Commissioner cabinet monthly training
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COMMISSIONER CABINET Monthly Training. Jack Boyde Assistant Council Commissioner. Health & Safety Prepared… for anything. H&S: Prepared for Anything. H&S: Prepared for Anything. Everyone Must W ork T ogether: Know , understand, and comply with all rules, policies, and procedures

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Commissioner cabinet monthly training


Monthly Training

Jack Boyde

Assistant Council Commissioner

Health & Safety

Prepared… for anything

H s prepared for anything1
H&S: Prepared for Anything

Everyone Must Work Together:

  • Know, understand, and comply with all rules, policies, and procedures

  • Model safe behaviors

  • Encourage volunteer leaders and youth members to share in the management of risk

  • Promote, provide, and, when appropriate, require health and safety training

H s prepared for anything2
H&S: Prepared for Anything


  • What is “official” the Commissioner Role in Health & Safety?


  • Nothing!

H s prepared for anything3
H&S: Prepared for Anything


  • So why this training topic?

  • Commissioners are skilled and knowledgable. They can…

    • Provide an audit function

    • Give good advice or suggestions

    • Update leaders on current resources/rules

H s prepared for anything4
H&S: Prepared for Anything

Example #1:

  • A Boy Scout troop is thinking about going to a high adventure base.What advice could the UC give them?

H s prepared for anything5
H&S: Prepared for Anything

Example #2:

  • A Cub Pack wants to go on an overnighter. What are the two key requirements they should consider?

H s prepared for anything6
H&S: Prepared for Anything

Standard Practice

  • Remind Leaders to stay up-to-date with online safety training.

H s prepared for anything7
H&S: Prepared for Anything

Examples of Required Training:

  • Youth Protection Training: all outings

  • Planning & Preparing for Hazardous Weather: all outings

  • Safe Swim Defense: aquatic/swim activities

  • Safety Afloat:boating activities

  • Climb On Safely: climbing activities

  • CPR: climbing & boating activities

  • Wilderness First Aid: backcountry tours

H s prepared for anything8
H&S: Prepared for Anything

ALSO these training courses!

  • NRA Instruction and Range Safety Officer: all shooting activities

  • Paddlecraft Safety

  • Swimming & Water Rescue

  • Any others?

H s prepared for anything9
H&S: Prepared for Anything

Have you ever used this pledge?

  • I will not drive when I feel fatigued. I realize that when I am fatigued, I process information more slowly and less accurately and this impairs my ability to react in time to avoid accidents.

  • I will arrange my schedule so that several days before a Boy Scout "driving trip," I will get a good night's sleep every night to avoid the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep.

  • I will make trip preparations far enough in advance so that last-minute preparations don't interfere with my rest.

  • I will make travel plans that take into account my personal biological clock and only drive during the part of the day when I know I will be alert.

  • I will be smart about engaging in physical activities during Scouting outings and will make sure that I will be ready to drive alertly.

H s prepared for anything10
H&S: Prepared for Anything

Have you considered…

  • Doing a meeting place inspection?

  • USE the BSA Meeting Place Inspection Checklist

H s prepared for anything11
H&S: Prepared for Anything

Do your units know about…

  • Annual Motor Vehicle Checklist

  • USE the BSA form

H s prepared for anything12
H&S: Prepared for Anything


  • Pocket version of GSS (Guide to Safe Scouting)

H s prepared for anything13
H&S: Prepared for Anything


  • Event Checklist

H s prepared for anything14
H&S: Prepared for Anything


  • Campout Checklist

H s prepared for anything15
H&S: Prepared for Anything


  • LHC Commissioner website: