What to expect when expecting ipv6
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What to Expect When Expecting IPv6 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What to Expect When Expecting IPv6. Tim Helming Director of Product Management Corey, Nachreiner, CISSP, Sr. Network Security Strategist ,. Welcome to WatchGuard’s IPv6 Webinar Series!. 3. 1. 4. 2. What To Expect from IPv6. You’re here because v6 matters to you.

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What to Expect When Expecting IPv6

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Presentation Transcript

What to ExpectWhen Expecting IPv6

Tim Helming

Director of Product Management

Corey, Nachreiner, CISSP,

Sr. Network Security Strategist


Welcome to WatchGuard’s IPv6 Webinar Series!





What To Expect from IPv6

You’re here because v6 matters to you

Part 1: Current IPv6 Readiness

IPv6 Readiness

Remember this? Hasn’t changed much!

Source: Elise Gerich, IANA/ICANN

WIPv6D: Native v6 traffic nearly doubled!


Source: http://asert.arbornetworks.com/2011/06/world-ipv6-day-final-look-and-wagons-ho/

ISP IPv6 Readiness Varies Greatly

Bottom Line:

More Detail in Part 2 today!

Part 2: Three Steps to IPv6

Three Steps to Implementing IPv6

Research and Discovery

Find the Answer to Three Questions

The State of IPv6 Among ISPs

Migration to IPv6 is possible in all of these scenarios… only the “how” changes.

Your ISP is your gateway to the Internet. As such, the IPv6 migration strategies available to you depend heavily on what IPv6 services your ISP offers today.

Real-World IPv6 Readiness: An ISP Survey

  • RFC 6036: Emerging Service Provider Scenarios for IPv6 Deployment

ISP Survey Trends and Highlights

  • Estimated IPv4 depletion 2015

  • 93% plan Dual-stack backbone

  • 40% run or plan to run 6to4 relay

  • CPE often doesn’t support IPv6

  • Prefixes offered:

    • /48 most common

    • /64 (especially among mobile)

    • /56

    • /52, /60 sometimes

A Quick Look at N. American ISPs

Hurricane Electric is a global Internet backbone provider (and transit ISP), with a specific focus on IPv6

RECAP: IPv6 Hierarchical Addressing

Interface ID

Global Routing Prefix






IPv6 Subnetting

  • CIDR only (slash notation)

  • No concept of subnet masks

  • / followed by prefix size (decimal number 1-128)






2001:1900:4545:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000 -


CIDR to range tool: http://www.ultratools.com/tools/ipv6CIDRToRange

Regional Internet Registry (RIR)

  • Current ARIN

  • IPv6 Blocks:

  • 2001:0400::/23

  • 2001:1800::/23

  • 2001:4800::/23

  • 2600:0000::/12

  • 2610:0000::/23


Local Internet Registry (LIR)

  • ARIN IPv6 Block:

  • 2001:1800::/23




  • ISP IPv6 Blocks:

  • ISP A

    • 2001:1800::/32

  • ISP B

    • 2001:1801::/32

  • ISP C

    • 2001:1802::/32



The Multi-Homed Issue: PA vs. PI


Map Your Network

  • You should identify:

  • Your core infrastructure (routers, switches, etc)

  • Security devices

  • Hosts and OSs on your network

  • Enumerate you DNS and DHCP servers

  • Your application servers (Public & Private)

  • Other networks devices (printers, NAS, etc..)

Nmap can help!

What Needs an Upgrade?

  • Place in three buckets:

    • No support

    • Partial support

    • Full support (w/dual-stack)

Devices lacking support will require eventual upgrade or transition services

The goal of the previous network enumeration process is to figure out what supports IPv6 and what does not.

Planning and Migration Strategies

Planning and Migration Strategy

This info will help you choose a migration strategy:

IPv6 Transition Technologies

  • Dual-Stack: IPv4 and IPv6 run together on all/most devices. Dual-Stack routing devices can handle translation, if necessary

  • Tunneling: Allow IPv6 devices to communicate over an IPv4 network via tunnels (a lot like VPN)

    • Manual: Require configuration. More control, thus more secure

    • Automatic: Little setup. May sneak out your network

    • Tunnel Brokers: Companies that offer easy IPv6 tunneling services

  • Translation: Re-writing one protocol packets to another protocol (IPv6 to IPv4, and vice versa).

  • Application-specific proxies: Translation only for specific services (web, email, etc). IPv6 client connects to proxy server, it makes IPv4 connection to a service…

Common Tunneling and Translation Protocols

Three Migration Strategies

A Simplified Network



IPv4 Core Network

IPv4 Network (LAN)

IPv4 Network (DMZ)

IPv4 Network

IPv6 Tunnel broker

or endpoint

Core Migration





  • IPv6 Routers (or Dual-stack)

IPv4 Core Network

IPv6 Core Network

  • Dual-stack Routers

IPv4 Network (LAN)

IPv4 Network (DMZ)

IPv4 Network

Application Server Migration



Depending on ISP capabilities, Tunneling or Translation services used for IPv6 Internet access.

IPv4 Core Network

IPv4 Network (LAN)

IPv4 Network (DMZ)

IPv4 Network

IPv4/IPv6 Network

Client-side Migration



Again, Tunneling or Translation services used where needed

IPv4 Core Network

IPv4 Network (LAN)

IPv4 Network (DMZ)

IPv4 Network

IPv4/IPv6 Network

Implementation and Transition

IPv6 Deployment: Eating the Elephant

“[IPv6 deployment] is very much an ’eating the elephant’ problem, but at one mouthful at a time, it appears to be surprisingly easy. Just do it, bit by bit."

From Islands to Oceans

Even if you converted to full IPv6 tomorrow, you will still need translation tech until everyone does IPv6


IPv6 Network

IPv4 Ocean

IPv6 Ocean

IPv4 network

IPv6 Island

IPv4 Island

IPv4 Island

Expect a Long-term Transition Phase

Wrapping Up

It’s Up To You!

Resources for further reading:

  • “0 to IPv6 in 3 Months” Case Study (PDF): goo.gl/jpnX7

  • ARIN Number Resource Policy: http://goo.gl/G5fse

  • World IPv6 Day Experiences: http://goo.gl/kGeQa

  • RFC 6036 - Emerging Service Provider Scenarios for IPv6 Deployment: http://goo.gl/WSMzR

  • IPv4-to-IPv6 Transition Strategies: http://goo.gl/8GOzJ

  • IPv6 Transition Strategies: http://goo.gl/U5iV6

  • IPv6 Calculator Tools: http://goo.gl/OqDw5

Thank You!

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