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SU Kurulusu Tarihler. Sabancı University December 2008. The creation process was long and inclusive. July 1994 Resolution by Sabancı Holding Executive Board (VAKSA) August 1995 Search Conference with 52 participants from 22 countries & Formulation of “The Philosophy”

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Sabancı University

December 2008

The creation process was long and inclusive

  • July 1994Resolution by Sabancı Holding

    Executive Board (VAKSA)

  • August 1995Search Conference with 52 participants from 22 countries& Formulation of “The Philosophy”

  • February 1996Various Task Forces Start Working onCurricular and Administrative Structure

The creation process was long and inclusive

  • July 1997Groundbreaking by the President of Turkey

    • Announcementof theBoardofTrustees& the University President

  • October 1999 FirstAcademicYear

  • We are guided by our Philosophy “Creating and Developing Together”


    • Student Focused

    • Participative

    • Responsible and Responsive

    • Practice Relevance

    • Developing science and technology, disseminating knowledge

    • Interdisciplinary

    • Self-Managing /

    • Self-Sustaining

    • Teamwork

    • Local / Regional / Global

    • Learning to Learn

    Our Mission

    is to develop competent and confident individuals,

    enriched with the ability to reflect critically and independently,

    having a strong sense of social responsibility;


    to contribute to the development of science and technology,

    as well as disseminating the knowledge created

    to the benefit of the community.

    Ingilizce fakulteler

    Housing plays an important role in our university life...

    • Faculty:

    • In 1999 : 40 flats

    • In 2008 : 119 flats (56%)

    • Students :

    • In 1999 : 189 beds

    • In 2008 : 2400 beds (75%)

    Electronic Access to Information

    • Every student is provided witha laptop

    • Satellite & Telecom Connection(Satellite + 3 Leased Line Connections)

    • Total: 11,290 Connection Points

    • Wireless Coverage Area,   - Indoor: 171,405 m²   - Outdoor: 70,596 m²

    • Web-enabled Academic and Administrative Systems

    1,11 Computers / Student

    Electronic Access to InformationInformation Center

    • 98 % of its periodicals collection

    • 96 % of its multimedia collection

    • 30 % of its book collectionare in electronic format.

    • E-Book

      • 38,057

    • E-Thesis

      • 295

    • E-Literature

      • 1435

    • Books

    • 85,690

    • Multimedia

    • 30,898

    • Databases

      • 62



    We have 45 Student Clubs and 14 Intercollegiate Sports Teams

    Center for Performing Arts

    Aims to enrich the cultural life of Istanbul and provide cultural and artistic services to the University's students and staff, as well as to all art appreciators in the region.

    Capacity: 912 (One of the biggest center in the Asian Side)

    9 performances per month during the Academic year

    Total number of performances since 2005: 153

    Total number of audience since 2005: 69.000

    “Forging The Future Forging Culture”

    2010 İstanbul, Europen Capital of Culture:

    Total number of audience: 8.000 children

    Sakıp Sabancı Museum

    • Collections: Ottoman Calligraphy, Paintings and Antique Objects

    • Some Previous Exhibitions:

      • Picasso in Istanbul

      • Master Sculptor Rodin in İstanbul

      • Genghis Khan and His Heirs: The Empire of the Mongols

      • Blind Date

      • Abidin Dino, A World

    • Current Exhibition:

      • Salvador Dali: A surrealist in Istanbul

    We attract young but experienced Faculty Members

    International Faculty Members / Total = 14%

    We have Focused our Efforts onThree Faculties and the Foundations Development Program


    Arts and Social Sciences

    Engineering and Natural Sciences

    Prof. Nakiye BOYACIGİLLER

    Prof. Albert ERKİP

    Prof. Ahmet ALKAN

    Foundations Development Program

    Prof. Ali ALPAR

    Our Distinguishing Characteristics Set us Apart

    • Interdisciplinarity: No Academic Departments!

    • Opportunity for students to decide on their academic field at the end of sophomore year to choose the degree program and selecting the most appropriate field through:

      • Acquiring knowledge on different topics

      • Effective tutoring system

  • Foundations Development Program:

    • School of Languages (English, Turkish and other second foreign languages)

    • University Courses

  • Science of Nature

    Humanity and Society

    Functions-Discrete and Continuous

    Major Works

    Turkish Language and Literature

    The Making of Modern Turkey


    Law and Ethics

    University Courses

    Civic involvement projects
    Civic Involvement Projects

    A mostly student-run, hands-on learning program for social responsibility, participatory democracy, team work

    • Students work in teams, learn leadership skills, creative problem solving and of course learn that they too can do something for society on a practical level.

    • Partners include over 30 NGOs, the Ministry of Education and Department of Social Services

    • Projects include a focus on marginalized children, the elderly, refugees, the environment, human rights, and etc.

