Sugata mitra s the child driven education
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Sugata Mitra’s “The Child-Driven Education” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sugata Mitra’s “The Child-Driven Education”. Sumire Itano. Who is Sugata Mitra ?. Professor of Educational Technology he made a presentation of “Build a School in the Cloud” and he won the TED prize of 2013.

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Sugata Mitra’s “The Child-Driven Education”

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SugataMitra’s“The Child-Driven Education”

Sumire Itano

Who is SugataMitra?

  • Professor of Educational Technology

  • he made a presentation of “Build a School in the Cloud” and he won the TED prize of 2013.

children can sit in front of big, powerful screens, big broadband connections, but in groups.

greatest problems of education

  • There are placesgood schools cannot be built and good teacher cannot or do not want to go.

“ Hole In the Wall” experiment in Delhi in 1999

  • children will learn to do what they want to learn to do.

  • all children can learn to use computers and the Internet

He thought…

if children have interest, then education happens.

children can learn even if there is no teacher.

But children can enjoy studying if there is supporter.

A self-organizing system is where a structure appears without explicit intervention from the outside. Self-organizing systems also always show emergence, which is that the system starts to do things, which it was never designed for. Education is self-organizing system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon.

Article(Asahi newspaper of June 18th,2014)

  • Some students in local areas have less opportunities or facilities

  • ICT education is expected to Supplement Disadvantage compared with school in cities using free teaching materials on the Internet




  • Article(Asahi newspaper of June 18th,2014)

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