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VRNt ,ja ehafh ck;ik jhd; Nerpf;fpNwd; VRNt ,ja ehafh ck; md;gpy; mfkfpo;Ntd; - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ce;jd; kPJ Mir nfhz;Nlz;; ehd; ,NaRNt ck;ik kl;Lk; tpl;blkhl;Nld; kdpjH kPJ ghrk; nfhz;ljhy; ehd; gyKiw cile;J NghNdd;. VRNt ,ja ehafh ck;ik jhd; Nerpf;fpNwd; VRNt ,ja ehafh ck; md;gpy; mfkfpo;Ntd;.

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VRNt ,ja ehafhck;ik jhd; Nerpf;fpNwd;VRNt ,ja ehafhck; md;gpy; mfkfpo;Ntd;

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ck;ikNah ehd; Nerpf;f kwe;Njd;MdhYk; ck; thHj;ij Njw;wpaNjve;jd; Ntjid ghuk; khw;wpJjpj;J ghl cjtpdNj