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Medical ethics past present and future
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Medical ethics – Past, Present, and Future. Presented By: Perin Suthakar MS, MD. History of Medical Ethics. Medical ethics was practiced by most ancient cultures Chinese (based on Confucius teaching) and Indians had medical oaths

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Medical ethics – Past, Present, and Future

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Medical ethics past present and future

Medical ethics – Past, Present, and Future

Presented By: PerinSuthakar MS, MD

History of medical ethics

History of Medical Ethics

  • Medical ethics was practiced by most ancient cultures

  • Chinese (based on Confucius teaching) and Indians had medical oaths

  • Hippocratic Oath from Ancient Greece influenced the Western medical culture

Traditional ethical theories

Traditional Ethical Theories

  • Utilitarianism

  • Deontology

  • Virtue Theory

Modern medical ethical principles

Modern Medical Ethical Principles

By Beauchamp and Childress

  • Autonomy

  • Beneficence

  • Non-maleficence (Do no harm)

  • Justice



  • Capacity to think and decide

  • Mental Competence

  • Free choice of the individual; even choosing against family and medical advice



  • What is best for the patient

  • Related at some level to autonomy

  • Considers the overall scenario-pain, quality of life, mental suffering, inherent risk for disability and death

  • Not intervening may be best sometimes

Non maleficence


  • Do no harm

  • Diagnosis/treatment leading to more harm than good?

  • Experimental protocols

  • Immunizations



  • Limited Resource

  • Set Priority

  • Equal Access

  • Fairness

  • Burden to others

Analysis of recent popular cases in media

Analysis of Recent Popular Cases in Media

  • Munoz

  • McMath

Most common reasons for ethical dilemmas in popular cases

Most Common Reasons for Ethical Dilemmas In Popular Cases

  • Ignorance

  • Failure to teach or communicate

  • Monetary benefit

  • Violation of obvious ethical principles or moral values

  • Secondary market/benefit

  • Misunderstanding or misinterpretation of existing laws

Most common ethical dilemmas for physicians today

Most Common Ethical Dilemmas For Physicians Today

  • End of life care issues

  • Tug-of-war with insurance companies

    • Should I falsify records to get the procedure/medication approved?

  • Electronic Medical Records – Click happy

  • Accepting Gifts from Pharmaceutical companies

  • Dropping poorly reimbursing insurance companies and losing long term patients

  • Dropping poorly compliant patients to improve performance numbers

  • Reporting abuse and impaired professionals

  • Choice of care models – ACO, IPA

  • Google search patient

Ethical dilemmas of the future

Ethical Dilemmas of the Future

  • Physician assisted suicide

  • Medical/legalized marijuana – what is next?

  • Genetically modified babies

  • Health care rationing

  • Technology and medicine – EMR data breach

Resources available for physicians

Resources Available for Physicians

  • AMA Guidelines

  • Specialty medical associations

  • State medical associations

  • Malpractice insurance carrier

  • Hospital ethics committee consultation



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