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Mark Howard October, 2008 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NOAA/NGS Aeronautical Survey Program. NGS ORIENTATION. Mark Howard October, 2008. How NGS supports the FAA. Provide products and services to FAA (ATO-R) through an inter-agency agreement

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Mark Howard October, 2008

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Mark howard october 2008

NOAA/NGS Aeronautical Survey Program


Mark Howard

October, 2008

How ngs supports the faa

How NGS supports the FAA

  • Provide products and services to FAA (ATO-R) through an inter-agency agreement

  • Provide positional, height, and orientation information to the FAA in support of the National Airspace System (NAS) and safe navigation

  • Develop standards, guidelines, tools, and models designed to assist surveyors conducting aeronautical surveys

  • Quality Review aeronautical survey data submitted by 3rd party providers to the FAA

Mark howard october 2008

Standards and Guidance Manuals

AC 150/5300-16 “General Guidance and Specifications for Aeronautical Surveys: Establishment of Geodetic Control and Submission to the National Geodetic Survey”

AC 150/5300-17 “General Guidance and Specifications for Aeronautical Surveys: Airport Imagery Acquisition and Submission to the National Geodetic Survey”

AC 150/5300-18 “General Guidance and Specifications for Aeronautical Surveys: Airport Survey Data Collection and Geographic Information System Standards”

FAA 405

Mark howard october 2008

FAA Part 77 Surfaces

FAA Part 77 Surfaces as depicted in FAA Spec. No. 405

Mark howard october 2008

Geodetic Control

Runway Data


Airport Imagery

Obstruction Chart

Obstruction Data

Aeronautical survey process

Aeronautical Survey Process


Aerial Survey

Geodetic Control Survey

Prelim Photo Survey / Data Mining

Field Survey


Final Photo Survey


Mark howard october 2008








Geodetic Control Network


FBN and BM ties must be observed simultaneously with both PACS

  • PACS and SACS monuments are positioned and tied to the National Spatial Reference System through GPS observations.

Simplified Schematic

Mark howard october 2008

High-Resolution Imagery

  • High-Resolution photography of the Airport is collected for the entire study area being surveyed.

  • Imagery is used in the photogrammetric process for determining the height of obstructions and airport feature compilation.

Mark howard october 2008

Runway Survey

Navaid survey


Mark howard october 2008

Obstruction Survey

Numerous types of surveying techniques are used to determine the latitude, longitude, and height of obstructions within the FAA Part 77 and Area Navigation Approach Obstruction Identification Surfaces

Photogrammetric survey

Photogrammetric Survey

All survey information brought together into a Digital Photogrammetric Workstation

Photogrammetric analysis


Digital airport obstruction chart

Digital Airport Obstruction Chart

  • Geo-spatial file (ESRI shape file format)

  • Metadata

  • Geo-PDF

  • Data in UDDF format

Fy09 aeronautical surveys

FY09 Aeronautical Surveys

17 AOC/AC-18B Surveys

117 ANA-LPV Approach Surveys

47 NAVAID Surveys

Transitioning to a qa role

Transitioning to a QA Role

  • Focus on quality review services

  • Collaborate with FAA in developing Aeronautical Survey Standards

  • Support commercial surveyors performing aeronautical surveys

  • Develop procedures, guidelines and models

  • Convene workshops and training seminars

Survey submission upload uddf

Survey Submission – Upload UDDF

FAA Third Party Survey System (TPSS)

Mark howard october 2008

NGS TPSS Validation Process




TPSS Web Site

NGS validation

NGS Download

NGS UDDF validation tool


General items only




Critical or Fatal items

NGS email notification to POC

Mark howard october 2008

FAA Airports Surveying-GIS Program

Provider establishes and submits geodetic control


Provider acquires and submits geo-referenced digital imagery


Airport contracts for

Survey using AIP



Web portal to track surveys

Once imagery is approved by NGS

Provider conducts Aeronautical Survey in accordance with AC-18

Submits Deliverables to the FAA Web Portal

NGS reports findings to FAA

NGS performs Quality Review


Photo control archive

Photo Control Archive

Mark howard october 2008

Photo Control Points collected to support Photogrammetric surveys and accuracy assessments


NAD 83 / NAVD 88


Horizontal: 3 Decimeters

Vertical: 5 Decimeters

Sketches, ground photographs



  • Continue to conduct aeronautical surveys and maintain current core capabilities.

  • Increased support to FAA in a Quality Review Role

  • Continue to refine Quality Review process

  • Continue to develop models and tools designed to support surveyors conducting aeronautical surveys.

  • Continue to evaluate and research new technologies for increasing efficiency in mapping programs.

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