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Ctet Child Development And Pedagogy Previous Paper 18

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Ctet Child Development And Pedagogy Previous Paper 18 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ctet Child Development And Pedagogy Previous Paper18

1. You are asked to organise a picnic. Which one of the following will be your firststep?

Selecting the spot to be visited (answer)

Collecting money form thestudents


Getting approval of theparents

2. ―At least one – third of learning that will determine later levels of school achievement has already taken place by the age of six. ―This is a statement most closely associated with the writings of

Benjamin Bloom(answer)




3. In your opinion, a successful teacher is one,who

Gives home workregularly

Gives good marks in examinations

Takes keen interest in the progress of students(answer)

Comes to school ontime

4. Sports, according toyou

Should be a part ofeducation

Should be more important than education(answer)

Generally diverts the attention of thestudents

Should be a individual’saffair.

5. Perhaps the best way to view gender typing isas

An ongoing and changing process throughout development.(answer)

An activity of childhood, once established, always thesame.

An activity of adolescence and earlyadulthood.

An insignificant event that has little relevance to mostindividuals.

6. In your class, a student is not able to answer a question due to fear even if he knows it. Youwill

(1) Tell him theanswer

A-38, 39, 40, Opposite Metro Pillar no:641,

Uttam Nagar, Near Uttam Nagar East Metro Station, New Delhi -110059


Try to find the basic reasons of his fear(answer)

Tell him time and again to answer the question

Ask for an answer from anotherstudent

7. In ………………………………. Stage, the child is beginning to understand the operations of classification, relations, numbers, temporal and spatialorder.


Concrete operations(answer)



8. According to Kohlberg’s cognitive theory of the development of gender typing, children’s differentiation of gender roles occursbefore


Gender identification.(answer)

A gender schemadevelops

Completion of the Oedipuscomplex

9. Insecurely attached infants who are left by their mothers in an unfamiliar setting oftenwill:

Hold fast to their mothers on theirreturn

Explore the new surroundingsconfidently

Be indifferent toward their mothers on their return(answer)

Display little emotion at anytime

10. Which of the following sex differences has been observed in the way parents treat their children?

Girls are encouraged equally as boys to be independent andachieve.

Girls are allowed to run errands and engage in venturesome activities at the same time asboys.

Parents tend to be more apprehensive about their sons as opposed todaughters.

Boys are more likely to be left unsupervised after school in comparison to girls.(answer)

11. AccordingtoKohlberg,is achieved between the agesofyears.

Gender identity; 4-5

Gender constancy; 4 –5

Gender constancy; 2 –3

(4) Gender identity; 2 -3(answer)

A-38, 39, 40, Opposite Metro Pillar no:641,

Uttam Nagar, Near Uttam Nagar East Metro Station, New Delhi -110059


12. Margo is teaching Tom to play a new composition for the piano. Initially, Margo must provide each explanation, many hints, and several demonstrations. As Tom practices, Margo’s instruction is reduced. Gradually, Tom learns to perform the composition well all by himself. This is an example of Lev Vygotsky’s conceptof




Zone of proximal development.(answer)

13. Creative writing should be an activity plannedfor

Only those children reading on grade–Ilevel

Only those children who can spell and who can write cohesivesentences

Only those children who want to write for the classnewspaper

All children(answer)

14. Lesson planning should be guided primary by the considerationof

Meeting the needs of the average child in theclass

Creating a happy classroomenvironment

The curriculum goals(answer)

Providing pupils withwork

15. …………………… is interpreting one’s own experience in terms of one’s existingschemes.





16. Most of the behavioral traits that interest psychologists are–


Unrelated to eachother

Unrelated to genes(answer)


17. Stranger anxiety develops soonafter:

(1) The concept ofconservation

A-38, 39, 40, Opposite Metro Pillar no:641,

Uttam Nagar, Near Uttam Nagar East Metro Station, New Delhi -110059



A theory ofmind

The concept of object permanence(answer)

18. All of the following advanced principles of child development that are closely allied to the stimulus response learning theory, except


J BWaston



19. Frobel’s most important contribution to education was his development ofthe


Public highschool



20. Which of the following is a domain oflearning?





21. The students of first standard are making a noise. In order to calm them down, youwill


Tell them to go to the playground andplay

Tell them a story(answer)


22. If some students are not in a mood to study in the class, youwill

Force them tostudy

Tell those students to leave the class andenjoy

Warn them that they must study else you will report the matter to thePrincipal

Tell them some interesting things related to their interests or your own subject(answer)

23. You have been told to accommodate two mentally retarded children in your class. Youwill

(1) Refuse to accept them as yourstudents

A-38, 39, 40, Opposite Metro Pillar no:641,

Uttam Nagar, Near Uttam Nagar East Metro Station, New Delhi -110059


Tell the Principal to accommodate them in another class that is exclusively meant for mentally retardedchildren

Learn techniques to teach such students and accept them as a part of your class(answer)

None ofThese

24. Which of the following is an incorrect stage theorypairing?

Piaget –cognitive

Kohlberg –physiological

Freud – psychosexual(answer)

Erikson –psychosocial

25. Piaget claimed that all of the following are true of his stages of cognitive developmentEXCEPT:

All children progress through the various stages at exactly the same age.(answer)

All children throughout the world pass through the stages in the sameorder.

All normal children reach the stage of concreteoperations.

The changes from stage to stage can sometimes be veryabrupt.

26. The teacher introduces a problem-solving lesson with a good motivation and then asks for proposed solutions. No suggestions are forthcoming. The teacher is best advisedto

Repeat the motivation until childrenrespond

Tell the student to read theirtext

Show an interestingfilmstrip

Stimulate pupil thought by advancing a few personal proposals(answer)

27. To maintain interest among students in class, a teachershould-




ask question(answer)

28. Why is the parents-Teachers Association considered to beimportant?

This helps the school functionproperly

This helps in understanding students in a better way(answer)

This helps in solving the students’problem

This helps the teachers and parents comingcloser

A-38, 39, 40, Opposite Metro Pillar no:641,

Uttam Nagar, Near Uttam Nagar East Metro Station, New Delhi -110059


29. A teacher can develop social values among studentsby-

telling them about greatpeople

developing sense ofdiscipline

behaving ideally(answer)

telling them goodstories

30. Family is a meansof—

Informal education(answer)




A-38, 39, 40, Opposite Metro Pillar no:641,

Uttam Nagar, Near Uttam Nagar East Metro Station, New Delhi -110059