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Medieval Time Period. Anna Shaw, Braedon Bird, Courtney Sack and Natalie Rosas. Medieval Time Period. Events in the world. . Events in British Literature. 1000-Beowulf is written out by the Monks 1375-Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is composed

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Medieval Time Period

Anna Shaw, Braedon Bird,

Courtney Sack and Natalie Rosas

Medieval Time Period

Events in the world


Events in British Literature

1000-Beowulf is written out by the Monks

1375-Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is composed

1387-Chaucer begins The Canterbury Tales

1400-Geoffrey Chaucer dies, he was the first great writer in the English language.

1420-Earliest surviving Paston letter written

1476-Caxton introduces the printing press into England

1485-William Caxton prints Sir Thomas Mallory’s Le Morted’Arthur


Edward II becomes first Prince of Wales, a title thereafter given to male heirs of British throne

Henry II institutes judge and jury system throughout England

Henry II declares himself lord of Ireland, beginning centuries of English-Irish conflict

England conquers whales












The Norman conquest began on 28 September 1066 with the invasion of England by William, duke of Normandy. William, after his victory in the battle of Hastings, became known as William the Conqueror. William defeated Harold of Hastings and became king of England

Thomas a Becket murdered due ( knights had misinterpreted the kings angered phrase and killed Becket. Although the king was angry at Beckets actions, he in no way had ordered his execution.)

King john signs the Magna Carta


the hundred year war with France begins (a battle fought for territorial control within France and England)


Modern English develops from middle English

Model parliament assembled under Edward I

Medieval language
Medieval Language

After the nation of England was formed, the Germanic dialects spoken slowly changed into an early form of English. This version of English is called Old English.

Old English was very harsh in sound and did not have any silent letters. It was much more elaborate then modern day English. It’s best quality was the ability to evolve and add new words as time went on.