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Topics in development economics country risk analysis
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Topics in Development Economics: Country Risk Analysis. By Novella Bottini. How to contact me:. Office Hour: Check on Tower building 4th floor E-Mail: Course Structure (1). 7 Lectures:

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Topics in Development Economics: Country Risk Analysis

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Topics in development economics country risk analysis

Topics in Development Economics:Country Risk Analysis


Novella Bottini

How to contact me

How to contact me:

  • Office Hour: Check on

    Tower building

    4th floor

  • E-Mail:

Course structure 1

Course Structure (1)

  • 7 Lectures:

  • Class Attendance is required (min 5/7);

  • Lively Class Participation is expected;

  • The Economist: 10 minutes presentation;

Course structure 2

Course Structure (2)

  • Course Material:

    • Book: Country Risk Assessment

      Authors: Bouchet, Clark and Groslambert

      Eds. Wiley, 2003.

    • Additional readings references are provided by the lecturer;

    • Slides available on line after the lesson.

  • Final Evaluation: individual essay + class participation

Individial assignment

Individial Assignment:

  • Choose a Developing Country;

  • Country risk analysis using both the qualitative and quantative methodologies.

  • 2000 words (Excluding graphs and charts);

  • Submission by email: 17th May 2010 (not accepted earlier or later submission!).

Course structure 21

Course Structure (2)

Topics in development economics country risk analysis

Lecture 1:

Why this course?

Trends in global market.

Why a course on country risk analysis

Why a Course on “Country Risk Analysis”?

  • What does ‘Country Risk Analysis’ mean?

  • Who could be interested in this analysis?

Why a course on country risk analysis1

Why a Course on “Country Risk Analysis”?

  • Is it an ‘hot topic’?

  • Why are we interested in other countries’ risk level?

  • Why is it linked to Development Issues?

  • Does it regard only Developing Countries?

Globalisation def and features

Globalisation: def and features

  • What is Globalisation?

  • Which elements are involved in the globalisation process?

    “Process whereby domestic product, capital and labour markets become more integrated across borders”

  • Is it a new phenomenon?

Globalisation main drivers

Globalisation:main drivers

  • Technological Change:

    • Speed of transportation and communication;

    • New tradable goods;

  • Political changes:

    • China’s economic reform;

    • Fall of Berlin Wall;

    • Collapse of Soviet Union;

  • Economic Policy choice;

    • Export-oriented policies;

    • WTO;

    • Bilateral and regional agreements.

Globalisation s elements

Globalisation’s Elements


Trade exposure

Trade Exposure

Trade and transaction costs

Trade and Transaction Costs

Phone calls

Phone Calls

Composition of world trade

Composition of World Trade

Offshoring production relocation

Offshoring – Production Relocation

Intermediate goods

Intermediate Goods

Offshoring definition

Offshoring: Definition

Not only goods

Not only Goods……

Service sector

Service Sector

Service sector1

Service Sector

Globalisation s elements1

Globalisation’s Elements


Capital an heterogeneous identity

Capital: an heterogeneous identity

International capital flows trends

International Capital Flows: Trends

International capital flows developing countries

International Capital Flows & Developing Countries

International capital flows and emerging markets

International Capital Flows and emerging markets



  • OECD (2007):“Economic Outlook – Making the Most of Globalisation”.

  • World Bank (2007): “Global Economic Prospects – Managing the Next Wave of Globalisation”, chapter 1-2.

  • WTO (2008):”World Trade Report: Trade in a Globalizing World”.

  • Bottini, Ernst, Luebker (2007): ”Offshoring and the labour market: what are the issues?”, ILO working paper.

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