the age of absolutism
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The Age of Absolutism

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The Age of Absolutism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Age of Absolutism. Mr. Pinto Social Studies LLD IV. Absolutism. Absolutism – The absolute and complete control of a monarch over his or her people Absolute Monarch – Unlimited power in the hands of the King

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the age of absolutism

The Age of Absolutism

Mr. Pinto

Social Studies LLD IV

  • Absolutism – The absolute and complete control of a monarch over his or her people
  • Absolute Monarch – Unlimited power in the hands of the King
  • Divine Right – The political idea that monarchs receive their power directly from God and are responsible only to God for their actions. This allowed monarchs to go unchallenged by their subjects
  • Balance of Power – Each nation helps to keep peace and order by maintaining power that is equal to rival nations
  • Dynasty – A family that governs a country based on the idea that divine right is passed down from generation to generation
spain and england had absolute monarchs
Spain and England had Absolute Monarchs
  • Charles V of Spain
    • Holy Roman Emperor from 1516 to 1556
    • Bankrupted Spain through war with France
    • Gave his son Phillip II control of Spain, Netherlands, and Spanish America
phillip ii
Phillip II
  • Wanted to save Catholic Church from Protestants and Muslims
  • Brought back Spanish Inquisition
    • A court that tried non-Catholics and killed them
  • “Spanish Armada”
absolutism grows in england
Absolutism Grows In England
  • Henry VIII (Tudor Dynasty)
    • Broke England from the Catholic Church of Rome
    • Helped to maintain balance of power in Europe by growing England’s wealth
  • Elizabeth I (Tudor Dynasty)
    • Restored Protestant Church of England
    • Made English Navy the most powerful in the world
    • “Elizabethan Culture”
an absolute monarchy ruled france
An Absolute Monarchy Ruled France
  • Louis XIV
    • Ruled France from 1661-1715
    • “I am the state”
    • Feared Nobles – reduced their strength
    • Intendants – government agents that collected taxes and administered justice
    • Called “the Sun King”
    • Made Nobles live with him, help him get dressed, be put to bed, etc.
louis failures
Louis’ Failures
  • Fought many wars throughout Europe $$$$$
  • His extravagant lifestyle cost $$$$$$$
    • Parties etc.
    • The Palace of Versailles
  • Drove non-Catholics from France
    • Hurt workforce