    • Civic Involvement Projects; mentoring 17 other universities in the implementation of similar projects.

    Faculty of Management


    • BA in Management

    • Master of Business Administration - MBA

    • Executive MBA

    • Master in Finance

    • PhD in Management

    Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

    • Information Technology

    • Information Technologies in Management

    • Leaders for Industry

    Cumulative growth of sponsored research funding ytl 2004 2007
    Cumulative Growth of Sponsored ResearchFunding (YTL) (2004-2007)

    We had an outstanding performance in the 6th framework
    We had an outstanding Performance in the 6th Framework

    SU 6th Framework Programs (FP6) (2001-2006) Performance:

    • 21 Grants, Total Budget: 3.4 M€

    • Number one among Turkish Universities (in terms of Funding per Researcher)

    SU 7th Framework Programs (FP7) (2007-2014):

    • Number of Marie Curie International Re-Integration Grants (IRG): 5

    • Total Number of FP7 Grants : 8

    TUBITAK Projects – 2007Number of Projects per Faculty Member

    FP 6 Paired Performance of the Turkish Universities

    Individual of Faculty Member FP6 project Budget(€)


    FP6 Total Budget of Turkish fund ~70 M €

    SU pay ~5 %

    Istanbul Policy Center (IPC)

    Major Interest Areas:

    • European Union and Turkey Relations

    • Education (Education Reform Initiative)

    • Governance

    • Turkey-US Relations

    • Conflict Resolution (Coordination of Second Track Diplomacy activities)

    Major Donors and Partner Institutions:

    Open Society Institute, AÇEV, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Aydın Doğan Foundation, European University Institute, European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMED), European Commission, TESEV, Brookings Institute, Center for European Security Studies (CESS), World Bank

    Highlights of our achievements
    Highlights of Our Achievements

    We have built a very strong reputation

    We arevery stronglycommitted to internationalization

    We have exceptionally strong corporate ties

    We have the strongest group of full time faculty in managementof all the Turkish universities

    We have an excellent infrastructure

    Our faculty is characterized by integrity, commitment and high levels of professionalism

    Entrepreneur Development Program (2007-2008)



    • To foster the spirit of entrepreneurship,

    • To educate, guide and support entrepreneurs in the planning, implementation and management of their established and/or prospective businesses.

    • Follow-up of post-education performance


    • Individuals with innovative ideas or projects wishing to set up their own business,

    • Entrepreneur executives already managing their own businesses (SMEs)

    • Entrepreneur researchers

    For more information
    For more information (2007-2008)


    Our distinguishing characteristics set us apart (2007-2008)

    • Interdisciplinarity: No Academic Departments!

    • Opportunity for students to decide on their academic field at the end of sophomore year to choose the degree program and selecting the most appropriate field through:

      • Acquiring knowledge on different topics

      • Effective tutoring system

  • Foundations Development Program:

    • School of Languages (English, Turkish and other second foreign languages)

    • University Courses

  • Key characteristics ibo sunumundan
    Key Characteristics (IBO sunumundan) (2007-2008)

    • No departments

    • Freedom given to undergraduates

    One slide per program
    One slide per program (2007-2008)

    • MBA/EMBA.MiF etc

    • Length/key chars/advantage to target group

    Proximity to the corporate world cems
    Proximity to the Corporate World (CEMS) (2007-2008)

    • One slide each: CAPS/EDU/Consulting…

    A distinctive feature of mba program company action projects cap
    A (2007-2008)distinctive feature ofMBA program: Company Action Projects (CAP)

    Team based projects; students required to work on site for six months (2 days per week)

    Fully integrated into our program through the Practice development/Practice sharing classes; Just-in-Time seminars; faculty advisors

    Student gains are innumerable, including a foundation to become reflective practitioners

    Strong demand from industry

    The first in Turkey : (2007-2008)

    “Leaders for Industry Program”

    • A Joint Program:

      • FENS, FMANand 11 Partner Companies

        Industry Practice:

      • Working for a program partner company for 6 months

        Two Degrees in Two Years:

      • MSc in Engineering

      • MSc in Management

    Executive Development Unit (2007-2008)

    Focus Areas:

    • Management training

    • Open enrollment and in-house programs

    • Modular thematic programs

    • International programs

    • Conferences/seminars

    • Retailing program

    Consulting (2007-2008)

    Students cems
    Students cems (2007-2008)

    • Quality of incoming students

    Top 5 Employer Sectors of Our Alumni (2007-2008)(% of Alumni of Each Program)

    Internationalization cems
    Internationalization (CEMS) (2007-2008)

    • Several slides describing student exchanges/faculty/partner institutions/

    Contribution to society
    Contribution to Society (2007-2008)

    • UN Global Compact/PRME

    • 1-2 slide each for REF and CGFT

    • Support for NGOs