Rejected methods: Footfall survey – resource required to measure use of common space in each of the 240 buildings both in each term and in each vacation not justified Staff Student numbers – short term length and varying use of space out of term makes method not robust Division of space according to non-circulatory space – proportion of such space to does not necessarily influence the use of corridors etc. in proportion to m2.

13. Central and “Other” space 13 Certain space is excluded from the general Estates space reports for security reasons – this space is incorporated into the TRAC estates model using same methodology as other space types The costs of space occupied by central departments forms part of the Research Indirect rate and not the Estates rates.

14. Breakout sessions 14 Each table/group is invited to discuss elements of TRAC Estates costs and attributions, and share any hints and tips. The following list provides a few possible ideas 20 minutes discussion followed by feedback and questions.

15. Discussion ideas 1 15

16. Discussion ideas 2 16

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