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How would you like to have an extra $50,000 to live the life you desire? What about an extra $100,000? If you’re buying a home and you think that amount of money wouldn’t possibly make its way into your personal bank account, then think again. When you use the right strategies and be proactive, you can accumulate more cash than you’ve ever dreamed you’d have. Simply by making some alterations in the type of mortgage you have, the percentage points you pay, and the length of the mortgage payback period you select, you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars. Raise Your Credit Score Choosing Your Mortgage Term Making Extra Payments Toward Your Mortgage Quick Tips To Save Real Money On Your Mortgage How Much Can You Bank? Using Online Calculators Be proactive by putting the knowledge you’ve learned from this guide into practice. Take control of your mortgage payments and discover the life that you deserve!

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