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Jsp tag libraries based framework for wireless application development
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JSP Tag Libraries based Framework for Wireless Application Development. Hitesh Kr. Seth Chief Technology Evangelist SeraNova, Inc hitesh.seth@seranova.com O’Reilly Conference on Enterprise Java, 2001. Agenda. Overview Servlets Java Server Pages JSP Tag Libraries

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JSP Tag Libraries based Framework for Wireless Application Development

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Presentation Transcript

Jsp tag libraries based framework for wireless application development

JSP Tag Libraries based Framework for Wireless Application Development

Hitesh Kr. Seth

Chief Technology Evangelist

SeraNova, Inc


O’Reilly Conference on Enterprise Java, 2001



  • Overview

    • Servlets

    • Java Server Pages

  • JSP Tag Libraries

  • Tag Libraries for Wireless Application Development

    • Design Requirements

    • Tags

  • Enhancements

  • Conclusion

  • References





  • Java based web server extension mechanism

  • Based on HTTP request-response Paradigm

  • Multi threaded, Session Management

  • Versions

    • J2EE v1.2 – Servlets 2.2

    • J2EE v1.3 - 2.3 (Draft)

  • Usage Scenarios

    • Creating dynamic web applications

    • Finer control than JSP



  • Extend Web Server Functionality

    • Similar to CGI-BIN, NSAPI/ISAPI extensions, apache Modules

  • Portable

    • Multiple Servlet implementations on various platforms

  • Rich

    • Can call any Java API, such as JDBC, EJB, JNDI etc.

  • High Performance

    • Loaded into memory once and called

    • Uses threads for concurrency

    • Can maintain connection pools



  • Converts HTTP Form parameters into a Hashtable

  • Customizable Session Management capabilities

    • Using cookies and URL rewriting

    • Application Servers implement session management Mechanisms

      • Memory, File System, Relational Database; Web farm compatible

  • Leverage other java capabilities such as localization

Servlet by example

Servlet by Example

Java server pages

Java Server Pages

Jsp tag libraries based framework for wireless application development


  • Embedded dynamic Java scriptlets

  • Similar to ASP and Server Side JavaScript

  • Implemented as a “Self-Managed” Servlet

    • “Compiled” into Servlets and kept in Memory

  • Separates presentation from business logic

  • Tag Extension mechanism

  • Versions

    • J2EE v1.2 – JSP 1.1

    • J2EE v1.3 – JSP 1.2 (Draft)

  • Usage Scenarios

    • Dynamic/flexible presentation layer

Jsp elements

JSP Elements

  • Static Templates

    • HTML/XML/WML/...

  • Standard Directives

    • Include Directive

    • Page Directive

    • Taglib Directive

  • Scripting Elements

    • Declaration

    • Expression

    • Comments

  • Standard Actions

    • forward, get/set Property, include, plugin, useBean, param

  • Custom Tags

    • Tag Libraries

Jsp implicit objects

JSP Implicit Objects

  • request

  • response

  • pageContext

  • session

  • application

  • out

  • config

  • page

  • exception

    • Error Pages Only

Jsp by example

JSP by Example

Jsp by example interactions



JSP by Example - Interactions

Jsp by example beans

Using Beans

Without Beans

JSP by Example - Beans

Using third party beans

Upload HTML

<form method="post" action="Upload.jsp" enctype="multipart/form-data">

<input type="file" name="FILE1" SIZE="50"><br/>

<input type="submit" value="Upload">



Using Third Party Beans

Jsp servlet implementations

JSP/Servlet Implementations

  • Reference Implementation

    • Apache Tomcat@Jakarata

  • Third Party Implementations

    • Allaire JRun Application Server

    • ATG Dynamo Application Server

    • BEA Weblogic Application Server

    • Gemstone/J Application Server

    • IBM WebSphere Application Server

    • iPlanet Application Server

    • Orion Application Server

    • SilverStream Application Server

    • etc.

Jsp tag libraries

JSP Tag Libraries

Jsp tag libraries1

JSP Tag Libraries

  • Create application/vertical specific tags

  • Rich

    • Encapsulation of functionality

    • Simplified Code

    • Less presentation code to manage

  • Easier to author

    • Ease of Use

  • Ease of Use within WYSIWYG authoring tools

    • Portability

    • Reusability

  • Less Java “Scriptlets”

    • Cleaner separation of presentation format & presentation logic

Jsp taglib examples

JSP Taglib Examples

  • Examples

    • Logging

      <x:log message=“database #13 connection opened”/>

    • XSLT Transformation

      <xslt:transform stylesheet=“Product.xsl”>xml content


    • Iteration

      <x:Iterate …/>…</x:Iterate>

    • Send an Email

      <x:email from="hitesh.seth@seranova.com" to=“hitesh.seth@seranova.com">Message...


