The task of negro womanhood
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The Task of Negro Womanhood PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Task of Negro Womanhood . Elise Johnson McDougald By Samantha Edrich. The Task of N egro Womanhood. Elise Johnson Mcdougald focuses on the concerns of racial equality. She was a H arlem Renaissance women writer.

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The Task of Negro Womanhood

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The Task of Negro Womanhood

Elise Johnson McDougald

By Samantha Edrich

The Task of Negro Womanhood

  • Elise Johnson Mcdougald focuses on the concerns of racial equality. She was a Harlem Renaissance women writer.

  • Mcdougald changes stereotypical representations of African American women.

  • She writes a lot about African Americans and changing their ways.

Harlem Renaissance

  • In Harlem African American woman had the most freedom from issues like sexual and racial subjection and household problems.

  • The author is asking questions like what are the negro woman's difficulties? and how can she solve them?

Three T’s

  • Theme- This essay is about African American women in the Harlem renaissance. I think the message this essay is trying to convey is that the African American female was a vital and essential part of the Harlem Renaissance who deserved much more than to be violated by African American males and the society as a whole.

    Tone- The mood seems to be very upfront and straight to point saying how African American women are treated during the Harlem renaissance and that they are not all stereotypical, that many of them are struggling for advancements. I get a feeling of strength from it because it talks about how the women will solve there problems and what they are doing to be in control.

    Technique-The form of this essay seems to be very descriptive in voicing the opinions of female African Americans and what they want and how they are being treated. Since it is a essay it seems to be very informative giving alto of information and really describing what it is like for the woman living in the new Harlem renaissance.

How is the author important in the Harlem Renaissance?

  • This author is important in the Harlem renaissance because in her writing she discusses the African American women's point of view. And how they are being treated and what they feel. She adds to the Harlem renaissance how the women are feeling and what there difficulties are and how they are planning to solve them. Not only are them men facing issues but the women are being put through there own struggles and hardships. Many on the other hand are free from the hardships and have a great opportunity to sue there powers in this great city to help them. This author is so important in the Harlem renaissance because she shows the African American women's struggles and new encounters and how they are going to deal with them. It shows the women's new found courage and strength to succeed.

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