Syllable patterns vowel digraphs
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Syllable Patterns: Vowel Digraphs. l oad / ing. The word is broken into two syllables – a base word ( l oad ) and an ending ( ing ). A vowel digraph is when two vowels come together to make one sound. The base word l oad contains the vowel pair oa . It makes one sound /ō/.

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Syllable patterns vowel digraphs

Syllable Patterns:Vowel Digraphs

L oad ing
load / ing

The word is broken into two syllables – a base word (load) and an ending (ing).

A vowel digraph is when two vowels come together to make one sound.

The base word load contains the vowel pair oa. It makes one sound /ō/.

Notice that loadis a closed syllable (the letter sound /d/ closes the first syllable). But even though the syllable is closed, the oa digraph keeps its long sound /ō/

A skew
a / skew

This word is broken into two syllables.

The second syllable contains a vowel/consonant pair ew. It makes a blended sound /yū/.This is a dipthong.

A dipthong is when a vowel and a consonant blend together to make one sound.

Meat and few
meat and few

  • So, sometimes words or syllables contain:

    • vowel pairs that combine to make one sound (digraphs)

      • meat

    • vowel/consonant pairs that make a blended sound (diphthongs)

      • Few

        In either case- these letters stay together and are not broken to divide the word into syllables.

        And…even if the syllable is closed, if the digraph has a long sound then that syllable has a long sound.

Try these

Try these.

Where are the syllable breaks?

What letters make the digraphs or diphthongs?


pro / nounce

ou – diphthong

Is the first syllable open or closed?


au / to / mo / bile

au –digraph

Is the second syllable /to/ open or closed?

What about the third syllable? Is it open or closed?


de / creas / ing

ea- digraph

Is the syllable /creas/ open or closed?

If it is closed why does it still have the long e sound? (hint: Think about the digraph!)


awe / some

aw –digraph


par / a / mount

ou - diphthong


mean / ing / ful

ea- digraph

What about the last syllable? Is it open or closed?

Look in the story chang and the bamboo flute find five more words that contain diagraphs
Look in the story, “Chang and the Bamboo Flute.” Find five more words that contain diagraphs.