    • JSR #000052

      • A Standard Tag Library for Java Server Pages

Tag libraries by example

Tag Libraries by Example

Taglib descriptor

Taglib Descriptor

Reusable tag libraries

Reusable Tag Libraries

  • Allaire JRun Tag Library

    • Sql, Email, JMS, JNDI, XML Query, XSLT Transformation, Field Validation, Logic - For Each, If, Switch, Case

  • Apache Jakarta Taglibs

    • Application, BSF, DateTime, Input, JNDI, JSP Spec, Page , Regexp, Request, Response, Session, SQL, Utility, XSL

  • BEA Weblogic Portal Tag Library

    • Portal Framework

  • Orion Taglibs

    • EJB/Utility

Tag libraries for wireless application development

Tag Libraries for Wireless Application Development

Design requirements

Design Requirements

Requirements summary

Requirements Summary

  • Leverage existing HTTP/HTTPS based application delivery frameworks

  • Support multiple display formats

    • HTML, WML, HDML, i-mode (Compact HTML), XHTML-Basic

  • Simple

    • Similar to existing known HTML tags

    • Simple tags and attributes

    • Compliant with Authoring Tools

Multi modal page

Multi-modal Page

<page> Tag

Hello world

Hello World

Tag Library

Multi-modal Page


Web Browser

Wireless Microbrowser


Taglib descriptor1

Taglib Descriptor

Page tag impl

Page Tag Impl.

Browser Detection

Page tag impl contd

Page Tag Impl.(contd.)

WAP/WML Delivery

Page tag impl contd1

Page Tag Impl. (contd.)

Page tag impl contd2

Page Tag Impl. (contd.)



<link> Tag

The link tag

The Link Tag


HTML Browser

WML Microbrowser


Tag descriptor

Tag Descriptor

Link tag impl

Link Tag Impl.



<form> and <field> Tags

Form fields

Form & Fields


HTML Browser



WML Microbrowser


Tag descriptor field

Tag Descriptor (Field)

Tag descriptor form

Tag Descriptor (Form)

Field tag impl

Field Tag Impl.

Call Parent Tag Methods

Form tag impl

Form Tag Impl.

Form tag impl1

Form Tag Impl.

Enumerate all fields

Taglib so far

Taglib So far

  • Implemented

    • <page> Tag

    • <link> Tag

    • <form> Tag

    • <field> Tag

  • Common Elements

    • <p>, <br/>, <b>, simplified <table>

  • Basic Simple Constructs for creating an complete multi-modal application



  • Similar to HTML tags

    • Ease of authoring/learning

    • Use existing XML Compliant HTML tags

      • <p>, <br/> etc.

  • Simplicity

    • Just <page>, <link>, <form>, <field> tags can be used to create full featured applications

  • Use all JSP features with the application

    • Session Management

    • Request/Response handling

  • Call any Java API



  • Implement other delivery formats

    • HDML, i-Mode, etc.

  • More functionality (more tags/attributes)

  • Use “body” tags

  • Code optimization

  • Use XSLT for “templated” delivery

  • Provide capability to implement device/network specific functionality



  • JSP Tag Libraries

    • Powerful mechanism to implement rich functionality

    • Promotes usability and maintainability

  • Application for a multi-modal Wireless Framework





  • Servlets

    • Servlets Homepagehttp://www.javasoft.com/products/servlet

    • Java Tutorial (JavaSoft)http://www.javasoft.com/tutorial

    • Servlet Centralhttp://www.servletcentral.com

    • Servlets.comhttp://www.servlets.com

    • Java Servlet Programming (O’Reilly)

    • Java Enterprise in a Nutshell

  • JSP

    • JSP Homepagehttp://www.javasoft.com/products/jsp

    • Professional JSP (Wrox)

    • JSP Resource Indexhttp://www.jspin.com



  • Tag Libraries

    • Tag Libraries in JavaServer Pageshttp://java.sun.com/products/jsp/pdf/talks/TagLibs.pdf

    • Jakarta-Taglibs Tutorialhttp://jakarta.apache.org/taglibs/tutorial.html

    • JSR #000052http://java.sun.com/aboutJava/communityprocess/jsr/jsr_052_jsptaglib.html

    • Allaire JRun Tag Libraryhttp://www.allaire.com/handlers/index.cfm?ID=15990&Method=Full

    • Apache Jakarta Taglibshttp://jakarta.apache.org/taglibs

    • BEA Weblogic Portal Tag Libraryhttp://edocs.beasys.com/wlac/portals/docs/tagscontents.html

    • Orion Taglibs (EJB/Utility)http://www.orionserver.com/tags/

    • JSP Tag Libraries at Jspin.comhttp://www.jspin.com/home/tags



  • Wireless

    • WAP Forumhttp://www.wapforum.org

    • HDML 3.0 Referencehttp://developer.phone.com/dev/ts/htmldoc/31h/hdmlref/output/

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Thanks for your time

Thanks for your time

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