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Gunarchana An offering of our inner qualities at the Lotus Feet of our Dear Lord - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gunarchana An offering of our inner qualities at the Lotus Feet of our Dear Lord . Ahimsa. Nonviolence. Indriya nigraham. Sense Control. Sarva bhoota daya. Compassion. Kshama. Forgiveness. Shanti. Peace. Tapah. Penance. Dhyaana. Meditation. Sathyam. Truth. Focus of the month

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An offering of our inner qualities

at the Lotus Feet of our Dear Lord



Indriya nigraham

Sense Control

Sarva bhoota daya












  • Month 1

  • Ahimsa (Nonviolence)

  • *****************

  • not causing any harm to any being

    either through

    thought, word or deed

  • Month 2

  • IndriyaNigraham (Sense Control)

  • *****************

  • Ponder on:

    Why we have been blessed with the sense organs?

    Using each sense organ only for its true purpose

  • Month 2

  • IndriyaNigraham (Sense Control)

  • *****************

  • Use discrimination

    And understand

    What is truly right and what is truly wrong

  • Month 3

  • SarvaBhootaDaya (Compassion)

  • *****************

  • It is a direct measure of:

    How connected we are with

    another individual or nature in general

  • Month 3

  • SarvaBhootaDaya (Compassion)

  • *****************

  • It is the understanding of:

    The emotional state of another

  • Month 3

  • SarvaBhootaDaya (Compassion)

  • *****************

  • Compassion happens when:

    Love to help

    becomes Mobile and Flowing

  • Month 3

  • SarvaBhootaDaya (Compassion)

  • *****************

  • How can we develop Compassion?

    Remind ourselves:

    • Same spark of Divinity flows

    • through all the objects of the Universe

  • Month 4

  • Kshama (forbearance)

  • *****************

  • Kshama is Everything in the World

    Helps to get along and work with others

    The greatest power for a human being






    Know no Hatred



    True & Selfless Love



    Live Together




    Self Restraint

  • Month 5

  • Shanthi (Peace)

  • *****************

  • It is a state of mind of calmness and awareness

    An ornament

    Everyone’s principal treasure

    Shanthi (Peace)


    Where is Peace?

    Within Us

    It is our real nature

    How can we find this Peace within us?

    Control of Senses


    We can move from the feeling of:

    Happiness bringing Peace,

    to, Peace bringing Happiness

    Means, the Heat

    The Heat that ends the activities of the sense

    • Focus of the month

  • Month 6

  • Tapas (Penance)

  • *****************

  • Heat that reduces our Karma

    Heat that burns our Sins

  • Month 6

  • Tapas (Penance)

  • *****************

  • Is:

    a Sadhana; a Discipline; a Spiritual exercise


    the realization of the SELF

    Do we need to:

    Live in the forest, living on fruits and tubers

    & Meditate in certain postures?

    Tapas (Penance)


    To achieve this goal:

    No, No, No

    Have Pure Thoughts,

    Have Pure Speech

    Have Pure Actions

    Tapas (Penance)


    To achieve this goal:

    Yes, Yes, Yes

    Thought, Speech and Action

    Need to be coordinated

    Tapas (Penance)


    Do by compulsion?

    No, No, No,


    Thought, Speech and Action

    For satisfying our Inner Yearnings

    For the contentment of the Self

    Tapas (Penance)


    Yes, Yes, Yes

    Getting absorbed

    in God as the only thought,

    the only Goal

    • Focus of the month

  • Month 7

  • Dhyaana (Meditation)

  • *****************

  • Real Meditation is ….


    - Directing love on to the name and form of the Lord, without interruption

    - constant thinking of the Lord in whatever we do. Even performing your duty can be Dhyaana

    - constant awareness that He is the indweller of all


    - Cultivating love for the Lord has great potentialities

    - to avoid lower desires and to develop higher values


    - No fixed time or place for meditation on God

    - When and where the mind desires, then and there is the time and place

    - A general, whole time effort of the mind

    Dhyaana (Meditation)


    Dhyaana (Meditation)



    Three methods of Dhyaana

    1) Japa/Chant

    (felt, seen, heard)

    Chanting your favourite name of the Lord

    in front of the Image of the Lord

    2) Jyoti/light

    (felt and seen)

    Light denoting that Divinity never diminishes

    3) Natural breath

    (felt not seen)

    the inward path

    Swami has been guiding us to realize that

    Truth does not change with time

    And He has shown us various ways to realize

    What the Eternal Truth is

    • Focus of the month

  • Month 8

  • Sathyam (Truth)

  • *****************

  • Sathyam (Truth)


    We consider Truth to be of 3 kinds:

    PrathibhasikaSathya: the reality one experiences in a state of dreaming.

    VyavaharikaSathya: the empirical reality. Based on the fact that many have experienced it, and hence accepted as true.

    Paramarthika Sathya: The absolute, Eternal reality that is present everywhere and at all times. The highest end of all.

    But, the reality check is…..

    There is one and only Truth.

    The Eternal, Absolute, Spiritual Truth.

    Something beyond what we perceive as Truth

    Sathyam (Truth)


    How can we recognize the only Absolute Truth?

    - Swami says we need not make any special efforts.

    - Just 11 seconds of contemplation on Truth

    - Just 11 seconds are enough to realize the Eternal Truth

    - Inquiry into one’s own Reality.

    What prevents us from experiencing the Truth?

    - The mind

    How can we address the mind?

    - Have a deep and persistent yearning to realize the inherent Divinity, the Truth

    - Develop an Inner and Outer Discipline

    - Adhere to what is True in Thought, Word, and Deed.

    - Follow your conscience, the principle of Truth