Syllable patterns vowel digraphs
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Syllable Patterns: Vowel Digraphs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Syllable Patterns: Vowel Digraphs. l oad / ing. The word is broken into two syllables – a base word ( l oad ) and an ending ( ing ). A vowel digraph is when two vowels come together to make one sound. The base word l oad contains the vowel pair oa . It makes one sound /ō/.

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Syllable Patterns: Vowel Digraphs

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Syllable Patterns:Vowel Digraphs

load / ing

The word is broken into two syllables – a base word (load) and an ending (ing).

A vowel digraph is when two vowels come together to make one sound.

The base word load contains the vowel pair oa. It makes one sound /ō/.

Notice that loadis a closed syllable (the letter sound /d/ closes the first syllable). But even though the syllable is closed, the oa digraph keeps its long sound /ō/

a / skew

This word is broken into two syllables.

The second syllable contains a vowel/consonant pair ew. It makes a blended sound /yū/.This is a dipthong.

A dipthong is when a vowel and a consonant blend together to make one sound.

meat and few

  • So, sometimes words or syllables contain:

    • vowel pairs that combine to make one sound (digraphs)

      • meat

    • vowel/consonant pairs that make a blended sound (diphthongs)

      • Few

        In either case- these letters stay together and are not broken to divide the word into syllables.

        And…even if the syllable is closed, if the digraph has a long sound then that syllable has a long sound.

Try these.

Where are the syllable breaks?

What letters make the digraphs or diphthongs?


pro / nounce

ou – diphthong

Is the first syllable open or closed?


au / to / mo / bile

au –digraph

Is the second syllable /to/ open or closed?

What about the third syllable? Is it open or closed?


de / creas / ing

ea- digraph

Is the syllable /creas/ open or closed?

If it is closed why does it still have the long e sound? (hint: Think about the digraph!)


awe / some

aw –digraph


par / a / mount

ou - diphthong


mean / ing / ful

ea- digraph

What about the last syllable? Is it open or closed?

Look in the story, “Chang and the Bamboo Flute.” Find five more words that contain diagraphs.

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